Dey Go Down In Front Odda Gods
131“If get somebody dat tell you guys dey talk fo God, o somebody dat say dey can dream fo tell you wat goin happen bumbye, take care! If one a dem tell dat dey get proof dat one awesome miracle goin happen fo show God's powa, 2an maybe wat dey wen tell, happen fo real. But den dey tell, ‘Come! Us goin stick wit odda gods, an work fo dem!’ An you guys neva know dose gods befo. 3If dass how dey talk, den you guys betta not lissen to dat talka guy o da guy dat dream. Cuz yoa God Yahweh, da One stay give you guys one test fo find out if az fo real you get love an aloha fo him wit eryting how you tink, an wit eryting dat stay inside you. 4Az yoa God Yahweh you guys gotta follow, an stay scared a him an get respeck fo him. Do wat he tell you guys fo do, an lissen to him. Work ony fo him, an stay tight wit him. 5Gotta kill dat talka guy o dream guy, cuz he teach dat peopo gotta go agains yoa God Yahweh. Yahweh da One wen bring you guys outa Egypt, an wen do wat he gotta do fo get you guys outa dea wen you was slaves ova dea. Cuz dat kine talka guy o dream guy try turn you guys away from da way yoa God Yahweh tell you fo live. You guys gotta clean out all dat kine bad stuff from you guys.
6“If yoa own brudda, yoa mudda o fadda's boy, o yoa boy o girl, o yoa wife dat you love, o yoa mos good friend talk to you wea nobody can hear an like try make you like do wat you not suppose to do, an tell, ‘Eh! Us go down in front odda gods,’ no lissen dem. You guys an yoa ancestas neva know dose gods befo. 7Dey some a da gods fo da peopos aroun you guys, no matta dey live nea o far from you guys, from one end a da land to da odda end. 8No do wat dey tell. No lissen dem. No pity dem. No give dem chance. No try hide dem o wat dey do. 9You gotta kill dem fo shua. You gotta be da firs one fo kill um, an den all da odda peopo do da same ting. 10Throw stones at dem fo kill um, cuz dey try turn you guys away from yoa God Yahweh, dat wen bring you guys outa Egypt, wea you guys was slaves. 11Den all da Israel peopo goin hear bout um an come scared, an nobody from you guys goin do dat kine bad ting again.
12“Maybe you goin hear, dat inside one a da towns dat yoa God Yahweh goin give you guys fo live dea, 13get no good guys from yoa peopo, dat stay try turn da peopo from dat town away from Yahweh to odda gods. Dey tell, ‘Us go down in front odda gods an show respeck fo dem.’ But you guys neva know dose gods befo. 14If you guys hear dat, den you guys gotta aks good, fo find out fo shua if eryting dass happening, az true. If az true an you guys know fo shua dat dey wen do dis pilau kine ting inside yoa land, 15den you guys gotta kill all da peopo inside dat town wit yoa swords. Wipe dem all out, da peopo an da animals, jalike dey one sacrifice dat stay foeva fo me ony, Yahweh. 16Take away all dea stuffs an put um all inside da middle a da town. Den burn up da whole town an all da stuffs. Az goin be jalike one sacrifice fo yoa God Yahweh. Da town goin stay one rubbish pile foeva. Nobody goin build dea again. 17You guys betta not carry away anyting from dat town dat you was suppose to wipe out fo God. So den, yoa God Yahweh no goin stay huhu no moa. He goin show pity fo you guys, an give you chance, an he goin make you guys come mo plenny peopo, jalike he wen make strong promise to yoa ancestas fo do. 18Yoa God Yahweh goin do all dis wen you guys lissen to him, an do eryting he tell you guys fo do, dat I stay telling you guys today, fo do wass right da way yoa God Yahweh see um.