No Foget Yahweh
(Matthew 4.4; Luke 4.4)
81“Make shua fo stick wit eryting I stay tell you guys fo do um today, so dat you guys goin stay alive an come plenny peopo, an go inside da land an take um ova, jalike Yahweh wen make strong promise to our ancesta guys. 2No foget how oua God Yahweh wen bring you guys all da way inside da boonies fo forty years. He do dat so you guys no mo big head, an fo test you guys fo find out how you guys tink, if you guys goin do wat he tell you guys fo do, o not. 3He wen make you guys no get big head, an let you guys come hungry, an den he wen feed you guys manna fo eat. You guys an our ancesta guys neva know wat manna was from befo time. Az how he wen make you guys know dis: dat peopo no can live ony wit food. Gotta lissen to eryting Yahweh tell too! 4Fo all dose forty years yoa clotheses neva come ol, an yoa feets neva swell up. 5You guys gotta know inside yoa heart, wen you like tell yoa boy fo no do da tings he wen do wrong, fo teach him, az how oua God Yahweh telling you guys fo teach you.
6“Take care fo do wat oua God Yahweh's rules tell. Live da way he tell you, an show plenny respeck fo him. 7Cuz oua God Yahweh stay bring you guys inside one good land, wea get streams an watta place, an watta come from undaneat da valleys an hills. 8Az one land wit wheat an barley, grape plants, an fig trees, pomegrams, olive oil, an honey. 9Inside dat land, nobody goin come hungry. You goin get plenny food dea. Da stones dea get iron, an you can dig copper from da hills.
10“Wen you guys eat all you like an feel good, den talk good bout oua God Yahweh, cuz a da good land he stay give you guys. 11Take care dat you guys no foget oua God Yahweh. No stop doing wat he tell you guys fo do, an stick wit his rules and all da tings he tell you gotta do, jalike I stay tell you guys today. 12Cuz if you guys foget, wen you guys eat till you feel good, an build nice houses an stay dea, 13an you guys get plenny cows, sheeps, an goats, an you stay getting mo and mo silva an gold, an you get mo an mo plenny stuffs, 14den watch out! Cuz den you guys goin get big head, an den you goin foget dat oua God Yahweh wen get you guys outa Egypt, wea you guys was slaves. 15He da One wen lead you guys thru da big an scary boonies, wea get poison kine snakes an scorpions, wea, wen you guys was thirsty an no mo watta, he make watta come out from inside one real hard stone fo you guys drink. 16He da One give you guys manna fo eat inside da boonies. Yoa ancestas neva see o know wat was manna befo. He give um to you guys fo make you guys no come big head, an test you guys fo find out how you guys goin ack, so bumbye he can make eryting come good fo you guys. 17But no go tink lidis: ‘Me, I get all dis rich kine stuff cuz my hand strong an I get powa!’ 18But you guys, no foget dat oua God Yahweh, he da One dat make you strong so you can get rich kine stuffs. Az how he make good da deal he wen make wit yoa ancesta guys, da time he make strong promise fo give da land to dem, jalike he stay do today.
19“If you guys foget oua God Yahweh, an come tight wit odda gods, do stuff fo dem, an go down in front dem fo show respeck, I tell you guys today fo real kine dat you goin come wipe out. 20Jalike da odda peopos dat oua God Yahweh stay wipe out wen you guys fight um, az how he goin wipe out you guys if you guys no lissen him.