Moses Mahke
341Den Moses wen climb up from da flat country inside Moab to Mount Nebo, up da top a da Pisgah ridge, across Jericho. Ova dea Yahweh show him da whole land, from Gilead to Dan, 2all da Naftali land, da land fo Efraim an Manasseh, all da land fo Judah to da Mediterranean Sea west side, 3da Negev country sout side, an all da land from da Jericho Valley (az Palm Tree Town), all da way to Zoar town. 4Den Yahweh tell him, “Dis, da land I wen make spesho promise fo give to Abraham, Isaac, an Jacob. I wen tell um. ‘I goin give dis land to da peopo dat come from you guys.’ I stay let you see um wit yoa own eyes, but you no goin go da odda side da Jordan Riva fo go dea inside um.”
5Den Moses, da guy dat work fo Yahweh, he mahke ova dea Moab side, jalike Yahweh wen tell him. 6Yahweh wen bury Moses inside Moab, inside da valley in front Beth Peor town. But even today, no mo nobody know wea he stay bury. 7Moses was one hundred an twenty year ol wen he mahke, but his eyes still see good an he still yet stay strong. 8Da Israel peopo wen stay inside da flat country place Moab side thirty days, cuz dey stay sore inside an cry plenny afta Moses mahke, till da time fo dat pau.
9Den God spirit take ova Joshua, Nun's boy, an make um know wat fo do erytime. Cuz befo Moses mahke, he wen put his hands on top Joshua fo show he da one goin lead da peopo afta him. So da Israel peopo lissen Joshua, an do wat Yahweh tell Moses dey gotta do.
How Da Israel Peopo Tink Bout Moses
10From dat time no mo nobody talk fo God like Moses talk to da Israel peopo. Yahweh wen know Joshua, jalike wen one guy stay talking wit his friend. 11Moses wen do all da awesome an unreal tings inside Egypt fo show to Pharaoh, all his leada guys, an all da peopo inside da land. 12Cuz no mo nobody eva wen show all da strong powa an all da scary kine tings dat Moses wen do in front all da Israel peopo.