Da Numba One Boy From Ery Ohana Stay Spesho Fo God
(Luke 2:23)
131Yahweh tell Moses dis: 2“From now, fo da Israel peopo, da numba one boy dat born from ery wahine, stay spesho fo me. Same ting fo da peopo an fo da animals -- da firs one dat come out from da mudda, dey mines.”
No Foget Dis Day
3Den Moses tell da peopo dis: “No foget dis day! Dis da day you guys go outa Egypt, da place wea you guys was slaves. No foget how Yahweh wen use his powa fo get you guys outa hea. Dis same day ery year, no eat bread dat get yeast inside. 4Dis month in da spring time, dis day numba fifteen, you guys going outa hea awready. 5Bumbye, Yahweh goin take you guys one nodda land. Get da Canaan peopo, an da Het peopo, an da Amor peopo, an da Hiv peopo, an da Jebus peopo, living ova dea now. But God wen make strong promise to yoa ancesta guys, dat he goin give you guys one land dat get plenny milk an honey erytime. Afta you guys get dea, dis da kine religious ting you goin do ery year dis same month:
6“Seven days, you guys goin eat bread dat no mo yeast. Da numba seven day, dass one spesho religious day fo Yahweh. 7All da seven days, da ony bread you guys goin eat gotta be da kine dat no mo yeast. No goin get bread wit yeast any place inside da place you stay. No even goin get ferment kine stuff by you, all ova yoa land. 8Dat time ery year, you goin tell yoa boy da story, how come you stay make lidis. Tell um, ‘I doing dis, cuz a wat Yahweh wen do fo me, dat time I wen come outa Egypt.’
9“Dis ting dat you do, goin be jalike one mark on top yoa hand fo help you rememba. Goin be jalike someting you tie on top yoa forehead, fo you no foget notting. Dass so you goin talk all da time bout da Rules from Yahweh, cuz Yahweh wen use his powa fo you guys come outa Egypt. 10Dis goin be one religious ting you guys gotta do, same time ery year.
Da Numba One Boy From Ery Ohana
(Luke 2:23)
11“Bumbye, Yahweh goin take you to da land wea he say he goin give you, wea da Canaan peopo stay, jalike he wen make strong promise fo do, to you an yoa ancesta guys. 12So wen you get dea, da firs bebe dat born from ery wahine, you gotta make um all spesho fo Yahweh. Same ting fo da numba one boy kine animal dat born from ery mudda animal you get, goin be fo Yahweh. 13Da numba one donkey dat born, you no can use um fo make sacrifice. So, you gotta kill one bebe sheep fo make sacrifice, jalike you stay buy back da bebe donkey from God. If you no buy back da bebe donkey, den you gotta broke da bebe donkey neck. An da numba one boy from all yoa own kids, da one dat stay spesho fo me, you gotta kill one animal fo make sacrifice, jalike you pay God back fo him too.
Teach Yoa Kids Wat All Dat Mean
(Luke 2:23)
14“Bumbye, yoa boy goin aks you, ‘Eh Pa! Wat all dis ting mean, fo buy um back, fo make sacrifice?’
“You goin tell um, ‘Cuz you know, my boy, Yahweh get plenny powa, an he wen use um dat time fo get all us guys outa Egypt, cuz us was slaves ova dea. 15Cuz da King ova dea, da one dey call da Pharaoh guy, he come real hard head an no like let us guys go way from dea. Dass why Yahweh kill all da numba one boys all ova da Egypt land. He kill all da numba one boy kine animals too. Dass how come I stay make sacrifice to Yahweh wit ery animal dat come firs outa da mudda, if boy kine. An you, da numba one boy from my own kids, I pay God back fo you too, cuz you stay spesho fo God.’
16“So, dass how dat religious ting dat us guys do ery year, goin be jalike one mark on top yoa hand, an goin be jalike one sign you put on top yoa forehead, so you no goin foget how Yahweh wen use his powa fo get us guys outa Egypt.”
Wat Happen Afta Pharaoh Let Go Da Peopo
17Afta da Pharaoh guy wen let da Israel peopo go, God neva take dem da road dat go strait to da Filisha peopo land, even was mo short. Cuz God tinking, “Wen dese peopo get war, maybe dey goin change dea mind an go back Egypt side.” 18Dass why God make da peopo go da odda way, thru da boonies by da Red Sea.
Wen da Israel peopo go outa da Egypt land, dea leada guys make ery fifty guys go togedda erytime, so dey jalike one big army ready fo fight. 19Moses take Joseph bones wit dem too. Dass cuz from befo time, Joseph wen make da Israel peopo make promise to him. He tell um, “Fo shua, God goin take care you guys bumbye. So den, wen you guys go back, you gotta carry my bones from hea to da Canaan land.”
20Afta da peopo go way from Sukkot, dey make camp Etam side, nex to da boonies. 21Yahweh, he stay go in front a da peopo. Day time, had one cloud dat go from da groun to da sky, fo show um wea fo go. Nite time, dat cloud was one fire dat go from da groun to da sky, fo give um light. Dat way, day time o nite time, dey can still go. 22Da cloud dat go from da groun to da sky neva leave da peopo in da day time, an da fire dat go from da groun to da sky neva leave um nite time.