Jacob Steal Da Rights Esau Get Cuz He Da Oldes
271Had one time, Isaac was real old an his eye stay bad so no can see good. He tell his older boy Esau fo come by him. Wen Esau get dea, Isaac tell um, “Eh my boy!”
Esau tell, “Yeah, az me.”
2Isaac tell um, “You know, I one old man now. I donno how long befo I mahke. 3I like you go get da stuff fo hunt, da bag wit da arrows inside, an da bow. Go da boonies an hunt wild meat fo me. 4Den cook um fo me fancy kine da way you know how I like fo eat um. Bring um hea fo me eat, so den from inside my heart, I goin tell all da good tings I like God do fo you bumbye. I like make blessing fo you befo I mahke.”
5Same time Isaac stay talking to his boy Esau, Rebecca wen hear dem. Den, Esau go da boonies fo hunt da wild meat fo bring to Isaac. 6Rebecca tell her odda boy Jacob, “I wen hear yoa fadda talking wit yoa brudda Esau. He tell Esau, 7‘Go bring me wild meat an cook um fancy kine, da way you know how I like fo eat um. Afta I eat um, I goin tell in front Yahweh, all da good tings dat Yahweh let me aks him fo do fo you bumbye. Cuz I like make blessing lidat befo I mahke.’-”
Rebecca Make Plan Fo Trick Isaac
8Den Rebecca tell Jacob, “So now, my boy, lissen wat I telling you dat you gotta do. 9Go outside wea da goats stay an bring me two nice bebe goat from ova dea. I goin cook um fancy kine fo yoa fadda, da way he like fo eat um. 10Den, you take um by yoa fadda fo eat um, so all da tings he goin tell fo make da blessing, all goin be fo you an not fo Esau! He ony goin do dat dis one time befo he mahke, you know.”
11Jacob tell his mudda Rebecca, “But wat? My fadda, he goin know. My brudda Esau, he get plenny hair all ova, but me, I ony get smooth skin. 12Maybe if my fadda touch me, bumbye he tink I no mo respeck fo him. Den he go aks God fo do bad tings fo me, not good tings.”
13Da mudda tell um, “If he aks God fo do bad tings fo you, I goin aks God fo do bad tings fo me, not fo you! Jus go do how I tell you: go bring da bebe goats hea by me.”
14So Jacob wen go get da bebe goats an kill um, an bring um by his mudda Rebecca like she tell um fo do. She wen cook um fancy kine fo make da kine food dat Jacob fadda like. 15Den, Rebecca go wea her older boy Esau keep his clotheses inside her house. She take out da mos nices kine clotheses dat he get, an tell her younga boy Jacob fo put um on. 16Den she take da skins from da bebe goats an make um jalike one glove, den put um on top Jacob hands an arms an da smooth part a da neck wea no mo hair. 17Afta dat she give her boy Jacob da fancy kine food and da bread she wen cook.
Jacob Make Isaac Tink He Esau
18Jacob go inside da place wea his fadda stay wit da food. He say, “Eh Pa!”
Isaac say, “Yeah, my son. Who you? You Esau, o Jacob?”
19Jacob tell his fadda, “Dis me, Esau, yoa numba one boy. I do how you wen tell me fo do. So please, sit up an eat some a dis wild meat I wen bring. Afta, you can tell me da blessing Yahweh do fo me bumbye.”
20Isaac tell his boy, “Eh my boy! You wen find da wild meat quick, yeah?”
Jacob tell, “Yea, was cuz yoa God Yahweh wen make um happen fo me, az why.”
21Isaac tell Jacob, “Come ova hea, my boy. I like touch you, fo make shua if you my boy Esau fo real kine, o you not.”
22Jacob go nea his fadda Isaac, an his fadda touch him, but he still not shua yet. Isaac tinking, “Da voice, sound jalike Jacob, but da hands, az Esau.” 23Da fadda neva find out az was Jacob, cuz he get plenny hair on top da hands, jalike his brudda Esau. Dass why az was him dat Isaac wen tell all da good tings dat he like Yahweh fo do fo his boy bumbye.
24Da fadda wen aks, “Fo real, you my boy Esau?”
Jacob tell um, “Fo real, dass me.”
25Isaac tell um, “Kay den. Bring da food ova hea by me, an let me eat some a da wild meat dat you wen bring. Afta, I goin tell all da good tings dat I like Yahweh do fo you bumbye.” Jacob give Isaac da food, an Isaac eat um. Jacob bring wine too, an Isaac drink um.
Isaac Make Blessing Fo Jacob
26Den Isaac wen tell his boy Jacob, “Now, my boy, come nea an kiss me.”
