Jacob Make Blessing Fo Joseph Boys
481Afta all dat wen happen, somebody been tell Joseph, “Eh! Yoa fadda stay sick, you know.” Joseph go by Jacob, an he take his two boys, Manasseh an Efraim wit him.
2Somebody tell Jacob, “Yoa boy Joseph stay hea. He like see you.” Israel (dass Jacob), he stay weak, but he make all da strong he can, so he can sit up on top da bed.
3Jacob tell Joseph, “You know, Da God Dat Get All Da Powa wen let me see him, Luz side, inside da Canaan land. He da one give me da powa fo come out okay. 4God wen tell me, ‘Dis me! I goin make you so you can get plenny kids an come plenny peopo bumbye. I goin make plenny differen peopos come from you. Da peopo dat goin come from you afta you mahke, I goin give dem dis land, fo be dea land foeva.’
5“So, yoa two boys, da ones dat wen born fo you hea inside da Egypt land befo I stay come by you dis side, I goin hanai dem. Dey goin be jalike Reuben an Simeon my boys, same ting, Efraim an Manasseh goin be mine from now on. 6If you get mo kids afta dat, dey goin carry yoa name. But yoa younga kids goin get Efraim an Manasseh stuffs afta dey mahke, cuz dem two bruddas, dey goin carry my name. 7Dat time I was coming back from Padan, yoa mudda Rachel wen mahke, inside da Canaan land nea Efrat. I wen come sore inside, an I wen bury her ova dea on da side by da Efrat road.” (Efrat, dass da ol name fo Betlehem, you know.)
8-10Den Israel look an see da two boys. (Israel no can see good, cuz he real old.) He aks Joseph, “Eh! Who dem? Az yoa boys?”
Joseph tell his fadda, “Yeah, dis my boys, da ones God give me inside dis land.”
Jacob tell um, “Try bring um ova hea by me. I goin aks God fo do good tings fo dem.” So Joseph bring da boys nea by Jacob. So Jacob kiss an hug dem. 11Den Israel tell Joseph, “Befo time I figga, I no goin see you again. But look! Now God let me see you, an even yoa kids too!”
12Den Joseph take da boys from wea dey sitting nex to dea granfadda, an Joseph wen go down on top da groun in front his fadda fo show um respeck. 13Den Joseph take Efraim wit his right hand an put um nea Jacob lef hand. Same time he take Manasseh with his lef hand an put um nea Jacob right hand. 14But Israel, he wen cross his hands. He put his right hand on top Efraim head, no matta he da numba two boy. Den Israel wen put his left hand on top Manasseh head, no matta he da numba one boy an suppose to get da spesho right hand kine blessing. 15Den Israel wen aks God fo take care Joseph, lidis:
“I like say dis bout God.
My granfadda Abraham an my fadda Isaac,
Dey wen live da way God tell dem, in front God.
Dass da God dat take care me
Jalike one sheep farma take care his sheeps,
From da time I born till now,
16An he da angel messenja guy dat get me outa all kine trouble.
“Eh God! Do good kine stuff fo dese boys!
Dey goin carry my name,
An my fadda guys name too, Abraham an Isaac!
Make um come big an plenny peopo, hea inside dis world!”
17Wen bodda Joseph, cuz he see dat his fadda wen put da right hand on top Efraim head. So he take his fadda right hand fo change um from Efraim head to Manasseh head, cuz Manasseh da olda boy. 18Joseph tell his fadda, “Not lidat, Pa! Da odda one, he da numba one boy. You gotta put yoa right hand on top his head.”
19But Joseph fadda guy no like lissen. He tell, “Eh my boy, I know, I know. Da older one, he goin come one peopo too, an he goin come importan. Still yet, da younga brudda, he goin come mo importan den da odda one. Da peopo dat goin come from him, goin get mo plenny, dey goin be plenny diffren peopos.”
20Dass how Israel wen aks God fo do good tings fo his grankids, dat time. He tell, “Bumbye, wen da Israel peopo aks God fo do good tings fo dea kids, dey goin tink bout you, Joseph. Dey goin tell dea kids, ‘I like God make you come jalike Efraim an Manasseh!’-” Dass how Israel wen make fo Efraim like he mo importan den his older brudda Manasseh.
21Den Israel tell Joseph, “I goin mahke pretty quick now. But God goin stay wit you guys. He goin bring you guys back to da land wea yoa ancesta guys wen live. 22An now, Joseph, I goin give you one ridge land mo den I goin give fo yoa brudda guys. Dass da one I wen take away from da Amor peopo wit my sword an my bow an arrow.”