Isaac Move House Gerar Side
(Jesus Guys 3:25; Galatia 3:8)
261Had one time, no mo notting fo eat, Canaan side. Same ting happen befo time wen Abraham live dea. Isaac, he move Gerar side an set up his tents wea King Abimelek was da king fo da Filisha peopo.
2Befo Isaac move Gerar, Yahweh wen let Isaac see him, an he tell Isaac, “No go Egypt side fo get stuff fo eat. Do how I tell you, stay dis land. 3Stay hea dis land, set up yoa tents! I goin stay wit you an make eryting come out good fo you. Cuz you an da peopo dat goin come from you, I goin give all da lands aroun hea to you bumbye. I wen make one strong promise to Abraham, yoa fadda, an bumbye I goin make happen da ting I wen tell him. 4I goin make plenny plenny peopo come from you bumbye, jalike get plenny stars inside da sky. I goin give dem all da lands aroun hea. All da diffren peopos all ova da world, bumbye wen dey tink bout da peopos dat come from you, dey goin say, ‘God do good tings fo us guys, cuz a da Abraham ohana!’ 5I goin do all dis cuz yoa fadda Abraham wen lissen to me an do all da tings I tell um dat he gotta do, an eryting I teach um.”
Isaac Bulai Abimelek
6Dass how come Isaac stay Gerar side, dat time. 7Da Gerar guys ask um bout his wife Rebecca. He tell um, “She my sista.” He scared fo tell um she his wife, cuz he tinking bumbye dem guys goin kill um so dey can take Rebecca. She real good looking, az why.
8Long time afta dey go Gerar, da Abimelek guy dass da king fo da Philistine peopo, he looking down from da window, an he spock Isaac an his wife Rebecca fooling aroun. 9Abimelek tell Isaac fo come by him. He tell, “Da wahine, she yoa wife, yeah? How come you wen say she yoa sista?!”
Isaac tell um, “Cuz I was scared somebody goin kill me an take her, az why!”
10Abimelek tell, “No good, how you make to us guys! Might be one a our guys go take yoa wife an go sleep wit her, an den, God go punish all us guys cuz a wat you wen do!” 11Den Abimelek tell all his peopo, “Anybody touch dis guy o his wife, dey mahke!”
Isaac An Da Philistine Peopo Make Argue Bout Da Watta
12Dat year, Isaac plant seeds inside da Gerar land. An from ery bag wheat seeds dat Isaac plant, he get hundred bag wheat! Yahweh give him da powa so he can do plenny, 13an Isaac wen come erytime mo an mo rich. 14Isaac wen get plenny sheeps an goats, plenny cows, an plenny slave peopo dat work fo him. Da Philistine peopo, dey wen come jealous. 15Ery puka fo watta, da Filisha guys go fill um up wit dirt inside so da watta no come out. Az da puka dat da guys dat befo time wen work fo Isaac fadda Abraham, wen dig. 16Abimelek, he tell Isaac, “Eh, mo betta you go way from our land. You get mo plenny powa an mo plenny stuffs den us guys, an we no can handle.”
Da Old Pukas Fo Watta
4So Isaac go way from Gerar town. He put up his tents makai from da town, an go by da Gerar Stream, an live dea. 18Isaac tell his guys fo go back an dig da dirt outa da pukas dat da guys dat work fo his fadda Abraham wen dig befo Abraham mahke. Den da watta come out again, afta da Filisha guys wen dump dirt inside. Isaac give ery puka fo watta da same name dat his fadda Abraham wen give um.
19Lata, da guys dat work fo Isaac wen dig nea da Gerar Stream, an dey find one new puka ova dea wea plenny watta come out all da time. 20But da Gerar guys dat take care da sheeps dat side, dey make argue wit da guys dat take care da sheeps fo Isaac. Dey tell, “Eh! Dass oua watta!” Dass why Isaac give dat puka da name Esek, dat mean “argue,” cuz dey wen make argue wit him. 21Isaac guys wen dig one nodda new puka fo watta, an same ting happen -- da Gerar guys make argue bout dat one too. So Isaac give dat puka da name Sitnah, dat mean “point finga.” 22Den Isaac wen move from dea. He dig one mo puka fo watta, an da odda guys neva make argue bout dat one. So Isaac give dat puka da name Rehovot, dat mean “plenny room,” cuz he say, “Dis time, Yahweh wen give us guys plenny room inside dis land. Now us guys can come plenny peopo!”
God Make Promise To Isaac
23Lata, Isaac wen move one mo time, up country Beer-Sheba side. 24Da nite he get dea, Yahweh let Isaac see him, an Yahweh tell um, “Me, I da God dat yoa fadda Abraham wen get love an respeck fo. So no scared, cuz I stay wit you. I goin give you da powa fo do eryting I like you fo do. I goin make choke plenny peopo come from you bumbye, cuz a da deal I wen make wit Abraham, da guy dat wen work fo me.”
25Dass how come Isaac wen pile up rocks dat place fo make sacrifice on top. He tell Yahweh, “I like aks you fo help me, cuz I know wat kine God you.” Den Isaac put up his tents dat place, an da guys dat work fo him wen start fo dig one puka fo watta.
Abimelek Like Come Friends One Mo Time
26Den Abimelek, da king fo Gerar town, wen come by Isaac. Abimelek good friend Ahuzzat, an Pikol, da leada fo Abimelek army guys, dey come too. 27Isaac tell um, “How come you guys come ova hea by me? You guys was agains me, and you wen throw me outa yoa land. So, wass up?”
28Dey tell, “Now, us guys see dat Yahweh stay wit you fo shua. So us guys tinking, mo betta make deal, us guys an you guys, and we all make strong promise fo do how we say. Dis da deal we like make wit you: 29You no goin do notting bad to us. Same ting, jalike us guys neva hurt you. Us guys erytime ony make good to you. We wen let you go way an eryting okay wit you. An now, us guys see dat Yahweh do plenny good kine stuff fo you!” 30Isaac wen make lu`au fo dem, an dey wen eat an drink plenny togedda.
31Morning time, dey all get up early. Ery guy make strong promise to da oddas. Den Isaac let um go home. Dey go, an eryting stay okay.
32Dat same day, some a da guys dat work fo Isaac come by him. Dey tell um, “Eh, you know dat puka us guys start fo dig? Get watta!” 33Isaac give da puka da name Shivah, dat mean “strong promise.” Dass how come dat place get da name Be`er-Sheba, dat mean “Da Puka Wea Dey Make Promise.” Dass how dey call um still yet.
34Wen Esau 40 year old, he go marry Judit. Her fadda, Be`eri da Het guy. Same time, he marry Basmat, her fadda Elon da Het guy. 35Cuz a dem two wahines, Isaac and Rebecca wen come plenny sore inside.