Joseph Tell His Brudda Guys Who Him
451Had plenny Egypt peopo standing nea Joseph. But now moa, he no can wait no mo fo tell his brudda guys who him. So he yell in da Egypt language, “Erybody, get outa hea! I like stay hea wit dem ones!” Dass how lata, Joseph wen let his brudda guys know who him, an da Egypt guys not dea. 2Den Joseph was crying so loud, dat da Egypt guys wen hear, an even inside da palace wea da Pharaoh guy stay, dey find out too.
3Joseph tell his brudda guys, “Dis me! I Joseph! My fadda, he stay alive still yet, o wat?” But his brudda guys, dey no can talk, cuz dey so scared dey litto mo mahke, dea in front him.
4Den Joseph tell his brudda guys, “Come ova hea by me.” So dey go nea by him, an he tell dem, “Me, I yoa brudda guy Joseph. I da one you guys wen sell an make me go Egypt side. 5But now, no worry! No come all huhu wit yoaself cuz you wen sell me an make me come hea. You guys neva do um. God wen do um. God wen send me ova hea befo you guys wen come hea, fo keep you guys alive! 6Cuz get two year awready, dat no mo food inside dis land. An still yet goin get five mo year, wen nobody goin plow da groun o cut da wheat. 7Az how come God wen send me hea befo you guys wen come, fo make shua you guys an yoa kids goin be da ones dat goin stay alive hea inside da world. God wen like do something awesome so you guys goin come out okay an no goin mahke. 8So, neva was you guys dat wen send me ova hea. Was God! He wen make me jalike I one fadda guy fo da king, dass da Pharaoh guy. I da boss fo all his ohana peopo, an I stay in charge a da whole Egypt land.
9“An now, hurry up! Go back by my fadda. Tell um dat his boy Joseph say dis: ‘God wen make me da boss fo da whole Egypt land. So come by me, no wait! 10You goin make house Goshen side, so you goin stay nea me -- you, an yoa kids an yoa grankids, an yoa sheeps an yoa cows, an eryting you get. 11I goin make shua all you guys get nuff food ova dea wen you come, cuz goin be five mo year dat no goin get food notting. I goin make shua dat you an all yoa ohana peopo an eryting you get, no need pay all da money you get fo food.’ 12Look! You guys can see wit yoa own eyes, an my brudda Benjamin can see wit his own eyes too, dat dis me fo real kine, dat stay talking to you guys. 13You guys gotta tell my fadda eryting -- all da plenny respeck I get ova hea Egypt side, an eryting you guys wen see. Den go bring my fadda back hea real quick!”
14Den Joseph wen cry cuz he was so happy, an he wen go hug his brudda Benjamin, an same time Benjamin wen hug Joseph an cry too. 15Den Joseph go kiss all his brudda guys an cry wen he hug um. An afta dat, Joseph an his brudda guys wen talk story togedda plenny.
Da Pharaoh Tell Da Bruddas Dey Can Make House Dea
16Ova dea wea Pharaoh get his palace, dey wen hear bout Joseph an his bruddas. Dey tell, “Joseph, he get bruddas guys, an dey stay come hea awready.”
Da Pharaoh guy, he feel good inside cuz a dat, an even da guys dat work fo him, same ting. 17Da Pharaoh guy, dass da king, he tell Joseph, “Tell yoa brudda guys dis: ‘Dis wat you guys gotta do. Put yoa stuffs on top yoa donkeys. Go Canaan side right away. 18Go bring yoa fadda guy, an all yoa ohana peopo, an come back by me. I goin give dem da bestes place inside Egypt land. You guys goin eat da bestes stuffs dat grow inside dis land.’-”
19An Pharaoh tell Joseph fo tell da brudda guys dis too: “Take wagons from Egypt fo erybody dat no can walk good, yoa kids an yoa wifes. Go bring yoa fadda guys hea. 20No worry bout yoa house kine stuffs, cuz da bestes stuff inside da whole Egypt land goin be fo you guys!”
Da Jacob Boys Go Back An Tell Jacob
21Israel boys, dey do wat Joseph wen tell um. Joseph give um plenny wagons jalike da Pharaoh guy wen tell um, an he give um plenny food fo da trip. 22Fo ery guy, Joseph give um fancy clotheses wit nice robe. But fo Benjamin, Joseph give him three hundred piece silva, an five fancy clotheses wit nice robe. 23Fo his fadda, Joseph wen send plenny stuffs: ten boy kine donkeys dat carry da bestes kine stuffs Egypt get, an ten girl kine donkeys dat carry clean wheat, an bread, an plenny food, so his fadda can eat wen he coming. 24Wen Joseph tell his brudda guys goodbye fo go home, he tell um, “Wen you going, no make ugly wit each odda.”
25Da brudda guys go outa Egypt, an go back by dea fadda Jacob, Canaan side. 26Dey tell Jacob, “You know wat? Joseph, he alive still yet! He da boss guy fo da whole Egypt land!”
Jacob, he come all funny kine inside, cuz he no trus da ting his boys tell um. 27But den, afta dey tell bout eryting Joseph wen tell um, an afta Jacob see da wagons dat Joseph wen send fo carry him Egypt side, den dea fadda Jacob come jalike he new an alive inside. 28Israel talk (dass Jacob, you know): “Nuff awready! My boy Joseph, he alive still yet! I goin go see him, befo I mahke!”