Da Ten Commandments
(Outa Egypt 20:1-19; Matthew 5:21-22; 27-30; 43 15:4; 19:18-19; Mark 7:10; 10:19; Luke 18:20; Efesus 6:2-3; Rome 7:7-8; 13:9-10; Hebrews 19:18-21; 4:4; James 2:11)
51“Moses wen tell all da Israel peopo fo come by him. He tell um: “Lissen, you Israel peopo. I goin tell wat God say you guys suppose to do, an his rules fo you guys fo hear today. Learn um, an make shua you guys do um. 2Oua God Yahweh wen make one deal wit us guys, Mount Sinai side. 3Yahweh neva make da deal jus wit our mudda an fadda guys, but wit all us, da guys dat stay alive hea today too. 4Yahweh talk strait wit you guys right dea, from inside da fire on top da mountain. 5Dat time, I wen stay stand in front Yahweh, an you guys in front me, cuz you guys scared a da fire, an no like go up da mountain. I stay tell you guys wat Yahweh say. He tell:
6“Me, I yoa God Yahweh. I da One wen get you guys outa da Egypt land, wea you guys was slaves.
7“You, you no can go pray to odda gods, cuz me, I da ony God fo you.
8“You no goin make idol kine gods fo yoaself dat look like anyting from up dea inside da sky, o from down hea on top da earth, o from inside da watta dat stay unda da groun. 9No go bow down in front odda gods fo show dem love an respeck, an no go work fo dem, cuz I yoa God Yahweh. An I one jealous God. An if you go down in front odda gods, I no like dat! Wen peopo do bad tings dat need punish, I go afta dem, an I punish da ones dat hate me. An if dea kids do same ting, I punish dem too, an same ting wit dea grankids, an even da great-grankids. 10But I stay tight wit all da peopo from long time dat show love an aloha fo me an take care fo do wat I tell um fo do.
11“No go use my name an ack like dat give you da right fo make any kine stuffThat’s meaningful!. Cuz I yoa God Yahweh, an anybody use my name lidat, fo go do wase time kine stuff, no way I goin let dem go an no punish dem.
12“Take care fo make shua da Res Day stay spesho fo me, yoa God Yahweh, jalike I wen tell you fo do. 13You get six days fo do all yoa work an eryting you gotta do. 14But da numba seven day, az da spesho Res Day fo me, yoa God Yahweh. Dat day you no work notting, not you, yoa boy, yoa girl, yoa worka guy o wahine, yoa cow, yoa donkey, all yoa odda animals, anybody from odda place dat stay by you, so yoa worka guys an wahines can res jalike you. 15No foget, you guys was slave guys an work real hard inside Egypt, an me, yoa God Yahweh, I wen bring you guys outa dea wit my powa. Az why I, yoa God Yahweh, stay tell you guys fo show respeck fo da Res Day.
16“Show respeck fo yoa fadda an mudda, jalike I wen tell you guys. Den you guys goin live long time an eryting goin go good fo you guys inside da land I stay goin give you guys.
17“No go murda nobody jus cuz you like.
18“No fool aroun wit odda guy o wahine behind yoa wife o husban back.
19“No go steal notting.
20“Wen you gotta tell someting in front da judge fo make proof wat one nodda guy wen do, no bulai.
21“No go tink, ‘I like go take da odda guy's stuffs!’ Dat mean, no go afta his wife, o his house, o his land, o his worka guy o wahine, his cow, his donkey, o wateva kine ting he get.”
22Den Moses tell da peopo: “Dis wat Yahweh wen tell all you guys fo do wit one loud voice on top da mountain, from inside da fire an cloud an real dark sky, an he no tell notting mo. Den he write um on top two flat stones, an give um to me.
Moses Tell Da Peopo Wat God Tell
23“Wen you guys wen hear da voice come from da dark sky, an da fire stay burn on top da mountain, all da leada guys from yoa ohanas an yoa older leada guys come by me. 24You guys tell, ‘You know wat? Oua God Yahweh wen show us how awesome an importan he stay. An we hear his voice come from inside da fire. Today we see dat peopo can stay alive still yet, even if God talk to um. 25So, how come we gotta mahke?! Cuz dis big fire can wipe us guys out! If us gotta hear oua God Yahweh's voice one mo time still yet, fo shua us goin mahke! 26Cuz no mo nobody eva hear da God Dat Stay Alivenice! talk to him from inside da fire, jalike us, an still yet stay alive afta. 27So you Moses, go nea God an lissen all da stuff oua God Yahweh tell you. Den you come back tell us guys wat oua God Yahweh wen tell you, an us goin lissen an do um.’
28Yahweh hear wat you guys wen tell me, an he tell, ‘I hear wat dis peopo tell you. Az good, eryting dey say. 29I like dey tink lidat erytime, fo stay scared a me an do eryting I tell um fo do, so den eryting goin go good fo dem an dea kids, foeva!
30“‘Go, tell um go back by dea tents. 31But you, stay hea wit me, so I can tell you eryting -- all da stuff dey gotta do, an da rules you goin teach dem, so dey goin do um inside da land I stay goin give dem fo dea property.’-”
32So Moses tell da peopo: “So now you guys take care fo do eryting oua God Yahweh wen tell you fo do. No go turn away from um to da right side o da left side. 33Do eryting da way yoa God Yahweh tell you fo do um, so den you guys goin live long time an eryting goin go good fo you guys inside da land you goin get.