Isaac an Rebecca
241Abraham stay real old awready now, uku plenny years. Yahweh wen make eryting come out okay fo him. 2One time, Abraham wen tell da oldes guy dat work fo him fo come. Dat guy, da luna in charge a all Abraham stuffs. Abraham tell um, “I like you put yoa hand undaneat my thigh, da way our peopo do wen dey make one strong promise. 3I like you make me one strong promise in front Yahweh, da God dat stay in charge a da sky an da whole world. Promise an swea to God dat you goin find one wahine fo my boy. But you gotta promise, no find one Canaan kine wahine from dese peopo aroun hea wea I live. 4You gotta go my land, da land wea I wen born, fo find one wahine fo come my boy Isaac wife.”
(Galatia 3:16)
5Da luna guy tell Abraham, “Kay den. But wat if da wahine no like come dis land wit me, wat I gotta do den? I gotta take yoa boy back to da place you wen come from, o wat?”
6Abraham tell um, “Take care! No take my boy back dea! 7Was Yahweh, da God dat stay in charge a da sky, dat wen take me outa da place wea my fadda guy wen live, da land wea I wen born. Yahweh, he make one strong promise to me. He tell me, ‘I goin give dis land to da peopo dat goin come from you.’ Dass da same God dat goin send his angel messenja guy to da place you goin go, so you find one wahine from dea fo marry my boy. 8If da wahine no like come hea wit you, den da promise you make to me, pau. Ony one ting --you no goin take my boy back dea!” 9So da luna guy put his hand undaneat his boss Abraham thigh, an make strong promise fo do wat Abraham wen tell um.
10Da luna, he take ten camel from da ones da boss get, an all da bestes kine stuffs from his boss fo give gifs fo da wahine ohana. He go ova dea by da Aram peopo Mesopotamia side between da two big rivas, da town wea Abraham brudda Nahor wen live befo time. 11Bumbye he come nea outside da town, one place wea get puka fo watta. He make his camels go down an rest dea. Was late aftanoon time, da time wen da wahines go da puka fo get watta.
12Den da luna guy tell God, “Eh Yahweh, you da God dat my boss Abraham get plenny love an respeck fo. Make eryting come okay fo me today, so I can find da wahine fo come my boss boy wife. I like you do good ting fo my boss Abraham now, cuz you an him get deal. 13So. I standing hea by da puka wea da watta come out, an da young wahines from dis town stay coming out hea fo get watta. 14I goin tell one a da wahines, ‘Please, give me litto bit watta fo drink outa yoa watta pot.’ An if she tell, ‘Okay, drink up, an I give you watta fo da camels too,’ let dat one be da wahine dat you wen pick fo come da wife fo yoa guy Isaac. If she do dat, dass how I goin know dat she da one, an dat you stay stick wit my boss guy Abraham, cuz you an him get deal.”
15Right den, befo da luna guy pau talk to God, hea come Rebecca outa da town, carrying one watta pot on top her shoulda. (Her fadda, Betu`el. Her granfadda, Nahor, az Abraham brudda. Nahor wife, Milkah, an Betu`el dea boy.) 16Da young wahine real good looking, an she neva sleep wit any guy yet. She go down inside da puka place an fill up da pot wit watta. Den she come back up. 17Da luna guy run ova dea by Rebecca. He tell, “Please, give me litto bit watta outa yoa watta pot.”
18Da young wahine tell, “Shua, mista, drink up.” Right away she take down da watta pot an hold um so da luna guy can drink. 19Afta she pau let um drink plenny, she tell um, “Eh! If you like, I can pull up watta fo yoa camels too, till dey get nuff fo drink.” 20Right den an dea, she wen pour all da watta she get awready inside da trough wea da animals drink, an den she run back to da puka, an pull up plenny mo watta till all da camels pau drink.
21Da luna guy, he jus stand dea an look fo see if da young wahine az da right one. He no say notting, cuz he like find out if God make da trip come out okay, o not.
