Da Peopo No Mo Watta
171Afta da Israel peopo stay inside da boonies Sin side, dey all go way from dea togedda. Erytime Yahweh tell um fo stop one place, dey make camp dea. One time, dey camp Refidim, but ova dea no mo watta fo drink. 2Da peopo make grumble wit Moses. Dey tell um, “Give us guys watta fo drink!”
Moses tell um, “Eh! how come you guys make grumble wit me? You no stay make grumble wit me, you stay make grumble wit Yahweh! How come you guys checking out Yahweh, fo see if he can handle dis problem?!”
3But da peopo dea, dey thirsty fo watta. Dey make grumble wit Moses, an dey tell um, “Eh! How come you bring us guys outa Egypt? Us stay real thirsty, we goin mahke! You like kill us guys, an our kids, an our sheeps an cows, o wat?!”
4Den Moses, he call to Yahweh fo help him. He say, “Eh! Wat I goin do wit dis peopo? Dey litto mo ready fo throw stones fo kill me!”
5Yahweh tell Moses, “Go from one side da camp to da odda side, so all da peopo see you. Take some a da older leadas from da Israel peopo wit you. Take yoa walking stick wit you too, da one you wen use fo hit da watta inside da Nile Riva. Go ova dea. 6Dis wat I goin do. Wen you get dea, I goin be ova dea, standing in front you, by da big rock Horeb side. (Horeb, dass one nodda name fo Mount Sinai, you know.) Hit da big rock wit yoa walking stick. Goin get watta come outa da big rock. Den da peopo goin drink da watta.”
Dass wat Moses wen do, wit da older leada guys from da Israel peopo stay watching him.
7Da peopo give dat place da name Massah, cuz mean “Check Um Out.” Dey call um Meribah too, dat mean “Grumble,” cuz da Israel peopo wen make grumble dea an check out Yahweh fo see if he can handle. Dey tell, “Fo real, Yahweh stay wit us guys, o not?”
Da Amalek Peopo Go Afta Da Israel Peopo
8Wen da Israel peopo stay ova dea Refidim side, da Amalek peopo come an go afta dem. 9Moses tell Joshua, “Pick some guys fo go wit you, an go make fight wit da Amalek peopo. I goin go up da top a da hill tomorrow an stand dea, an I goin take da walking stick God wen tell me fo use befo time.”
10Da nex day, Joshua do wat Moses wen tell um fo do. Him an his guys go fight da Amalek guys. Same time, Moses go up to da top a da hill wit Aaron an Hur. 11Erytime Moses hold up his arms, da Israel peopo start fo win, an erytime Moses put his arms down, da Amalek peopo start fo win. 12But Moses arms wen come tired. Den Aaron an Hur go get one rock an put um unda him fo sit down on top. Aaron, he stand one side, an Hur da odda side, an dey hold up Moses arms. Dass how dey keep his arms up till da sun go down. 13So Joshua dem, dey win da fight. Dey wen beat da Amalek guys an kill um wit dea swords.
14Yahweh tell Moses, “Eh! I goin tell you one ting. Write dis inside one book, so nobody goin foget! Tell Joshua dis wen you write um: ‘Da Amalek peopo, I goin wipe out dea name, so nobody all ova da world goin rememba who dem!’-”
15Den Moses pile up stones ova dea fo make one altar place. He call dat place “Yahweh, jalike one war flag fo me.” 16Moses tell, “Da Amalek guys wen put up dea hands in front Yahweh throne cuz dey huhu! Yahweh, he goin make war agains da Amalek peopo an all da peopo dat goin come from dem, foeva!”