Da King Get One Dream
411Two year afta dat, da Pharaoh guy, dass da king guy Egypt side, wen get one dream. Wat he see, he was standing by da Nile Riva. 2He spock seven cows, coming up outa da watta. Dey real good looking an fat. Dey go by da tall grass by da Riva, an dey was eating um.
3Den da Pharaoh guy see seven odda cows coming up from da Riva afta da firs cows. Dey all look ugly an skinny. Dey go stay stand by da cows dat awready stay ova dea by da Riva. 4Den da ugly skinny kine cows, dey go eat um up da seven good looking fat cows. Afta dat, Pharaoh wake up.
5Den da Pharaoh guy go sleep one mo time an get dream, secon time again. An you know wat he see? He see one wheat plant dat grow up wit seven bunch wheat on top, an dey solid an good looking. 6But den, he see one nodda plant wit seven bunch wheat come up right afta da firs one, all skinny kine. Look jalike da hot wind come from da east side an burn da skinny wheat awready. 7Da skinny kine bunch wheat go eat up all da seven bunch solid an full kine wheat. Pharaoh wake up again, an den he know dat he get one dream.
Da Guy Dat Get Outa Prison Rememba Bout Joseph
8Morning time, da dream bodda da Pharaoh guy plenny inside. He send peopo fo go tell all da kahuna guys from all ova Egypt fo come, an same ting fo all da guys inside da land dat suppose to know wat fo do erytime. Da Pharaoh tell um wat kine dream he wen get, but no mo nobody ova dea can tell um wat da dream mean.
9Den da guy dat stay in charge a da guys dat give da wine to da king, he talk. He tell da Pharaoh guy dis: “I gotta tell you one ting I rememba bout da time I wen do someting bad. 10Dat time, you was huhu wit some a yoa worka guys. You wen make me go prison. Da main guy fo da army guys dat execute da prisonas, he da one dat stay in charge ova dea. Was me, an da guy dat bake da bread, dat you wen put inside dea.
11“One time, him an me wen get da same kine dream, da same nite. But da tings us guys wen dream, wen mean diffren tings. 12Had dis young Hebrew guy inside dea wit us. He one slave fo da main army guy. We tell him wat kine dream we wen get. He tell me wat my dream mean, an he tell da odda guy wat his dream mean. 13An eryting wen happen jalike da guy wen tell us guys. You wen give da same job jalike befo time back to me. Da odda guy, you wen tell da army guys fo go kill um, den hang um on top one post.”
Joseph Tell Wat Da Dream Mean
14Den da Pharaoh guy go send guys fo bring Joseph by him right den an dea. Dey take um outa da prison, an afta he shave an change all his clotheses, he go by Pharaoh. 15Da Pharaoh guy tell Joseph, “I wen get one dream, but no mo nobody can tell wat da dream mean. I wen hear bout you, dat you one guy dat ony need hear one dream, fo tell wat da dream mean.”
16Joseph tell da Pharaoh guy, “Not me! Ony my God can tell you wat da dream mean, an dat goin help you come out okay.”
17Da Pharaoh guy tell Joseph: “Dis wat I wen dream. I was standing ova dea by da big Nile Riva. 18An den, you know wat? Had seven cows come up outa da watta. Dey fat an good looking. Dey go inside da tall grass dea by da Riva, an start fo eat. 19Den I see seven odda cows come up afta da firs cows. Dey all look skinny an real ugly, jalike dey neva eat notting long time. All ova da Egypt land, I neva see cows dat look so skinny an bad, like dem! 20Da seven skinny an ugly cows wen go eat up da seven fat cows dat wen come up firs time. 21But afta dey eat dem all up, neva look like dey wen eat notting, cuz dey still look ugly jalike firs time. Den I wake up.
22“Den, I get one mo dream. Dis time I see one wheat plant wit seven bunch wheat on top, an da wheat get plenny wheat an all look good. 23An den you know wat? Had anodda plant wit seven bunch wheat on top dat come up afta da odda wheat, but dey all skinny kine an all dry up, jalike da hot wind from da east side wen go burn um wen dey coming up. 24Da skinny kine wheat wen go eat up da seven bunch good kine wheat! I wen tell da kahuna guys bout dis, but no mo nobody can tell me wat dey mean, notting.”
25Joseph tell da Pharaoh guy, “Da tings you wen dream, dass one dream! Mean same ting! God stay telling you wat he goin do. 26Da seven good looking cows, dass seven years wen you goin get plenny a eryting. Same ting, da seven good looking bunch wheat, dass seven years, cuz get ony da one dream. 27An da seven skinny an ugly cows dat come up afta da oddas, dass seven years too, same ting jalike da seven bunch wheat dat stay skinny an all dry up from da hot wind from da east side. Dass seven years wen erybody goin stay hungry.
28“So Pharaoh, dis wat I tell you awready: Da ting God stay show you, dass wat he goin do. 29From now, goin get seven year wea all da time goin get choke plenny fo eat all ova da Egypt land. 30But afta, goin get seven mo year wea all dat time erybody goin stay hungry. All ova da Egypt land, peopo goin foget bout da time wen had plenny fo eat. Wen da food pau, den eryting goin come poho all ova Egypt land. 31Da time dat goin come afta, goin be real hard. Cuz wen no mo notting fo eat, no mo nobody goin rememba da time wen had plenny fo eat all ova da land. 32An one mo ting. You wen get da same dream two time. Dat mean dat da ting God say, stay solid fo shua. an he goin do um pretty soon now!
