Sarah Mahke
231Sarah wen live 127 year. 2She mahke Canaan side, Kiriat-Arba town (dass Hebron, you know). Abraham go inside da tent wea dey put Sarah body, an he cry plenny fo her. He no shame fo show erybody dat he real sore inside. 3Den Abraham stand up an go outa da tent wea his wife body stay, an go ova by da town gate fo talk to da Het peopo dat live dea. He tell um, 4“You guys know I not from dis place, but now I live wit you guys. Please, let me get one land ova hea fo put my mahke wife inside an bury her dea.”
5Da leada guys fo da Het peopo tell Abraham, 6“We know dat God wen make you one importan guy hea wit us guys, jalike you da boss fo us. We like you go take da bestes place dat us guys get fo bury yoa mahke wife. No mo nobody from all us guys goin tell you no can use one place fo bury yoa wife.”
7Den Abraham wen go down fo show respeck to da Het peopo dat was da local peopo ova dea. 8Den dey talk togedda. Abraham tell um, “If you tell me az okay fo me bury my mahke wife hea, den I like you guys do one ting fo help me. Go talk to Efron fo me, dass Zohar boy. 9Aks um if he like sell me da cave he get ova dea Makpelah side, da odda end a his land. I pay him good money fo da cave, so I can get one place by you guys fo bury my peopo wen dey mahke.”
10Efron, he stay dea awready wit da odda Het peopo. So he talk to Abraham so all da odda Het peopo from dat town can hear him, all da peopo dat wen come togedda inside da town gate, da place wea da importan peopo come togedda. He say, 11“Cuz you jalike da boss fo me, I goin tell you dis. No need fo you buy dat land. Right now in front all my peopo, I give um to you, da land an da cave, fo bury yoa mahke wife.”
12Abraham, he wen go down in front all da local peopo fo show um respeck. 13He tell Efron, so all da odda local peopo can hear too, “Ony lissen, let me tell dis one ting. I like pay you fo da land. Take da money, so I can bury my wife dea.”
14Efron tell Abraham, 15“I tell you dis, cuz you da boss fo me, you know. Da land worth plenny, 400 silva piece. But me an you, us friends. So dass notting. Go bury yoa wife ova dea.”
16Abraham, he say, “Kay den.” He weigh da silva money dey wen talk bout in front da Het ohana peopo an give um to Efron -- 400 silva piece, da kine da business peopo use ova dea dat time. 17Dass how da land dat Efron get Makpelah side wea you can see Mamre town -- da land, an da cave inside, an all da trees dea -- da whole land wen come 18Abraham's land dat he wen buy. All da importan Het peopo know dat, cuz dey was dea by da town gate wen dey make da deal.
19Den Abraham wen bury his wife Sarah inside da cave, inside da land Makpelah side, wea you can see Mamre town -- dass da place dey call Hebron nowdays, inside da Canaan land. 20Dass how da land wit da cave inside wen come Abraham land from da Het peopo, fo bury da mahke peopo from Abraham ohana.