Da Locust Grasshoppa Bugs
101Yahweh tell Moses, “Go back by da Pharaoh guy. I da one wen make um so he no can tink good, him an his palace guys. I doing dat, so dat I can still do all dis awesome kine tings dat I doing right dea in front dem, an make shua dey know dat I stay fo real. 2An I doing um, so dat bumbye, you can tell da story ova an ova fo yoa kids an yoa grankids -- how I even make any kine to da Egypt peopo, doing all da awesome tings I wen do in front dem fo show dem who me. From all dat, you guys goin know fo shua dat I Yahweh.”
3So Moses an Aaron go by da Pharaoh guy. Dey tell um, “You betta lissen! Dis wat Yahweh say, da God fo da Hebrew peopo. God say, ‘Eh! Till wen you goin stay ack jalike you no need make yoaself notting in front me, haa?! Let my peopo go way from hea, so dey can do religious kine stuff fo me. 4An if you still no like let my peopo go way, dis wat I goin do: Tomorrow I bring plenny locust kine grasshoppa inside yoa land. 5Da locust grasshoppa bugs goin cova da groun, so no can see da groun. Anyting you guys growing an da ice rain storm neva wipe out, da locust goin eat um all up. Dey even goin eat up all da trees dat stay coming up inside yoa fields. 6Dey goin fill up yoa palaces and all yoa palace guys houses, an all da Egypt peopo houses. You guys faddas an granfaddas neva see dis kine ting happen, from da time dey wen come to dis land till now.’-” Den Moses turn aroun an go way from da Pharaoh guy.
7Da palace guys tell da Pharaoh guy, “Eh! Jalike dis guy catch all us guys inside one trap, you know. Till wen we goin stay lidat, aah? Mo betta, let da peopo go way fo do religious kine stuff fo dea god Yahweh! You donno yet, dat da Egypt land, stay poho awready, o wat?”
8So da Pharaoh guy tell somebody fo go bring back Moses an Aaron by him one mo time. Pharaoh tell um, “Go! Do da religious kine stuff fo yoa god Yahweh. So den, who da ones dat goin go?”
9Moses tell um, “Erybody goin go, our young peopo an our ol peopo too. We goin take our boys an our girls, our sheeps an goats an our cows, cuz fo us guys, dis one special religious kine ting we do fo Yahweh.”
10Da Pharaoh guy tell dem, “You guys tink I goin let all you guys go, an dass how goin be afta? You tink dis ‘Yahweh’ goin stay wit you? No way! Look, you guys ony tinking fo do something bad! 11But az not how goin be! Okay fo da mens go do religious kine stuff fo ‘Yahweh’, cuz dass wat you guys aksing fo do.” Den da Pharaoh guy wen tell his guys fo throw Moses an Aaron outa da palace.
12Den Yahweh tell Moses, “Put up yoa hand an hold um out ova da Egypt land fo da locust bugs, so dey goin come up all ova da Egypt land an eat up all da stuff dat still growing, dat da ice storm neva kill.” 13So Moses put his walking stick up ova da Egypt land. Yahweh bring one wind from da east side. Da wind wen blow all dat day, day time and nite time. Morning time, had da east wind still yet, an wen bring da locust.
14Had locust bugs all ova da Egypt land. Jalike dey make house ery place inside da Egypt land. Had uku paila locust all ova da place. From befo time neva had dat plenny locust, an bumbye, no goin get any mo lidat eva. 15Da locust bugs wen cova all da groun, till ony look black all ova. Dey eat all da plants inside da fields, an da fruits from all da trees dat da ice rain neva hit. Pau all da green stuff from da trees and plants inside da field, all ova da Egypt land!
16Quick time, da Pharaoh guy tell Moses an Aaron fo come. He tell um, “Eh! I wen do bad ting to yoa god Yahweh, an to you guys. 17So, let me go fo da bad ting I wen do, jus dis one time. Pray to you guys God Yahweh dis one ting, fo take away all dis real bad stuff from me!”
18Moses dem go way from da Pharaoh guy. He go pray to Yahweh. 19An Yahweh change da wind to da west side, an make um blow real strong. Da wind wen pick up da locust an carry um inside da Red Sea. No mo even one locust bug lef inside da Egypt land. 20But same time, Yahweh make da Pharaoh guy stay hard head still yet, an he no like let da Israel peopo go.
Da Dark
21Den Yahweh tell Moses, “Put up yoa hand to da sky, fo make um come dark all ova da Egypt land. Goin come so dark, jalike can touch da dark.” 22So Moses put up his hand to da sky. All ova da Egypt land wen come real dark, three days, jalike da dark stay thick. 23Da peopo no can see each odda notting. Fo three days, no mo nobody can go from his place an move aroun. Ony da Israel peopo, dey had plenny light ova dea wea dey live.
24Da Pharaoh guy tell Moses fo come. He tell um, “Go awready. Go do yoa religious kine stuff fo Yahweh. You can even take yoa kids an ol peopo wit you. But da sheeps an da cows, gotta leave um hea.”
25Moses tell um, “You gotta help too. You gotta let us guys take oua animals so we can make sacrifice an burn um up. Us guys goin do dat fo oua God, Yahweh. 26Oua own animals, dey gotta go wit us. No can leave one animal hea. Cuz you know, we gotta take da right kine animals fo do da religious kine stuff we goin do fo oua God Yahweh. An us guys no goin know wat kine religious kine stuff we goin use fo him yet, till we get dea.”
27Yahweh make da Pharaoh guy stay hard head still yet. Dass why da Pharaoh guy no like let go da peopo.
28Da Pharaoh guy tell Moses, “Get outa hea! Make shua you no come back fo see me no moa! Cuz da next time you see me, you goin mahke!”
29Moses tell um, “Dass okay wat you say. Dis da las time I see you!”