Get Love Fo Yahweh An Lissen Him
111“Get love an aloha fo yoa God Yahweh, an make shua you do wat he tell you fo do -- eryting he tell you guys gotta do, wat stay right an wat stay wrong, an his rules. Do all dat ery day. 2Today tink bout dis: No was yoa kids da ones dat yoa God Yahweh wen give presha fo teach dem, was you guys. You guys da ones, not dem, wen see dat he importan, an strong, an can use his powa.Gorgeous natural RL focus 3You da guys wen see all da tings he wen do fo show who him, an all he do inside Egypt. He do um to da Pharaoh guy, dea king, an to da peopo all ova da Egypt land. 4He do um to da Egypt army, dea horses, an dea war wagons. Wen da Egypt army guys was chasing you guys, you guys wen see how Yahweh make da Red Sea watta come back ova da Egypt guys an drown um. Dass how he wipe dem out, an dey stay wipe out till today. 5Was you, not yoa kids, dat wen see wat he do fo you guys inside da boonies, all da way till you guys come ova hea. 6You guys wen see how Yahweh punish Datan an Abiram, Eliab boys from da Reuben ohana, wen da groun wen open up in da middle a da Israel peopo an da hole swallow dem an all dea ohanas, dea tents, an all dea worka guys an animals an eryting dey own. 7But you guys da ones wen see wit yoa own eyes, all dat awesome stuff Yahweh do.
8“Az why you guys gotta make shua you do all da stuff I stay telling you guys fo do today, so dat you guys goin be strong fo go ova da odda side da Jordan Riva an go inside da land an take um ova. 9If you do dat, you guys goin live long time inside da land dat Yahweh wen make strong promise to yoa ancesta guys he give um to dem an dea kids. Az one land dat get plenny milk an honey erytime.
10Da land you stay go inside fo take ova, az not one land jalike Egypt, dat you guys wen come from. Ova dea you guys throw yoa seed, den use da kine pump you step on top fo bring watta from da watta ditch, jalike fo one garden.Good example of a descriptive phrase to translate one word 11But da land wea you guys stay goin go da odda side da Jordan Riva, fo go inside an take um ova, dat land get mountains an valleys, an get watta from da rain from da sky. 12Az one land wea yoa God Yahweh take care um. He watch um erytime, from da start to da end a da year.
13“So, if you guys really lissen da rules dat I Yahweh stay give you guys today -- fo get love an aloha fo me, yoa God Yahweh, an work fo me wit eryting how you tink, an wit eryting dat stay inside you –- 14den I goin bring rain on top yoa land da right time, da October rain an da April rain. Den you guys goin cut da wheat an da barley, an get new wine an olive oil. 15I goin give grass inside da fields fo yoa animals, an you guys goin eat an come full.
16“Take care an no let notting pull you guys heart away, fo work fo odda gods an go down in front dem an show dem respeck. 17Cuz if you guys no lissen me, Yahweh, I goin come real huhu agains you guys, an I goin shut da sky fo stop da rain, an da groun no goin grow food. Den you guys goin mahke real quick, no matta you live on top da good land dat I stay give you guys. 18Rememba dese tings I tell you guys, tink plenny bout um, an feel good bout um. Write um an put um jalike one sign fo tie on top yoa hands, an fo put aroun yoa forehead. 19Teach um to yoa kids. Talk bout um erytime, wen you guys stay inside yoa house, wen you walk on top da road, wen you lay down, an wen you get up. 20Write um on top yoa door pos an on top da gates fo yoa town. 21Den, all da time da sky stay up dea ova da earth, you guys an yoa kids goin live long time inside da land dat I Yahweh wen make strong promise to yoa ancesta guys fo give dem.
22Moses tell: “If you guys take care an do wat dese rules tell dat Yahweh stay give you guys fo do -- fo get love fo yoa God Yahweh, fo live da way he tell you, an fo stay tight wit him -- 23den Yahweh goin go in front you guys an make dese nations dat stay dea get out so you can take ova dea land, no matta dey mo big an mo strong den you guys. 24Ery place wea you guys put down yoa feets goin be yoas. Yoa land goin go from da boonies south side to Lebanon nort side, an from da Eufrates Riva east side to da Mediterranean Sea on da west side. 25Nobody goin stand up agains you guys. Oua God Yahweh goin make da peopo all ova da land come real scared a you guys, wea eva you go, jalike he wen make strong promise to you awready.
26Moses tell: “Look, I goin let you guys pick today, wat you goin get. You like Yahweh do good kine stuff to you, o bad kine stuff? 27Oua God Yahweh goin do good kine stuff fo you guys -- if you lissen wat he tell an do um, jalike I stay telling you guys today. 28Yahweh goin do bad kine stuff fo you guys -- if you guys no lissen wat oua God Yahweh tell an do um, an turn away from wat I stay telling you guys today, an bag from Yahweh fo go wit odda gods dat you guys donno befo. 29Afta oua God Yahweh bring you guys inside da land wea you going fo take um ova, you guys goin put peopo on top Mount Gerazim fo tell erybody da good kine stuff Yahweh goin do if dey lissen, an peopo on top Mount Ebal fo tell erybody da bad kine stuff Yahweh goin do if dey no lissen. 30(You guys know dat dose mountains stay da odda side da Jordan Riva, on da west side a da main road, da side wea da sun go down, nea da big oak trees Moreh side, an inside da land fo da Canaan peopo dat live inside da Jordan Valley nea Gilgal.) 31Pretty soon you guys goin go da odda side da Jordan Riva fo take ova da land yoa God Yahweh stay give you guys. Afta you guys take um ova an stay live ova dea, 32make shua you guys do eryting I stay tell you gotta do, an stick wit da rules I stay give you guys today.”