Da Peopo Go Way From Mount Sinai
331Den Yahweh tell Moses: “Go way from dis place, you an da peopo dat you wen bring outa da Egypt land. Go up da land wea I wen make strong promise to Abraham, an Isaac, an Jacob: ‘I goin give dat land to da peopo dat goin come from you guys.’ 2I goin send one angel messenja guy fo go in front a you guys. I goin throw out from dat land da Canaan peopo, da Amor peopo, da Het peopo, da Periz peopo, da Hiv peopo, an da Jebus peopo. 3Go dat good land, wea get plenny milk an honey erytime. But me, I no goin go wit you guys, cuz you all hard head, an bumbye I go wipe out all you guys befo you get dea!”
4-5Yahweh tell Moses dis too, “Tell da Israel peopo: ‘You guys, you one hard head kine peopo! If I go wit you guys even one minute, I goin wipe out all you guys. So, take off all yoa jewelry now. I goin go tink wat I goin do to you guys.’-” So wen da peopo hear dis ting God tell um, dey no can handle, an dey come real sore inside, jalike wen somebody mahke. Nobody like wear jewelry cuz a dat. 6Dass why, from Mount Sinai all da way to dea land, da Israel peopo no wear jewelry notting.
Da Tent Outside Da Camp
7Moses, he erytime put one small tent outside da camp place, long way from da camp. Dey call um da Tent Fo Meet Wit God. Anybody dat like aks God bout someting, dey go ova dea outside da camp by da Tent Fo Meet Wit God, fo aks um. 8Erytime Moses go out by da tent, all da peopo stand up in front dea own small tent, an dey stay watch Moses till he go inside da tent. 9Wen Moses go inside da tent, da cloud dat go from da groun to da sky come down an stay by da door, all da time Yahweh stay talking wit Moses. 10Erytime da peopo see da cloud dat go from da groun to da sky, standing in front da tent, all da peopo go down on top dea face on top da groun, right wea dey standing in front dea own small tents, fo show God love an respeck. 11Yahweh, he stay talk wit Moses, jalike wen one guy stay talking togedda wit his friend. Afta, Moses go back da camp. But da young helpa guy fo Moses, dat Joshua Nun's boy, he no go way from inside da tent, he stay dea.
Moses Talk Wit God
(Census 12:6-8)
12Moses tell Yahweh, “You stay telling me, ‘Go take dese peopo da place dey suppose to go.’ But you, you no let me know who you goin send wit me. You tell me, ‘I know who you an I know yoa name. I wen check you out an I like you.’ 13Kay den. If az how you stay feel bout me, if fo real you like me, I like you fo show me wat kine stuff you do. Den fo real kine I goin know you, so den bumbye I can still stay da kine guy dat you like. Rememba dis too: You da one wen pick dis peopo, fo be yoa peopo.”
14God tell Moses, “Goin be me dat stay go wit you, an I goin make tings so you can rest.”
15Moses tell, “If you no stay go wit us guys, no make us go way from dis place. 16Cuz ony get one way dat anybody goin find out dat you like me an yoa peopo. You gotta go wit us guys! An if you go wit us guys, az how me an yoa peopo goin be diffren [from / den] all da odda peopos inside da world.”
(Rome 9:15)
17Yahweh tell Moses, “Dis ting you aksing me fo do, I goin do um, cuz I like you, an I know what kine guy you, an I know yoa name.”
18Den Moses tell, “Please now, I like you let me see how awesome you stay fo real kine.”
19An Yahweh tell Moses, “I goin show you eryting bout how good I stay. I goin let you hear wat my name Yahweh mean. I goin do plenny good tings fo whoeva I like do um fo, an I goin show plenny pity fo whoeva I get pity fo. 20But you no can see my face, cuz no mo nobody can see me fo real kine, an stay alive still yet.” 21Den Yahweh tell Moses, “Ova hea, nea me, get one place you can stand, on top one big stone. 22Den, wen I go by dea an show you how awesome I stay fo real kine, I goin put you inside one crack inside da big rock, an put my hand ova you so you no can see notting, till afta I go by dea. 23Den I goin take away my hand an let you see my back. But my face, no can see.”