God Make Promise To Abram
(Rome 4:18; Hebrews 11:12)
151Afta Abram wen get Lot outa trouble, one nodda ting happen. Abram wen get jalike one dream, ony he not sleeping. Da God Yahweh wen tell um dis:
“No scared, Abram!
I no goin let nobody hurt you.
I jalike one shield fo you.
I goin be yoa God
An pay you plenny bumbye!”
2Abram tell, “You my Boss, you Yahweh. But ony wase time, fo you give me plenny stuffs. Cuz bumbye wen I goin mahke, I no mo kids, an da ony one dat goin get my stuffs goin be one a da worka guys, born fo work fo me, da guy Eliezer from Damascus town. 3You neva give me kids notting! Dass why all my stuffs goin be fo one guy dat not my boy. He ony one guy dat wen born fo work inside my house!”
4Dis da ting dat Yahweh wen tell Abram: “No way! Dat guy, he no goin be da one dat goin get yoa stuffs afta you mahke. Cuz you goin get one boy, dat goin come from yoa own body. Him, da one goin get all yoa stuffs bumbye.” 5Den Yahweh take Abram outside, an tell um, “Eh! Look up dea inside da sky! Count da stars, if you can! Dass how plenny peopo goin come from you! So plenny, no can count um!”
Abram Trus God
(Rome 4:3, 9, 22; Galatia 3:6; James 2:23)
6Abram trus Yahweh fo do wat he wen say. An Yahweh, he tinking, “Dis guy get um right wit me, cuz he trus me.”
7An Yahweh tell Abram one nodda ting too. He tell, “Me, I Yahweh, da One dat wen take you outa Ur town, Babylon side. I wen bring you ova hea, cuz I goin give you dis land. Goin come yoa land bumbye.”
8Abram tell um, “O Yahweh, you my Boss! Try tell, how I goin know fo shua you goin give me dis land bumbye?”
9Yahweh tell um, “Dis how you goin know. Firs ting, go get one cow an one goat, girl kine, an one sheep, boy kine, ery one a dem three year old. Bring um ova hea fo make sacrifice fo me. Bring one dove an one bebe pigeon too.”
Abram Make Sacrifice, An God Make Deal Fo Him
(Jesus Guys 7:6,7)
10Abram wen go get all da animals an bring um in front God, an kill um fo make sacrifice. He cut ery animal down da middo, an put one piece one side an da odda piece da odda side. Ony da birds, he neva cut um up. 11Had some big scavenja birds fly down fo eat da meat, but Abram chase um away.
12Den, wen da sun go down, Abram wen pass out sleep. He feel jalike someting dark wen come ova him, an he scared plenny. 13Den Yahweh tell Abram, “I like you know dis fo shua: Da peopo dat goin come from you, dey goin go live inside one nodda land dat not dea own land. Da peopo ova dea goin make um be dea slaves, an fo four hundred years dey goin make any kine to dem. 14But I goin punish da peopo dat make um come slaves, an den yoa peopo goin go outa dat land wit plenny stuffs. 15But you, befo all dat happen, you goin mahke an bury awready wen you real old. You goin go wea yoa ancesta guys stay dat wen mahke awready, an all dis no goin bodda you. 16Goin be yoa great-great grandkids dat goin come back ova hea dis land. But befo dey come back, da Amor peopos ova hea goin do so plenny bad kine stuff, dat goin be time fo punish dem. So now, you know!”
God Make Promise Fo Give Abram Da Land
17Den da sun wen go down an eryting all come dark. Had jalike one pot wit fire inside an smoke dat come out, an one torch dat burn. An Abram see dat fire going in da middo a da pieces from da cut up sacrifice animals. 18Right den an dea, Yahweh make one spesho deal fo Abram, an da sacrifice was da sign fo da deal. Yahweh wen tell Abram, “All dis land, from da Egypt border to da big river dey call Eufrates -- all dis, I give um to da peopo dat goin come from you! 19I give you da land fo da Ken peopo, da Keniz peopo, da Kadmon peopo, 20da Het peopo, da Periz peopo, da Refa peopo, 21da Amor peopo, da Canaan peopo, da Girgash peopo, an da Jebus peopo too. Goin come you guys land bumbye.”