Moses Fadda-In-Law Come
181Now Jetro, he was da pries fo da Midian peopo, an Moses fadda-in-law. He hear eryting dat God was doing fo Moses an fo God's peopo, da Israel peopo, an how Yahweh wen bring da Israel peopo outa Egypt.
2(Befo Moses go outa Egypt, he send his wife Zipporah back wit her fadda Jetro. An Jetro take her in, 3her an her two boys. Da numba one boy get da name Gershom, cuz his fadda Moses tell, “I stay live one nodda land, not da place wea I get rights.” “Gershom” sound kinda like “live wea no mo rights,” Hebrew language. 4Da odda boy get da name Eliezer, cuz Moses tell, “Da God dat my fadda pray to befo time, he da one help me, cuz he get me outa trouble wen da Pharaoh guy like kill me.” “Eliezer” sound jalike “My God, da helpa,” Hebrew language.)
5So Moses fadda-in-law Jetro, he go fo see Moses. Him an Moses wife an boys go ova dea inside da boonies, da place Moses stay make camp down side God's Mountain, dass Mount Sinai. 6Jetro send somebody fo go tell Moses, “Dis me, Jetro, yoa fadda-in-law! Me an yoa wife an her two boys, we coming ova dea by you!”
7Moses go da boonies fo meet his fadda-in-law. Moses go down in front Jetro, den he give um hug an kiss. Moses tell Jetro, “Eh! How you?”
Jetro tell Moses, “I okay, how you?” Den dey go inside Jetro tent.
8Den Moses tell his fadda-in-law eryting Yahweh wen do to da Pharaoh guy an da Egypt peopo, fo help da Israel peopo. He tell um all da trouble dey had afta dey go outa Egypt, an how Yahweh get dem outa all dat.
9Jetro, he feel good inside cuz a all da good kine stuff Yahweh wen do fo da Israel peopo wen he get dem outa trouble wit da Egypt peopo. 10Jetro tell, “I like say good kine stuff bout Yahweh. He wen get you guys outa trouble wit da Egypt peopo an wit da Pharaoh guy. He take da peopo outa dea, so dey no gotta be slaves fo da Egypt peopo! 11Now I know fo shua, dat Yahweh, mo big den all da odda gods, no matta da Egypt peopo make any kine to you guys!” 12Den Jetro bring one animal an kill um ova dea an burn um fo make sacrifice fo God. He make one diffren kine sacrifice fo show he stay tight wit God. Aaron, wit da older leada guys fo da Israel peopo, come dea too. Dey all eat togedda wit Moses fadda-in-law, in front God.
13Da nex day, Moses go sit down in front da peopo fo judge. Da peopo stay stand ova dea by Moses from morning time to evening time. 14But wen Moses fadda-in-law see all da stuffs Moses doing fo da peopo, he tell Moses, “Eh! Wass all dis you stay do fo da peopo? How come you da ony guy dat stay do dat? All da peopo, why dey gotta stay stand ova dea by you from morning time to evening time?!”
15Moses tell his fadda-in-law, “Da peopo, dey stay come by me fo find out wat God like dem fo do. 16Erytime dey get problem, dey come in front me, an I figga wat guy stay right an wat guy stay wrong. I make um know da tings God say dey gotta do, an I tell um wat God's Rules mean, weneva dey aks.”
17But Moses fadda-in-law stay tell Moses, “Az no good, wat you stay do! 18You ony goin make yoaself so tired, you goin come poho. You goin make da peopo come tired too. Yoa job, too much fo you handle. You not strong nuff fo do um yoaself alone!
19“So now, lissen wat I say! I goin tell you wat you gotta do, an I like fo God help you fo do um! Yoa job, you gotta be da one dat talk fo da peopo to God. Wen dey like go see da judge, you da one fo find out wat God say bout dat an tell um. 20Tell um bout da bad tings dat goin happen if dey no do jalike da Rules say, an teach um da Rules. Make shua dey know da right stuff fo do, an da kine tings dey suppose to do. 21Same time, from all da peopo, go find an pick guys dat can handle dis job, da kine dat stay scared weneva dey stay in front God cuz dey get plenny respeck fo him. Dey gotta be guys you can trus, an dat no goin make any kine jus fo get plenny money. Make some a dem da main leada guys fo tousand peopo, an odda ones da main leada guys fo hundred peopo, fifty peopo, an ten peopo. 22Let dem be da regula judges fo da peopo. If get someting big fo judge, dey can bring um in front you. Da small kine stuff, dey can figga how fo judge um. Dass how goin make um mo easy fo you, cuz dey goin work togedda wit you! 23If you do dat, an God stay tell you wat fo do, den you goin handle eryting okay. Same ting fo all da peopo, afta dey talk to da judge guys, wen dey go home, eryting goin be okay wit dem too.”
24Moses lissen to his fadda-in-law. He do eryting da guy tell um fo do. 25Moses pick da guys dat can handle dat kine job, from all da Israel peopo. He make dem da main leada guys fo da peopo, fo tousand peopo, hundred peopo, fifty peopo, an ten peopo. 26Dey wen come da regula judges fo da peopo. Da hard kine stuff dey take to Moses fo judge. All da small kine stuff, dey judge um demself.
27Afta, Moses tell his fadda-in-law “Aloha,” an da fadda-in-law go back his own place.