71Den Yahweh tell Moses, “You know wat? I goin make da Pharaoh guy tink bout you jalike you one god! Yoa brudda Aaron, he goin be da guy dat talk fo you. 2Eryting I tell you fo say, you goin tell Aaron, fo him tell same ting to da Pharaoh guy. Bumbye da Pharaoh guy goin make da Israel peopo go outa his land. 3But firs I goin make da Pharaoh guy hard head. Even I goin do plenny awesome tings fo erybody see, hea inside da Egypt land. 4Da Pharaoh guy, he still yet no goin lissen you guys. Den I goin use my powa agains da Egypt peopo. I goin get my own peopo outa da Egypt land. All you Israel peopo, you goin go out togedda, jalike you one army. Same time, I goin do plenny fo punish da Egypt peopo big time. 5Da Egypt peopo goin know fo shua dat I Yahweh, wen I use my powa agains da Egypt peopo an get you Israel peopo outa da place wea you stay.”
6An dass wat Moses an Aaron wen do, jalike Yahweh wen tell um. 7Da time dey talk to da Pharaoh guy, Moses was 80 year ol, an Aaron was 83 year ol.
Da Walking Stick Come One Snake
8Yahweh tell Moses an Aaron dis: 9“Wen da Pharaoh guy tell you guys, ‘So, wat? Show us guys someting from God!’ den you tell Aaron, ‘Throw down yoa walking stick on top da groun in front da Pharaoh guy.’ Dat stick, goin come one snake.”
10Den Moses an Aaron go by da Pharaoh guy. Dey do jalike Yahweh tell um fo do. Aaron throw down his walking stick in front da Pharaoh guy an his palace peopo, an da stick wen come one snake.
11So da Pharaoh guy tell his guys dat suppose to know wat fo do, an da ones dat know how fo make bad kine kahuna, fo come. Da prieses dat know how fo tell da Egypt peopo wass goin happen, dey wen make secret kine kahuna too, an dea walking stick come snake too. 12Ery one a dem throw down dea walking stick, an all the sticks come snake. But Aaron walking stick, wen swallow all da odda walking sticks. 13Still yet, da Pharaoh guy stay hard head, an he no lissen to Moses an Aaron, jalike Yahweh wen tell befo time.
Da Riva Watta Come Blood
14Yahweh tell Moses, “Da Pharaoh guy, he no can tink good now. He still yet no like let da peopo go way. 15Tomorra, morning time, wen da Pharaoh guy go da Nile Riva, you stand right dea nea da riva fo talk to him. Inside yoa hand, take da walking stick dat wen come one snake. 16Den, tell da Pharaoh guy, ‘Yahweh, da God fo da Hebrew peopo, he wen tell me fo come by you fo tell you dis: “Let my peopo go way from hea, so dey can make trip fo do religious kine stuff fo me inside da boonies.” But you, befo now, you no lissen.
17‘You betta lissen! Yahweh, he talking to you serious kine. He tell: “Dis how you goin know dat me, Yahweh, I Yahweh fo real kine.” Look! I goin take dis walking stick in my hand, an I goin hit um on top da watta hea inside da Nile Riva. Den da watta goin come blood! 18Da fishes inside da Nile Riva goin mahke. Da riva goin stink plenny. Cuz a dat, da Egypt peopo no can drink da watta dat come from da Nile Riva.’-”
19Yahweh tell Moses fo tell Aaron too: “Go take yoa walking stick, put out yoa arm an hold up da stick ova da places inside Egypt dat get watta -- da rivas, an da ditches, an da ponds, ery place dat get watta. All da watta goin come blood. All ova da Egypt land, goin get blood! even inside da wood buckets an da stone pots!”
20Moses an Aaron do jalike Yahweh tell um. Wit da Pharaoh guy an all da odda palace guys watching him, he pull up da walking stick an hit da watta inside da Nile Riva. All da watta inside da Nile Riva wen come blood. 21Da fishes inside da Nile Riva wen mahke. Da riva wen stink plenny. Da Egypt people no can drink watta notting outa da Nile River. Had blood ery place inside da Egypt land.
22But da Egypt pries guys, dey make secret kine kahuna fo do same ting too. Da Pharaoh guy, he stay hard head an he still yet no lissen Moses an Aaron, jalike Yahweh wen tell befo time. 23But da Pharaoh guy ony turn aroun an go inside his palace. No matta get blood ery place, da guy no even tink bout wat wen happen. 24All da Egypt peopo, dey gotta dig down nea da Nile Riva fo get watta fo drink, cuz dey no can drink da watta dat stay inside da Nile Riva. 25Wen stay lidat seven day afta Yahweh hit da Nile Riva an make um come blood.