Towns Fo Run Away Dea
(Census 35:9-34; Matthew 5:38; 18:16; John 8:17; 1 Corint 5:13; 2 Corint 13:1; 1 Timoty 5:19)
191“Yoa God Yahweh goin wipe out da peopos dat live inside da land he stay give you guys. Wen you guys go push dem out an live inside dea towns an houses, 2den you guys go pick three towns in da middle a da land yoa God Yahweh stay give you guys fo take um ova. 3Build roads fo go dea, an broke da land in three districk, da land yoa God Yahweh stay give you guys fo come yoa property. Make three districk wit one town inside ery one. So dat whoeva kill somebody, dey can run away dea.
4“Dis da rule fo whoeva kill somebody an run away to one a dose towns fo stay alive. If dey neva make plan befo time fo kill da guy, dey can run away ova dea inside da town, an nobody get da right fo kill dem. 5Jalike if somebody go inside one place wit his friend fo cut one tree fo wood, an wen he swing da ax fo cut down da tree, da head fly off an kill his friend. Dat kine guy can run to one a dese towns wea somebody can go if dey wen kill somebody, but no make plan fo kill um befo time, an nobody get da right fo go kill um. 6If not, den one ohana guy dat get da right fo pay um back goin come huhu, go chase um, catch um up if da town stay far, an kill um, no matta da guy dat run away no mo da blame fo kill da odda guy, cuz he neva hate da guy befo time. 7Az why I stay tell you guys fo pick three towns fo dat.
8“Bumbye, yoa God Yahweh goin give you guys mo plenny land, jalike he wen make strong promise to yoa ancesta guys, an he goin give you guys da whole land dat he wen promise dem. 9Den, if you guys make shua you do eryting dat da rules I tell you guys today tell you fo do -- love yoa God Yahweh, an erytime live da way he like -- den you guys gotta pick three odda towns too. 10Do dat so you guys no go kill somebody dat neva do notting bad inside da land dat yoa God Yahweh stay give you guys fo come yoa property. Cuz if you guys go kill somebody dat neva do notting bad, den da blame fo kill dem come to you guys.
11“But if somebody hate anodda guy, an wait fo him so he can jump um, bus um up, an kill um, an den da killa guy run to one a dose towns, 12da older leadas from his own town goin send peopo fo bring da guy back from da safe town, an give him to da guy from da mahke guy ohana dat get da right fo kill him, cuz he gotta mahke. 13No show him pity notting. You guys gotta clean out from da Israel peopo da blame fo kill somebody dat neva do notting wrong, so dat eryting can go good fo you guys.
14“Wen you guys go inside da land dat yoa God Yahweh stay give you guys fo take ova fo come yoa property, no go move da stone dat show wea da land stay fo da guy dat live nea you. Da peopo dat wen stay dea befo you guys wen put dat stone dea.”
Peopo Dat Tell Wat Dey Wen See
15Den Moses tell: “If ony get one guy dat see someting happen, dass not nuff fo tell dat somebody wen do someting bad o do someting wrong. Ony can make proof wit two o three peopo dat see um do um.
16“If one bad guy poin finga anodda guy fo tell dat he wen see um do something wrong, but he bulai, 17den da two guys dat make argue wit each odda gotta stand in front Yahweh an da prieses an da judge guys dat stay work inside da office dat time. 18Da judges gotta aks plenny questions ab check out eryting real good an find out if da guy stay bulai. If da guy bulai bout his brudda, 19den you guys gotta make to da bulaia guy jalike how he wen like make to his brudda. You guys gotta clean out da real bad kine stuff from you guys. 20Den da odda peopo goin hear bout dat, an come scared, an no do dis kine bad kine ting no mo, eva. 21No show pity fo dat kine guy! One life fo anodda life, one eye fo anodda eye, one tooth fo anodda tooth, one hand fo anodda hand, one foot fo anodda foot.