Wen Peopo Do Someting Bad, Dey Suffa
101Lata, two a Aaron's boys, Nadab an Abihu, take tings fo burn incense, put fire inside um, an put incense powda on top da stuff dat stay burn. Dey bring in front Yahweh da wrong kine fire, not da kine from da altar dat he wen tell um fo use. 2So get fire come out from in front Yahweh, an burn up da boys an dey mahke. 3Den Moses tell Aaron, “Dis wat Yahweh talking bout wen he tell:
‘Wen pries guys come nea me,
Dey gotta know I stay spesho.
Wen all my peopo stay in front me,
Dey gotta show plenny respeck fo me.’-”
But Aaron no say notting.
4Moses tell Mishael an Elzafan, Aaron's uncle Uzziel's boys, fo come. He tell dem, “Come ova hea. Take yoa cousins bodies outside da camp, away from da front a da Place Dat Stay Spesho Fo God.” 5So dey come carry dem outside da camp by dea spesho shirts, jalike Moses wen tell dem.
6Den Moses tell Aaron an his odda boys, Eleazar an Itamar, “You pries guys, no do notting fo show dat you guys stay feel sore inside. No mess up yoa hair, an no broke yoa clotheses. Cuz if you make jalike you sore inside, you goin mahke, an Yahweh goin come huhu wit all da peopo. But yoa ohana, all da odda Israel peopo, dey can cry fo da guys dat Yahweh wen wipe out wit da fire. 7But you guys, no go way from wea peopo go inside da yard fo da Tent wea da peopo come fo meet God, o you goin mahke, cuz you get Yahweh's oil on top you fo come prieses.” So dey make jalike Moses wen tell.
Da Rule Fo Da Prieses
8Den Yahweh tell Aaron, 9“You an yoa boys no can drink wine o beer kine stuff weneva you guys go inside da Tent wea da peopo come fo meet me, Yahweh, o you goin mahke. Wat I tell you guys now, az how goin be fo da peopo dat stay alive now an dea kids foeva. 10You guys gotta know dat wat stuff stay spesho fo me, Yahweh, stay real diffren den all da odda stuff. An da stuff dat make you so you can come in front me, an da stuff dat make you so you no can come in front me, dey stay real diffren. 11An you guys gotta teach da Israel peopo eryting I wen tell Moses fo tell dem fo do.”
12Moses tell Aaron an his boys dat still stay alive, Eleazar an Itamar, “Take da res a da sacrifice wit da wheat o barley dat still yet stay from da sacrifices da peopo make wit fire fo Yahweh, an eat da bread part dat no mo yeast by da side a da altar, cuz dat bread, real spesho fo me. 13An you gotta eat um inside one place dat stay spesho fo me, cuz az da share fo you an yoa boys from da sacrifices dey make fo Yahweh wit fire, cuz az wat he wen tell me fo give you. 14But you an yoa boys an yoa girls can eat da breast part a da meat dat dey lift up an da thigh dat dey put in front Yahweh. Eat um inside any place dat no make you guys so you no can go in front Yahweh. Az da share fo you guys an yoa kids from da sacrifices da Israel peopo make fo show dat dem an Yahweh stay tight wit each odda. 15Da thigh part dat you pries guys put in front God an da breast meat dat you lift up, you gotta bring wit da fat stuff from da sacrifices you make wit da fire, so you can lift um up in front Yahweh fo make one lift up kine sacrifice. Da meat from dat goin be da regula part fo you an yoa kids foeva, jalike Yahweh wen tell.
16Wen Moses aks Eleazar an Itamar, Aaron's two boys dat still stay alive, bout da goat fo da sacrifice cuz dey wen do bad kine stuff, he find out dat dey wen burn um up awready. Az why he come huhu wit dem. He tell, 17“Why you guys neva eat da sacrifice you make wen somebody do someting bad, inside da place nea da altar dat stay spesho fo Yahweh?! Dat meat stay real spesho fo him. He give um to you guys, fo take away da blame from da peopo fo da bad kine stuff dey wen do, an fo bring dem da same side wit Yahweh. 18Cuz you guys neva take da blood from dat animal inside da Place Dat Stay Spesho Fo Me inside da Tent, you guys suppose to eat da goat meat inside da spesho place outside da Tent, jalike I wen tell you guys fo do.”
19Aaron tell Moses, “You know wat?! Today my boys wen make da sacrifice cuz a da bad kine stuff dey wen do, an dea sacrifice dey wen burn up in front Yahweh. But wit da stuff wen happen to me today, wen my two odda boys mahke, you tink Yahweh like if I wen eat da sacrifice cuz a da bad kine stuff today, o wat?!” 20Wen Moses hear dat, he tell, “Az okay.”