Moses An Aaron Go By Pharaoh
51Afta Moses an Aaron talk to da leada guys, dey go by Pharaoh, da King fo Egypt. Dey tell um, “Yahweh, dass da God fo da Israel peopo. He talking to you serious kine. He say dis: Let my peopo go way, fo all dem gotta go do religious kine stuff fo me inside da boonies.”
2Da Pharaoh guy tell, “Wot! Who you talking bout, wen you say ‘Yahweh,’ aah? You tink I suppose to lissen wat he tell me, so I let da Israel peopo go? I donno da Yahweh guy! An no way I goin let go da Israel peopo!”
3Moses an Aaron tell um, “Da God fo da Hebrew peopo, az da Israel peopo, he da one wen meet wit us. Dass why we aksing you, please, let us go take three days fo get inside da boonies. Den we can make sacrifice fo Yahweh, oua God. Cuz if we no do um, bumbye God goin make all us guys come sick, o he goin let da army guys kill us wit swords.
4But da King fo Egypt tell um, “Eh, you guys! Moses an Aaron! How come you guys telling da peopo dey no need work? Get back an do yoa jobs! 5Get mo plenny Hebrew guys awready ova hea, den da peopo from dis land. An den, you guys stay stop dem an dey no do dea work? No way!
Gotta Find Dea Own Wheat Stalk Fo Make Brick
6Dat same day, da Pharaoh guy wen talk to da Egypt guys dat make da slave peopo work, an to da luna guys from da Israel peopo. He tell um wat dey gotta do: 7“From now, you Egypt guys no go get da wheat stalk an give um to da Israel peopo fo make mud brick. You guys wen give um befo time, but now, dey gotta go bring in da wheat stalk demself. 8But eh! Dey still gotta make da same numba brick ery day dat dey stay make befo time. No tell um az okay, no need make same numba brick, cuz dey ony slacking off! Dass why dey talking, ‘Us guys like go inside da boonies fo make sacrifice fo oua God!’ 9No let um stop. Give um mo work! No good dey lissen to somebody who stay bulai dem!”
10So, da Egypt guys dat make da slave peopo work, an da luna guys from dea own peopo, dey go by da Israel peopo an tell um, “Da Pharaoh guy, he say dis: From now, I no goin give you guys dry wheat stalk fo make brick! 11You guys, you gotta go aroun any place get da wheat stalk yoa own self. But goin get problem if you guys no make da same numba bricks jalike befo time.”
12So da Israel peopo wen go all ova da place inside da Egypt land, fo cut da wheat stalk dat nobody cut yet, so dey can get togedda nuff wheat stalk fo make da brick. 13Da luna guys give plenny presha fo dem, an tell um, “Ery day, you guys gotta finish make da same numba bricks dat day, jalike was befo time wen us guys stay bring da wheat stalk fo you.”
14Da guys in charge a da slaves fo da Pharaoh guy, dey bus up da luna guys from da Israel peopo dat was da leadas fo da odda workas. Dey tell da luna guys, “Eh! Yesterday an today, how come you guys neva finish yoa job, an make da same numba bricks jalike befo time?!”
Da Israel Guys Beg Pharaoh Fo Help Dem
15Da Israel guys dat was da lunas fo da work crews, dey go by da Pharaoh guy, an dey beg him fo help um: “Please! How come you making lidat to us guys dat work fo you? 16Dey no give us guys dat work fo you da wheat stalk fo make da brick. But still yet, dey make plenny presha fo us make da same numba brick like befo time. Us guys dat work fo you, we getting all bus up. But az yoa own peopo, dey da ones making us any kine!”
17But da Pharaoh guy tell dem, “You guys lazy, az why! Jalike you no get nuff work fo do! Dass how come you guys stay talk lidat: ‘Us guys like go make sacrifice fo oua God Yahweh.’ 18Now, go back! Do yoa job! Dey no goin bring wheat stalk fo you guys, but still yet, you guys gotta give us da same numba bricks you suppose to make, ery day! Dass it!”
19Now, da Israel guys dat was da leada guys see dat dey gotta tell peopo fo make da same numba bricks ery day jalike befo time, an dass big problem fo dem. 20Wen dey going home from talk wit da Pharaoh guy, dey meet Moses an Aaron, waiting outside fo talk to dem. 21Da luna guys tell Moses an Aaron, “Eh! Mo betta Yahweh check out you guys an punish you guys! You da one stay make us guys jalike we stink, in front da Pharaoh guy an all da palace guys dat work fo him! Jalike you give dem one sword an tell um az okay fo go kill us guys!”
22Den Moses go back talk to Yahweh. Moses tell, “Eh Boss! How come you stay do dis ting fo hurt yoa own peopo?! An how come you send me fo go do um?! 23From da time I go talk to da Pharaoh guy an tell um wat you tell me fo say to him, da Pharaoh guy ony make eryting mo worsa fo da peopo. An still yet, you no even do notting fo get yoa peopo outa trouble!”