22Den, afta da camels pau drink, da luna guy wen go open one a da bags dey carrying, an he take out one expensive gold nose ring an two expensive gold arm bracelet, fo one gif fo da girl. 23He tell, “Try tell me, wat ohana you from. An yoa fadda, get room his house fo stay tonite, me an my guys?”
24Rebecca tell him, “Me, I Betu`el daughta. His fadda Nahor, an his mudda Milkah. 25Get plenny food fo da animals our house too, an get room fo all you guys fo sleep ova dea tonite.”
26Da luna guy go down on top da groun fo show respeck fo Yahweh. 27He say, “I like say dis: Yahweh, he da God fo my boss guy Abraham. He make eryting come out good fo Abraham, fo shua! God not slack fo stick wit my boss an do wat he say he goin do. An same ting fo me too, Yahweh show me wea fo go, strait to da peopo from my boss guy ohana, jalike I suppose to!”
28Da girl Rebecca, she run home quick an tell all her mudda ohana peopo da tings dat wen happen.
29-30Now, Rebecca get one brudda guy, his name Laban. Afta Laban see da nose ring, an da two bracelet on top his sista arms, an afta he hear Rebecca tell wat da luna guy wen say to her, Laban run ova dea outside da town by da watta puka, by da guy. Da luna guy, he still stay standing dea wit da camels wea da watta come out. 31Laban tell um, “Eh mista! Fo shua, Yahweh do plenny good kine stuff fo you! Try come our house! No need stay standing outside hea! Cuz I wen make eryting ready, our house, fo you an da camels.” 32Da luna guy go inside Laban house, an dey take down da bags from da camels. Laban worka guys wen give da camels food, an dey bring watta so da luna guy an da odda guys wit him can wash feet.
33But wen dey bring da food, da luna guy say, “Befo I eat, I goin tell you wat I suppose to tell you. Den can eat.”
Laban tell, “Kay den.”
34Da luna guy tell, “Me, I work fo yoa fadda uncle guy Abraham. 35Yahweh Up Dea Inside Da Sky, he do plenny good tings fo my boss. He one important guy awready. God give um sheeps an goats an cows, an silva money an gold money, an guys an wahines fo slaves, an camels, an donkeys, eryting. 36Sarah, my boss wife, an she wen born one boy fo Abraham, no matta she real old. An Abraham tell, dat afta he mahke, his boy goin get all Abraham stuffs.
37“My boss Abraham, he wen make me make one strong promise to him. He tell me, ‘I stay live ova hea on top da Canaan peopo land, you know, but I no like you go get one Canaan wahine fo marry my boy. 38No way! Dis wat you gotta do: go my fadda house, by my ohana peopo, fo get one wife fo my boy.’ 39I wen tell my boss, ‘But auwe! If da wahine no like come back hea wit me, wat I suppose to do den?’ 40Abraham tell me, ‘Da way I live, da God Yahweh see eryting I do. He tell me, dat he goin send one a his angel messenja guys wit you. Dass how he goin make eryting come out okay fo you. You goin get one wahine from my fadda guy's ohana fo come my boy wife. 41Den yoa promise goin be pau bout dis ting I telling you dat you gotta do. An wen you get dea by my ohana peopo, if dey no let you take nobody, dass okay too. Yoa promise goin be pau.’
42“Today, I wen come hea, by da puka wea da watta come out. I tell God, ‘Eh Yahweh, you da God fo my boss Abraham. I like you make eryting come out okay, fo dis ting dat I come hea fo do! 43Now, I standing hea by dis puka wea da watta come out. So, if one young wahine come outa da town fo get watta, I goin tell her, “Please, let me drink litto bit watta outa yoa watta pot.” 44An if she tell me, “Shua, drink up, an I go pull up watta fo yoa camels too” -- eh Yahweh, let dat be da wahine dat you wen pick fo come da wife fo my boss boy!’
