How Fo Make Wen You Donno Who Wen Kill Somebody
(Rome 5:11)
211“If you find somebody dat stay mahke awready dat stay inside one field inside da land dat yoa God Yahweh stay give you guys fo take ova, an nobody know who wen kill um, 2den yoa older leadas an judges goin go out an measure how far da body stay to da towns dat stay nea. 3Den da older leadas from da town dat stay mo nea, goin take one young girl cow dat neva work yet, an no wear one yoke yet, 4an take um inside one valley dat nobody wen plow o plant, an get one stream dat run all da time. Inside da valley dey goin broke da young cow's neck. 5Den da pries guys from da Levi ohana, goin come in front, cuz yoa God Yahweh wen pick dem fo work fo him, an fo tell Yahweh dey like he do good stuff fo da peopo cuz dey Yahweh guys, an fo figga out wass right an wass wrong wen peopo make argue o bus up each odda. 6Den all da older leadas from da mos nea town wea da guy wen mahke, goin wash dea hands ova da young cow, da one dat dey broke da neck, inside da valley nea da town, 7an dey goin talk fo dea peopo, an tell, ‘Us guys neva make dis guy bleed an mahke, an we neva see wat wen happen. 8Please Yahweh, take wat we do hea fo you let go yoa Israel peopo an let dem stay da same side wit you. You wen pay da price fo hemo da blame from dem. Please no blame dem cuz somebody wen kill dis guy dat neva do notting wrong.’ 9Az how you guys goin make yoaself come clean from da blame fo kill dis guy dat neva do notting wrong, cuz you guys wen do wat stay right da way Yahweh see you guys.
Marrying One War Prisna Wahine
10“Wen you guys go fight one war agains da peopo dat stay agains you guys, an yoa God Yahweh let you guys win ova dem, an you guys make some a dem prisnas, 11den if you see one a dem dass one good looking wahine, an like her, you can take her fo come yoa wife. 12Bring her inside yoa house, an tell her fo cut off all her hair fo show eryting goin be diffren now, an cut her finganails, 13an throw way da clotheses she was wearing wen dey make her prisna. Afta she live inside yoa house, an cry fo one month cuz she no goin see her fadda an mudda again, den you can sleep wit her an come her husban, an she goin come yoa wife. 14But den, if you no like her, you can let her go. She can go wea eva she like. But you no can sell her o make her jalike she one slave, cuz you wen make her shame awready.
Da Numba One Boy Get Rights
15“If one guy get two wifes, an he get love fo one but not fo da odda, an da two wifes born boys fo him, but da firs boy come from da wife he no love, 16den wen he make one will fo give his land to his boys, he no can give mo plenny land to da boy from da wife he love, but not to da boy dat born firs dat come from da wife he no love. Cuz da boy dat born firs from da wife he no love get da right fo own mo land den da odda one. 17He gotta make um clear, dat da boy dat come from da wife he no love, he da one wen born firs, an his fadda gotta give him two times mo stuff den da odda boy. Cuz da firs boy goinshow how strong his fadda stay, dass why he get da rights fo da firs one fo born.
One Boy Dat Go Agains His Fadda An Mudda
(Galatia 3:13)
18“If one guy get one boy dat stay hard head an no like do wat anybody tell um fo do, an no lissen to his fadda an mudda, an no matta dey punish him he still no goin do wat dey tell, 19his fadda an mudda gotta take him an bring him in front da older leaders by da gate fo da town. 20Dey goin tell da older leadas, ‘Dis boy, our boy, he hard head an no like do wat anybody tell um fo do. He no lissen to us guys. He make any kine, an drink plenny.’ 21Den all da guys from wea he come from goin throw stones at him an kill him. You guys gotta clean out all da real bad kine stuff from you guys. Den all da Israel peopo goin hear bout dat an come scared.
Odda Rules
22“If one guy go do someting real bad dat he gotta mahke, an da peopo kill him, an hang his mahke body on top one tree o pos, 23you guys no can let his body stay hang dea till da nex morning. Make shua you guys bury him dat same day. Cuz if you let his body hang dea, God goin put kahuna on top da land. An you guys betta not make pilau da land yoa God Yahweh stay give you guys fo come yoa property.
(Galatia 3:13)