Isaac Tell Jacob How He Gotta Do
(Jesus Guys 3:25; Galatia 3:8)
281So Isaac tell Jacob fo come by him. He aks God fo make Jacob so he can do eryting God like him fo do. Den he tell Jacob, “No take one Canaan kine wahine from hea fo come yoa wife. 2You gotta go now Padan-Aram side, by yoa mudda's fadda Betu`el house. Yoa mudda brudda Laban, he get daughtas. Take one a dem fo yoa wife. 3I like Da God Dat Get All Da Powa fo make you so you can do eryting he like you do, so you get plenny kids. Goin get plenny diffren peopos come from you bumbye. 4I like God do da same good tings fo you an da peopo dat goin come from you, jalike he wen tell Abraham he goin do. I like you come da owna fo da land wea you put up yoa tents right now, da land dat God wen tell Abraham he goin give um bumbye.”
Isaac Tell Jacob Fo Go
5Den Isaac tell Jacob fo go Padan-Aram side, by his uncle Laban. Laban fadda was Betu`el da Aram guy, an Laban sista was Rebecca, Jacob an Esau mudda.
Esau Marry Ishmael Daughta
6Bumbye, Esau find out dat Isaac wen tell God da good tings dat he like God do fo Jacob, an dat Isaac like send Jacob Padan Aram side fo get one wahine from ova dea. Esau find out too, dat Isaac wen tell Jacob, “No marry one Canaan kine wahine!” 7Esau know dat Jacob lissen to his fadda an mudda guys an like go Padan-Aram side.
8Now Esau see dat his fadda Isaac no like da Canaan wahines. 9Az why Esau go by his uncle Ishmael. Esau awready get two wifes, but he marry Mahalat too. Her, Ishmael daughta an Nebaiot sista.
Jacob Get Dream Bout God, Bethel Side
(John 1:51)
10Jacob go way from Be`er-Sheba, an now go Haran side. 11He come one place an stay dea dat nite, cuz da sun go down awready. He take one big rock from ova dea fo put unda his head, an he lay down sleep. 12Den Jacob get one dream. Inside da dream, he see jalike had stone steps from on top da groun all da way up inside da sky. He see angel messenja guys from God going up an coming down on top da steps!
(Jesus Guys 3:25; Galatia 3:8)
13Den, inside da dream, Jacob see Yahweh standing way up on top da step in da sky. Yahweh tell, “Dis me, Yahweh. I da God dat yoa granfadda Abraham an yoa fadda Isaac wen pray to. Dis same land wea you stay sleep tonite, I goin give um to you an to da peopo dat goin come from you bumbye. 14Yoa peopo goin come plenny, jalike no can tell how plenny sand get on top da groun. Dey goin go all ova dis land, makai side an mauka side, up country side an low country side. All da diffren ohanas all ova da world, bumbye wen dey tink bout you an da peopos dat goin come from you, dey goin say, ‘Eh! We like God do good tings fo us guys too, jalike he doing fo Jacob an fo his odda ohana dat come from him!’ 15So you know wat? I stay wit you. I goin take care you, ery place you goin go. Bumbye I goin bring you back hea, dis land. I no goin leave you behind. I make dis promise: I goin do eryting dat I tell you I goin do.”
16Den Jacob wake up. He tell, “Fo real, Yahweh, stay dis place! An me, I neva know!” 17Jacob come all shook up, an he tell, “Scary, dis place! Gotta be, dis da house wea God stay, an da gate fo go inside da sky!”
Jacob Put Up One Rock Fo Rememba Wat Wen Happen
18Da nex morning early, Jacob wake up. He take da big rock dat he wen put unda his head fo sleep, an he set um up jalike one post, an he pour olive oil on top fo show love an respeck fo God. 19He give dat place da name Bethel, dat mean, “God's House.” (Befo time, da town dat was dea, dey ony call um Luz.)
20Den Jacob make one strong promise. He tell, “God, if you stay wit me, an take care me dis trip I making, an give me food fo eat an clotheses fo wear, 21an if I come back my fadda house an eryting go good fo me -- den you, Yahweh, you goin be da God fo me too. 22Dis rock hea, dat I put up jalike one spesho post fo no foget wat wen happen dis place, dis goin be God's house. An God, from eryting you give me, I goin give ten percent to you.”