45“Befo I pau say all dis inside my heart, hea come dis Rebecca outside da town wit her watta pot on top her shoulda, an she go down inside wea get da puka an fill up da watta pot. Den I tell her, ‘Please, I like one drink watta.’ 46Right away she take down da watta pot an tell, ‘Drink. I get watta fo yoa camels too.’ So I wen drink, an den she get watta fo da camels too.
47“I wen aks her, ‘Yoa fadda guy, who him?’ She tell me, ‘Me, I Betu`el daughta. His fadda Nahor, an his mudda Milkah.’ Den I wen give her da nose ring an da arm bracelets fo wear. 48I wen go down on top da groun fo show respeck fo Yahweh, da God fo my boss Abraham. I wen tell Yahweh dat he wen do one real good ting fo me, cuz he wen bring me da right way fo find my boss own brudda guy, so I can take his daughta fo come da wife fo Abraham boy.
49“So now, I like you guys tell me dis: You guys goin stick wit my boss, an do da right ting fo him, o wat? An if you guys no like, tell me strait, an I go odda place.”
50Den Laban an Bethu`el tell da luna guy, “Was Yahweh dat wen bring you hea awready fo aks fo Rebecca. Us guys no can tell you ‘Yeah’ o ‘No.’ 51Rebecca stay right hea in front you. You can take her wit you fo come da wife fo yoa boss boy, jalike Yahweh tell.”
52Wen da luna guy fo Abraham hear wat dey say, he go down on top da groun fo show love an respeck fo Yahweh. 53Den he take stuff outa da bags fo give Rebecca. He give her all kine silva an gold kine jewelry, an clotheses. He give plenny expensive stuffs to her brudda an her mudda too. 54Den da luna guy an da odda guys wit him, wen eat an drink, an den dey sleep dea dat nite.
Da next day, dey wake up, an da luna guy tell, “Kay den. I like you guys let me an Rebecca go back by my boss now.”
55But da brudda guy an da mudda guy, dey tell, “Mo betta let Rebecca stay hea wit us guys like ten days moa, an afta, she can go.”
56Da luna tell dem, “Da God Yahweh wen make eryting I do come out okay. So, no good make me stay hea long time. I like you guys let me go back by my boss.”
57Da brudda guy an da mudda guy, dey tell, “We tell da girl fo come, an aks her wat she like do.”
58Dey tell Rebecca fo come, an dey aks her, “You like go now wit dis guy, o wat?”
She tell, “I like.”
59So, dey wen let dea sista Rebecca go, her an da lady dat work fo her from small bebe time. Dey wen go wit Abraham luna guy an his helpa guys.
60Da ohana peopo aks God fo do good tings fo Rebecca. Dey tell,
“Eh, you our sista!
We like you come da ancesta wahine
Fo ten million peopo!
We like da people dat goin come from you be strong
So wen odda peopo go agains dem,
Yoa peopo goin take ova dea towns!”
61Den Rebecca an da wahines dat work fo her wen go ride on top da camels, an go wit da luna guy. He take Rebecca an he go.
62Dat time, Isaac wen come back by his fadda guy Abraham from Be`er-Lahai-Ro`i side, cuz he live inside da Negev. 63Wen da sun going down, Isaac wen go fo one walk inside da countryside. He look, an he spock some camels coming. 64Rebecca, look same time, an she spock da guy Isaac. She come down quick from on top da camel. 65She tell da luna guy, “Eh, dat guy ova dea inside da open country, da one dat stay walking dis way, who him?”
Da luna tell, “Him, my boss.” Den Rebecca take one piece cloth an hide her face fo show respeck fo da guy dat goin come her husban. 66Da luna guy wen tell Isaac eryting he wen do. 67Den Isaac marry Rebecca. He bring Rebecca fo live inside da same tent wea his mudda guy Sarah live befo she mahke. Isaac get plenny love an aloha fo her. So, no matta his mudda wen mahke, now he no mo sore inside, cuz he get Rebecca.