God Make Ready Fo Punish Da Egypt Peopo
111An right den an dea, Yahweh tell Moses, “One mo time, I goin punish da Pharaoh guy an da Egypt peopo. Afta dat, he goin let you guys go way from hea. Mo den dat, wen he let you guys go, he goin chase all you guys outa hea! 2Tell da peopo fo go aks da Egypt peopo dat stay friends wit dem o live nea dem, fo give um all kine silva an gold kine stuff.” 3Dat time, Yahweh make da Egypt peopo tink real good bout da Israel peopo. An da palace guys dat work fo da Pharaoh guy, an all da odda Egypt peopo, dey see dat Moses one big man inside da Egypt land.
Da Numba One Boy From Ery Egypt Ohana, Goin Mahke
4Moses tell da Pharaoh guy: “You betta lissen! Dis wat Yahweh say: ‘One nite, bout midnite time, I going ova dea wea da Egypt peopo live. 5Da numba one boy from ery ohana inside da Egypt land, goin mahke. You da Pharaoh guy dat sit on top da throne, but yoa numba one boy goin mahke. Same ting, da slave wahine dat stay sit by da stones dey use fo make da flour fo eat, her numba one boy goin mahke. Even da animals, all da numba one boy kine animals goin mahke. 6All ova da Egypt land, peopo goin cry loud cuz dey hurting plenny. Dis goin be mo worsa fo dem den anyting dat eva happen befo time, an mo worsa den anyting dat goin happen again. 7But da Israel peopo, no mo notting bad goin happen. Not even one dog goin show teet o bark at da peopo o dea animals. Dass so you guys goin know fo shua dat me, Yahweh, I make diffren kine to da Egypt peopo an da Israel peopo.’ Dass wat Yahweh tell. 8Wen dat happen, all dese palace guys hea dat work fo you, dey goin come by me. Dey goin go down on top da groun in front me, an tell me, ‘Go way now, you an all da peopo dat follow you!’ An me, I goin go way from hea!” Afta Moses say dat, he real huhu wit da Pharaoh guy. Den he go way.
Da Pharaoh Guy No Lissen
9One nodda ting Yahweh tell Moses, same time, “Da Pharaoh guy, he still no goin lissen to you guys. Dass so I can make mo plenny awesome proof fo show who me still yet, hea inside dis Egypt land.” 10Moses an Aaron make all kine awesome proof in front da Pharaoh guy so dat he know az God doing um. Still yet, Yahweh make da Pharaoh guy hard head. Dass why he no like let da Israel peopo go way from his land.