27So Jacob go by him an kiss him. Isaac smell da clothes, den he come shua az his son, an he make spesho blessing for him. Dis wat he say,
“Eh! My boy get good kine smell,
Jalike da field outside
Dat Yahweh wen make so dey can grow stuff!
28I like God give you da small rain from da sky
An good kine crop from da land,
Plenny wheat and plenny wine.
29Plenny odda peopos goin work fo you,
Odda nations goin go down in front you fo show respeck.
Go come da boss fo all yoa brudda guys.
Da odda boys yoa mudda wen born goin go down in front you fo show respeck.
Da ones dat say dey like bad tings happen to you,
God goin make bad tings happen to dem!
Da ones dat say dey like good tings happen to you,
God goin make good tings happen to dem!”
Esau Come Back
30Afta Isaac pau tell Jacob all da good tings he like Yahweh fo do fo his boy bumbye, Jacob go outa da place wea his fadda Isaac stay. An same time, Jacob brudda Esau come back from hunt wild meat. 31Esau cook da wild meat fancy kine, da way his fadda like. Den he take um by his fadda, jalike his brudda wen do. He tell his fadda, “I come back awready, Pa. Sit up an eat da wild meat dat I bring you. Den you can tell all da good tings dat you like Yahweh do fo me bumbye.”
32Isaac tell Esau, “Wot! Who you?”
Esau tell, “Az me. I yoa numba one boy Esau.”
33Isaac, he shake all ova. He plenny scared. He tell, “Den, who da odda guy dat wen go hunt wild meat an bring um by me? I already eat all dat meat befo you wen come hea, you know. An den, I wen make blessing fo him an tell all da good tings dat I like Yahweh do fo him bumbye! An dat kine blessing, no can change! Az ony fo him.”
34Wen Esau hear wat his fadda wen tell, he cry an yell real loud. Esau tell his fadda Isaac, “Bless me too, Pa! Tell me all da good tings dat you like Yahweh do fo me too bumbye!”
35But Isaac tell um, “No can! Yoa brudda was hea an he wen trick me. Az how he wen take away da blessing dat was fo you!”
36Esau tell, “Az right! You wen give him da name Jacob, dat sound kinda like ‘take ova,’ so now, he take ova wass mines two times awready! Firs time, he take away da rights fo get yoa stuffs afta you mahke, dat I get cuz I yoa numba one boy. Dis time, he wen take away from me da ting you wen tell, bout all da good tings dat you like Yahweh do fo yoa older boy bumbye!”
Den Esau tell, “But fo shua, get some odda good tings dat you wen keep fo aks Yahweh fo do fo me bumbye, yeah?”
37Isaac tell Esau, “Wo! Hard, you know. I wen make him da boss fo you. I awready wen give him all his brudda guys fo work fo him, an I wen give him plenny wheat an wine fo make him strong. So now, fo you, no mo odda ting dat I can aks God fo give you, cuz I give eryting to him, my boy!”
38Esau tell his fadda, “No mo even one fo me, Pa? Az ony one time you goin make blessing?! Tell me too, all da good tings dat you like Yahweh do fo me bumbye!” Den Esau wen cry plenny loud.
39Den his fadda Isaac wen tell Esau dis:
“Da place wea you goin live,
No goin be wea get plenny good stuffs from da land,
An small rain from da sky.
40But you goin need sword fo fight so you can stay alive,
An you goin work fo yoa brudda.
Afta, you goin like get outa dea
An you goin run way from yoa brudda
So he no can tell you wat you gotta do no moa.”
41From dat time, Esau stay huhu inside bout Jacob, cuz dea fadda wen tell Jacob an not him, all da good tings dat he like Yahweh do fo his boy Jacob bumbye. Esau tinking, “Bumbye my fadda guy mahke, an afta da funeral time, den I goin kill my brudda Jacob!”
Jacob Run Away Haran Side
42Somebody wen hear wat Esau was goin do, an tell Rebecca. She send somebody fo tell her younga boy Jacob fo come. She tell um, “Dis how yoa brudda Esau figga he goin take away da sore he goin get inside wen his fadda mahke -- he tinking, ‘Bumbye I kill Jacob!’ 43So now, my boy, lissen wat I tell you. Get outa hea an run away Haran side right now, by my brudda Laban. 44Stay his place till yoa brudda pau huhu, 45till he no like kill you no moa, an he foget da ting you do to him. Den, I send somebody fo bring you back hea. No good I lose you two boys, same time!”
46Den Rebecca go talk to Isaac. She tell um, “You know da wahines from aroun hea from da Het ohana? I no like dem! If Jacob go marry one a dem wahines from da Het peopo jalike Esau wen do, one local kine wahine from aroun hea, mo betta I mahke!”