Da Bush Dat No Burn Up
(Jesus Guys 7:34-35)
31One time, Moses was taking care da sheeps an goats fo his fadda in law Jetro (dass Reuel). Jetro, he da pries fo da Midian peopo. Moses wen take da sheeps an goats way inside da boonies, Mount Sinai side. (Dass da mountain wea God show up.) 2Had one angel messenja guy from Yahweh wen show up an let Moses see um. Da angel guy look jalike fire coming outa da middle a one bush. Moses, he wen look, an look. An he tinking, “How come lidat? Had fire burning all ova inside da bush, but da bush no burn up!” 3Den Moses still yet tinking, “I gotta go look dis real awesome ting I stay see! How come da bush no burn up?”
4Yahweh see dat Moses going way from da trail fo go look. God call Moses from inside da bush, “Hui! Moses! Moses!”
Moses tell, “Yeah! Dass me!”
5Yahweh tell, “Stay right dea! No come nea. Take off yoa slippas. Cuz da place you standing, dass spesho fo me!”
God Tell Moses Wat He Gotta Do
(Matthew 22:32; Mark 12:26; Luke 20:37; Jesus Guys 3:13, 7:32, 34-35)
6Den God tell Moses, “Me, I da God fo yoa fadda guy. I da God fo Abraham, I da God fo Isaac, an I da God fo Jacob.” Wen Moses hea dis, he cova his face, cuz he scared fo look strait at God.
7Yahweh tell Moses dis too: “I see eryting, all da hard time dat da Egypt peopo give my peopo! I hea how dey stay yell fo me fo help um from da luna guys. Yeah, I know how plenny dey suffa. 8Az why now, I come hea fo get my peopo outa dea, so da Egypt guys no make um any kine no moa. I goin take um outa dat land, to one good land wea get plenny place fo erybody, an ery place get plenny milk an honey. I talking bout da place wea da Canaan peopo, da Het peopo, da Amor peopo, da Periz peopo, da Hiv peopo, an da Jebus peopo live now.
9“So. Now, cuz da Israel peopo yell to me fo help um, I lissening. An I see da way da Egypt peopo stay make dem work hard an make any kine to dem. 10Now, go! I goin send you by da Pharaoh guy. You da guy goin take my Israel peopo outa Egypt!”
Moses Tell God “I No Can”
(Matthew 22:32; Mark 12:26; Luke 20:37; Jesus Guys 3:13, 7:7,32)
11Moses, he tell God, “You tink I can go by Pharaoh an jus take da Israel peopo outa Egypt?!”
12God tell Moses, “You can! Cuz I goin stay wit you, az why! An dis bush you see right now, dat stay burn, dass da proof fo you, dat I da one wen send you. An afta you get da peopo outa Egypt, all you guys goin come back dis same mountain, an show love an respeck to me, yoa God, right hea.
13Den Moses tell God, “But, wen I go by da Israel peopo an tell um, ‘Da same God dat yoa ancesta guys wen pray to, dass da one wen send me by you guys,’ dey no goin believe. Den dey goin ask me, ‘Kay den, wass his name?’ So, wat I goin tell um?”
14God tell Moses, “Tell um dis: ‘My name, “I Stay How I Stay, an I Goin Be Wat I Goin Be”!’ Dass wat you gotta say to da Israel peopo. Tell um, ‘Da One dat get da name “I Stay,” dass da God dat wen send me by you guys.’-”
15God tell Moses fo tell da Israel peopo: “Yahweh, he da same God dat yoa ancesta guys wen pray to. He da God fo Abraham, da God fo Isaac, an da God fo Jacob. Was him wen send me by you guys.”
God Tell:
“Cuz from now, Yahweh, dass my name foeva!
Dass how you goin teach yoa kids fo rememba who me,
An same ting fo dea kids, foeva!
Moses Gotta Tell Da Olda Leadas Wat Fo Do
16“Go now! Tell all da older leadas fo da Israel peopo fo come togedda. Den tell um dis: ‘Yahweh, da God dat yoa ancesta guys wen pray to, da God fo Abraham an Isaac an Jacob, he wen let me see him. He wen tell me, “I wen watch an see awready wat dey doing to you guys Egypt side. 17An now, I tell you guys dis: You guys, you hurting plenny right now Egypt side. But I goin get you guys outa all dat. I goin take you guys one nodda land, da one wea get da Canaan peopo, da Het peopo, da Amor peopo, da Periz peopo, da Hiv peopo, an da Jebus peopo. Inside dat good land, ery place get plenny milk an honey.”
18‘Da older leada guys, dey goin lissen to you. Den you an da older leada guys fo da Israel peopo, you all gotta go togedda by da king fo da Egypt peopo. You guys gotta tell um, “Yahweh, da God fo us Hebrew peopo, he goin be one place wea us guys can talk wit him. Now, all us guys gotta walk three day fo go dat place inside da boonies. Wen we get dea, we gotta make sacrifice fo Yahweh, oua God.”
19‘I know, get ony one way Pharaoh da king fo Egypt goin let you guys go -- gotta get somebody mo strong den him fo give him presha. 20So, I goin wack da Egypt peopo wit my strong hand. I goin do all kine awesome stuff to da Egypt peopo, right dea wea dey stay. Afta dat, da king guy goin make you guys go way. 21Dat time, I goin make da regula Egypt peopo tink you Israel peopo da greates. Wen you go way, dey goin make shua dat you guys get plenny stuffs. So wen you guys go, you no goin go wit notting. 22Ery wahine goin aks all da Egypt wahines dat live nea dem fo give dem all kine silva an gold kine stuffs, an nice kine clotheses, an aks da Egypt wahines dat stay live nea dea house fo give dem same ting. You goin let yoa boys an girls wear all dat kine spesho stuff. So, wen you guys go, you goin leave da Egypt peopo wit notting.’-”