Clean Out Da Bad Kine Stuff
(Hebrews 10:28; 1 Corint 5:13)
171Moses tell da Israel peopo: “No make sacrifice fo yoa God Yahweh wit cows o sheeps dat get someting wrong wit um, cuz az pilau dat kine animal, da way Yahweh see um.
2“Wen you live inside one a da towns dat yoa God Yahweh goin give you guys, maybe goin get one guy o one wahine dat live dea wit you guys, an dey stay do bad kine stuff da way yoa God Yahweh see um, an go way from da deal he wen make wit you guys. 3An dat mean, dey go broke his rules, cuz dey go bow down in front odda gods an show respeck to dem, o to da sun, da moon, o da stars. 4An somebody come tell you guys bout um, den you gotta go find out if az true fo real kine. If get proof dat dis pilau kine stuff wen happen wit da Israel peopo, den you know az true fo real kine. 5Den go take da guy o da wahine dat wen do dis bad kine ting outside da gate fo da town, an erybody throw stones at dem fo kill dem. 6If get two o three peopo wen see wat happen tell da same ting, den stay true fo real kine, an you guys gotta kill da guy o da wahine. But you no can kill one guy o one wahine if ony one guy tell dat he wen see dem do someting bad. 7Da ones dat tell wat dey wen see da guy o da wahine do, dey da ones gotta throw da stones firs fo kill um, den da odda peopo can throw afta. Az how you guys gotta clean out da bad kine stuff from yoa towns.
In Front Da Judge
8“If get stuff, da local judge guy donno wat fo do bout um -- wat kine ting wen happen wen somebody go kill anodda guy, o who get wat kine rights, o why somebody bus up anodda guy. Take dat kine question by da place yoa God Yahweh goin pick. 9Go by da pries guys from da Levi ohana, an by da guy who stay da main judge dat time. Aks dem, an dey goin tell you guys wat you gotta do. 10Den, da place yoa God Yahweh goin pick, you guys gotta do wat dey wen tell you. Take care dat you guys do eryting dey tell you fo do. 11Do eryting da rules teach you fo do, an wateva dey tell you guys stay right fo do. No turn away from wat dey tell you, to da right side o da left side. 12Whoeva ack like dey no care wat da main judge o da pries guy dat work ova dea fo yoa God Yahweh tell, an dey no lissen, gotta kill dem. You guys gotta clean out da bad kine stuff from da Israel land. 13Den all da peopo goin hear bout dat an come scared, an dey goin make shua fo lissen da judge o da pries nex time.
Da King
14Moses tell: “Wen da time fo you guys go inside da land dat yoa God Yahweh stay give you, fo take ova an live dea, bumbye you guys goin tink, ‘We like get one king fo stay in charge a us, jalike all da odda peopos aroun us get.’ 15If you tink lidat, make shua you guys make king, ony da guy dat yoa God Yahweh pick. He gotta be one a yoa own brudda guys. No go pick one guy from some odda place, dat not one Israel guy. 16Ony rememba: da king no can get plenny horses fo himself, o make da peopo go back Egypt side fo get mo horses. Cuz Yahweh, he wen tell you guys, ‘No go back Egypt side no moa!’ 17He betta not get plenny wifes, cuz dey goin make him tink diffren bout Yahweh. He betta not pile up plenny silva an gold.
18“Wen he come king, he gotta write one copy a all dese rules fo himself. He goin copy um on top one roll up kine book, from da copy da pries guys get, from da Levi ohana. 19Dat book goin stay wit him, an he gotta read da rules ery day he stay alive. Dass how he goin learn fo get plenny respeck fo his God Yahweh, an take care fo do eryting Yahweh tell um he suppose to do. 20If he stay read um an do wat da rules tell, den he no goin tink he mo betta den da odda Israel guys, an he no goin turn away from wat God tell um fo do even litto bit to da right side o da lef side. Den him an da ones dat come from him goin stay king ova da Israel peopo long time.