God Let Moses See Him
341Yahweh tell Moses, “Go cut two flat stone jalike da ones I wen give you da firs time. I goin write on top dem da same words dat da firs ones wen say, da ones you wen broke. 2Be ready fo go up Mount Sinai morning time. You goin stand in front me ova dea, on top a da mountain. 3No mo odda guy goin go up dea wit you. Nobody can go any place on top da mountain. Not even yoa sheeps an cows can eat grass down side dat mountain.”
4So, Moses wen cut two flat stone, jalike da firs ones. Early morning time, Moses get up an go up Mount Sinai, jalike Yahweh wen tell um fo do. He carry da two flat stones in his hand.
5Den Yahweh come down to da top a da mountain inside da cloud. He stand dea wit Moses, an he talk strong an tell who him, an how come he get da name Yahweh. 6Den Yahweh pass by in front Moses. He talk strong an tell:
“Yahweh! Dass me!
I one God dat get pity fo peopo,
An I like do good tings fo peopo!
I slow fo get mad.
I stay tight wit my peopo plenny,
An I do wat I say I goin do erytime.
7Wen I make promise fo stay tight wit one ohana,
I stay tight wit even da kids, an dea kids,
An all da peopo dat come afta dem fo tousan times.
I let peopo go an hemo dea shame
Fo wen dey do da wrong ting an go agains me an do bad tings.
Still yet, if anybody need punish, I punish um.
No way I no goin punish dem an dea kids an dea grankids,
An even dea great grankids!”
Moses Aks God Fo Go Wit Dem
8Moses go down on top da groun real quick, fo show God love an respeck. 9He tell, “Boss, if fo real kine you wen check me out an you like me, let me aks you one ting: stay go wit us guys, no matta dese peopo, dey hard head. Let us guys go wen we get outa line an do bad kine stuff. Take us fo be yoa peopo!”
God Make Da Same Deal Fo Da Peopo One Mo Time
10Den Yahweh say, “Right hea an now, I make deal wit all yoa Israel peopo. In front all yoa peopo, I goin do awesome tings dat nobody wen do befo time eva, not any place inside da world, not wit any odda peopo. All da peopo dat stay wit you now, dey goin see how scary da tings I goin do fo you guys, cuz I Yahweh. 11So lissen wat I telling you today. Befo you get dea, I goin throw out da diffren peopos dat live inside da land -- da Amor peopo, da Canaan peopo, da Het peopo, da Periz peopo, da Hiv peopo, an da Jebus peopo.
12“Make shua you no make deal notting wit da peopo dat stay live now inside da land wea you going agains dem. Bumbye dey goin come jalike one trap fo grab you guys, right dea wea you guys stay. 13Dis wat you gotta do: you gotta broke down dea altars, an smash da big stones dey put up fo dea gods, an cut down da poles dey put up dea fo dea wahine god Asherah, nex to da altar fo dem pray an make sex in front. 14You no go show love an respeck fo any odda god, ony fo me. Cuz I Yahweh, da one dey call da Jealous God, an I one God dat go all out fo keep my good name. I not like da odda gods! 15Watch out you no goin make deal wit da peopo dat stay live inside da land. Cuz wen dey go do stuff fo dea gods, dey goin go all out, jalike one guy like go all out fo fool aroun one wahine dat take money fo sex. Dey goin make sacrifice to dea gods, an den dey goin tell you fo come eat da sacrifice meat wit dem. 16Den you goin make deal wit dem fo yoa boys marry dea daughtas. But dea daughtas, dey goin go all out fo do stuff fo dea gods, jalike wen one guy like go all out fo fool aroun one wahine dat take money fo sex, an dey goin make yoa boys like do da same ting like dem fo dea wifes gods.
17“You no can make idol gods fo yoa own self wit metal dat you melt.
18“You gotta come togedda fo make da spesho religious time wen erybody eat da Bread Dat No Mo Yeas Inside. Seven days you goin eat bread dat no mo yeas, jalike I wen tell you fo do awready. Dat time going be spesho fo God, ery year spring time, da same month you guys wen come outa Egypt.
19“Da firs bebe dat born, no foget, dey mines. Wen da firs bebe come from one a yoa animals, dey mines, no matta wat kine dem, cows o sheeps o goats. 20Kill dat animal fo make sacrifice. But da firs bebe dat come from one donkey, no make sacrifice wit dat. Make sacrifice wit one sheep o goat fo pay me fo da donkey. An if you no make da sacrifice fo pay me fo da bebe donkey, gotta broke da donkey neck, no can keep um. Same ting, gotta make sacrifice wit one sheep o one goat fo pay me fo da firs boy dat come from yoa wife, cuz he mines too.
“Wen you guys come togedda in front me, erybody gotta bring someting fo me.
21“Work six days. Da numba seven day, you gotta res, no work. No matta time fo plow da groun o cut da food.
22“You gotta make da spesho Start Fo Cut Da Food religious time, seven weeks afta da Passova. You gotta be da one fo do um, no odda guy can do um fo you. Dass wen you bring me da firs wheat you cut.
“Jewish New Year time, gotta make one nodda spesho religious time fo wen Pau Cut Da Food. 23Three times ery year, all yoa guys gotta come togedda in front me, cuz I yoa Boss Yahweh. I da God fo you Israel peopo. 24Cuz wen you guys reach inside dat land, I goin push out da odda peopos. I goin give you guys plenny land. An da three times ery year wen you guys go da place wea you suppose to come togedda in front me, Yahweh, da God fo you guys, you guys no need worry bout yoa land, all da time you guys no stay dea, cuz nobody goin take da land away from you.
25“Wen you guys make sacrifice fo me, no put da blood from da sacrifice on top notting dat get yeast inside. Wen you kill da bebe sheep fo da Passova, no leave notting till da nex day.
26“ You guys gotta bring da bestest firs tings you cut from yoa land ery year, [to] my house, cuz I yoa God Yahweh.’
“No cook da meat from one bebe goat wit da milk from da mudda.”
Moses Come Back From Mount Sinai
27Den Yahweh tell Moses, “Write down all dis stuff I wen tell you fo do. Cuz fo me make deal wit you an da odda Israel peopo, you guys gotta do eryting I stay tell you fo do.”
28Moses stay ova dea on top Mount Sinai wit Yahweh, forty days an forty nites. Moses neva eat food an neva drink watta, all dat time. An he write on top da flat stones da tings God say da peopo gotta do fo get deal wit God -- dass da Ten Commandments.
Moses Face Stay Shine
(2 Corint3:7, 13, 16)
29Den Moses come back down from Mount Sinai. Wen he come down from dea wit da two flat stones dat get da Deal on top, Moses neva know his face stay shining cuz he was talking wit God. 30Wen Aaron an all da odda Israel peopo see dat Moses skin stay shining, dey scared fo go nea him.
31But Moses, he call da peopo fo come. An Aaron an all da main guys from da peopo come wit him, an Moses talk to dem. 32Lata, all da Israel peopo come by Moses. Moses teach dem eryting Yahweh say dey gotta do, jalike Yahweh wen tell Moses fo say, wen he stay up dea on top Mount Sinai. 33Wen Moses pau talk wit dem, he cova his face wit one cloth.
34Erytime Moses go in front Yahweh fo talk wit him, Moses take off da cloth from his face. Wen he come out an tell da Israel peopo wat God tell him fo tell dem wat fo do, 35da Israel peopo see how Moses face stay shine. Afta he talk to dem, he put da cloth ova his face again, till da nex time he go inside da Tent fo talk wit Yahweh.