61Yahweh tell Moses dis: 2“If somebody do someting bad an ack da way I, Yahweh, no can trus um -- he bulai some odda guy wen dat guy trus him fo take care someting fo him, o steal from him, o he scam da odda guy, 3o he find someting da guy wen lose an he bulai bout um, o he make strong promise an bulai, o he do wateva bad kine stuff dat peopo stay do. 4Afta he do dis kine bad kine stuff, wen peopo find out bout um a he get da blame fo do um, den he gotta give back wateva he wen steal o scam o bulai bout, o da ting da guy lose an he find um, 5o wateva he wen make promise but he bulai. He gotta give um all back, an twenty percent moa, an give um all back da same day he make da sacrifice cuz a da blame. 6An cuz he get da blame, he gotta bring by da pries guy (az fo me, Yahweh) one boy kine sheep dat no mo notting wrong wit um, an dat cost da right silva weight, fo make sacrifice cuz he get da blame fo do bad ting to somebody. 7Az how da pries guy goin bring him back da same side wit me, Yahweh. An I goin let him go, an hemo his shame fo da bad kine stuff he wen do dat make him get da blame.”
Da Sacrifice Dey Burn Up
8Yahweh tell Moses 9fo tell Aaron an his boys fo do dis: “Dis da rule, wat you guys gotta do bout da sacrifice you burn up: da burn up kine sacrifice gotta stay burn on top da place fo da fire in da middo a da altar, all nite till morning time, an you gotta make shua da fire stay burn on top da altar. 10Den da pries guy goin put on his linen clotheses, wit odda linen shorts unda nex to his skin. He goin take out da ash wit fat from da burn up kine sacrifice you wen make wit fire on top da altar, an put da ash one side a da altar. 11Den he gotta take off dose clotheses, an put on odda kine clotheses, an take da ash wit fat outside da camp, by one place dat stay okay fo put da tings dat stay spesho fo me. 12Da fire on top da altar gotta stay burn, an no pio. Ery morning da pries guy gotta put mo wood on top da fire, an put da burn up kine sacrifice fo dat day on top da right place. An he goin burn on top da altar, da fat from da sacrifice dat show dat me, Yahweh, an da peopo stay okay wit each odda. 13Da fire gotta stay burn all da time. Betta not let um pio.”
Da Sacrifice Wit [Grain / Wheat o Barley]
14“Dis wat you gotta do fo make da sacrifice wit wheat o barley: Aaron's boys gotta bring um in front me, Yahweh, in front da altar. 15Da pries guy goin take one hand full a da fancy kine flour, an da olive oil, an all da incense on top da wheat o barley sacrifice, an burn da part fo help peopo rememba dat da whole sacrifice stay fo me, Yahweh. Dat goin smell real nice an make me stay good inside. 16Aaron an his boys goin eat da res, but dey goin eat um wit no mo yeast, inside one spesho place fo me, Yahweh, inside da yard fo da Tent wea da peopo come fo meet me. 17Dey no can bake um wit da yeast. I give da pries guys dis part from da sacrifices dey make fo me wit fire. Az one a da mos spesho sacrifices fo me, jalike da kine sacrifice fo da bad kine ting somebody do, an da kine sacrifice cuz dey get da blame fo do bad ting to somebody. 18All da guys from Aaron's ohana can eat um, but not da wahines. Az dea regula share from da sacrifices dey put on top da fire foeva. Wateva touch um goin come spesho fo me, Yahweh.
19Yahweh tell Moses dis too: 20“Dis da sacrifice Aaron an his boys goin bring me, Yahweh, da day he get da oil on top his head fo make um one pries guy: two poun da bestes kine flour. Dat goin be da wheat o barley sacrifice dat da pries guys goin make ery day foeva, half in da morning, an half wen da sun go down. 21Cook um on top one pan wit da flour an olive oil all mix togedda. Den bring um, all broke in small pieces. Da wheat o barley sacrifice goin smell real nice fo me, Yahweh, an make me stay good inside. 22Dis da rule dat stay foeva: whoeva come da main pries guy afta [him / dis one] from Aaron's blood, dey goin make da wheat o barley sacrifice too. Dey goin burn um all up fo make sacrifice fo me, Yahweh. 23Ery wheat o barley sacrifice dat one pries guy make, gotta burn up da whole ting till no mo notting. No mo nobody goin eat um.”
Da Sacrifice Cuz Somebody Do Bad Ting
24Yahweh tell Moses 25fo tell Aaron an his boys dis: “Dis da rules fo how fo make sacrifice fo one bad kine ting somebody do. Dat sacrifice real spesho fo me, Yahweh. Kill da animal in front me, Yahweh, da same place wea dey kill da animal fo da burn up kine sacrifice. 26Da pries guy dat make da sacrifice, he da one goin eat da meat. He gotta eat um inside da place dat stay spesho fo me, Yahweh, inside da yard wea da Tent stay, wea da peopo come fo meet me. 27If somebody o someting touch some a da sacrifice meat, dey come spesho fo me too. If some a da blood splash on top yoa clotheses, gotta wash da clotheses inside one place dat stay spesho fo me. 28Da clay pot fo cook da meat inside, gotta broke um. But if stay cook inside one metal pot, gotta scrape the pot an rinse um wit watta real good. 29Any guy from da pries guy's ohana can eat um, but not da wahines. Da sacrifice meat stay spesho fo me. 30But da blood fo da sacrifice you make wen somebody do someting bad, if you bring some a da blood inside da Tent wea da peopo come fo meet me, Yahweh, fo bring back da guy dat do bad ting da same side wit me inside da spesho place, den no can eat da meat. Gotta burn um all up.”