Joseph Tell Da King Wat He Gotta Do
33“So now, [Pharaoh,] dis wat you gotta do. You gotta go find one guy dat can figga out tings an know wat fo do erytime, an make dat guy da one in charge a da Egypt land. 34You gotta do um, Pharaoh! Get some odda guys fo be his officer guys ova da land. Dey gotta take twenny percent fo tax from eryting dat goin grow inside Egypt, fo da seven year wen goin get plenny food. 35From all da diffren kine food an tings dat grow da good years dat stay coming, dey gotta bring togedda da twenny percent. You da Pharaoh guy, az why you gotta give yoa guys da right fo take da good kine wheat from da peopo fo tax, an put um inside da big towns, an put guards ova dea so nobody steal um. 36Dat way, you guys goin get plenny food fo eat, wen da seven year come wea erybody goin stay hungry all ova Egypt land. No good da whole land come wipe out cuz no mo food!”
Da King Make Joseph In Charge A Egypt
37Da Pharaoh guy, he like da plan dat Joseph make. Same ting fo all da guys dat work fo da king, dey like um too. 38Den Pharaoh tell his worka guys, “Eh! You guys tink we goin find one guy mo betta den dis guy? No way! Cuz him, he get God's Spirit inside him!”
39Den da Pharaoh guy tell Joseph, “Eh! Cuz God wen let you know all dis stuff, fo shua, no mo odda guy mo betta den you, fo figga out tings an fo know wat fo do! 40You goin stay in charge a my govmen. Wateva you tell all my peopo, dey goin do tings yoa way. I da Pharaoh, an I da ony guy mo importan den you.”
41Da Pharaoh guy tell Joseph dis too: “So! You stay in charge now. I turning ova to you awready, eryting inside Egypt land.” 42Den Pharaoh take da ring he use fo stamp da govmen papers from his own finga an he put um on top Joseph finga. He give um fancy linen kine clotheses fo wear, an he put one gold chain aroun Joseph neck. 43He give Joseph his fancy horse wagon fo ride inside, da one dass spesho fo da numba two guy, an ery place he go, had guys run down da street in front him an yell, “Erybody go down in front Joseph fo show um respeck! He stay coming!” Dass how da Pharaoh guy wen do fo make Joseph in charge a all da land, Egypt side.
44Da Pharaoh guy wen tell Joseph dis too: “I da king fo Egypt, an I say dis: all ova dis land, nobody goin move dea hand o dea foot, till you tell um dass okay!” 45Pharaoh give Joseph one Egypt kine name, Zafnat-Paaneah, dat mean, “God stay alive, an he tell stuff,” da Egypt language. Pharaoh give um one wife too. Her name Asnat, her fadda Poti-Fera, da pries fo da Egypt god dey call On. Dass how Joseph wen come da boss for da whole Egypt land.
46Joseph was thirty year old wen he start fo work fo da Pharaoh guy. Firs ting, he go outside da palace wea da Pharaoh guy stay, an he go all ova Egypt. 47Seven year, da land wen make plenny fo eat. 48Da seven year wen eryting was good inside Egypt land, Joseph tell his guys fo go bring togedda all da food dey suppose to put away. He tell um fo put um inside ery town, from da fields outside dat town. 49Joseph wen put away uku paila [food / wheat] ery place, so plenny, jalike da sand on top da beach. Lata, he stop counting how much he wen put away, cuz too much fo figga.
Wen No Mo Food, Joseph Can Handle
50Dat time, befo da land stop making da food, Joseph wen get two boys. Asnat, she dea mudda, Poti-Fera [daughta / girl / #], da pries fo da Egypt god On[, her fadda]. 51Da boy dat wen born firs, Joseph call um Manasseh, cuz dat sound like how fo say “foget” in Hebrew language. Joseph tell, “God wen make me foget eryting bout da bad time I wen get, an foget all my fadda ohana.” 52Da numba two boy, Joseph call um Efraim, cuz dat sound like how fo say “come plenny” in Hebrew language. Joseph tell, “God give me plenny kids ova hea inside da land wea dey wen make any kine to me.”
53An den, afta erybody inside da Egypt land grow plenny food, da seven good year wen pau. 54Den, da odda seven years start, jalike Joseph wen tell um firs time, an no mo notting fo eat. All ova da odda lands, same ting, no mo notting fo eat. But inside Egypt land, had plenny food. 55Even all ova Egypt land, da peopo wen start fo come hungry too. Dey start fo grumble fo da Pharaoh guy give um food. He tell all da Egypt peopo, “Go by Joseph. Wateva he tell you guys fo do, do um!” 56Dat time, all ova da land, no can grow notting fo eat. Eryting come hard fo get, ova dea inside Egypt. So Joseph tell his guys fo open up da place he get all da food inside, an sell um to da Egypt peopo. 57Had peopo from all ova da odda lands dat wen go Egypt side fo buy food from Joseph, cuz all ova, no can grow food notting, an erybody get hard time.