Yahweh No Do Dis Cuz Da Israel Peopo Real Good
(Rome 10:6-8; Hebrews 12:21)
91“Lissen, you Israel peopo, you guys almos ready fo go da odda side da Jordan Riva, fo go inside da land an take um ova, no matta da odda peopos dea stay mo big an mo strong den you guys. Dey get big towns an strong walls dat go up inside da sky. 2Da peopo dea stay strong an tall. Dey come from da Anak peopo. You guys know bout dem. You guys wen hear, ‘No mo nobody can stand up agains da Anak peopo!’ 3But you guys can stay shua dat oua God Yahweh, he da One goin go da odda side da Jordan Riva in front you guys now, jalike one big fire dat burn up eryting! He goin make dem come notting an wipe dem out wen you guys attack dem. An you guys, you goin take ova dea land an wipe dem out quick time, jalike Yahweh wen make promise to you guys.
4“But afta oua God Yahweh throw dem out wen you guys attack dem, no go tink lidis: ‘Az cuz I stay do wass right erytime, dat Yahweh bring me ova hea fo take ova dis land!’ Nah! Az not why! Az cuz dese peopos stay do plenny real bad kine stuff. Az why Yahweh goin take ova dea land wen you guys attack. 5Az not cuz you guys do wass right erytime, o cuz you tink da right way, dat you guys goin take ova dea land, but cuz dese odda peopos stay do real bad kine stuff. Az why oua God Yahweh goin take ova dea land wen you attack, so he can do wat he wen make strong promise to yoa ancesta guys fo do, to Abraham, Isaac, an Jacob. 6You guys gotta undastan, dat oua God Yahweh stay give you guys dis good land fo come yoa property. But he give um cuz he like, not cuz you guys stay do wass right erytime. Cuz you guys hard head!
Da Gold Bebe Cow Idol
7“Rememba an no foget, how you guys wen make oua God Yahweh come real huhu inside da boonies. From da time you guys come outa Egypt till you guys come ova hea, you guys stay make Yahweh come huhu cuz you no like do wat he tell. 8Mount Sinai side, you guys wen make him come so plenny huhu dat he stay ready fo wipe out you guys. 9Da time I go up da mountain fo get da flat stones dat show da deal Yahweh wen make wit you guys, I wen stay on top da mountain forty days an forty nites. I no eat food an no drink watta all dat time. 10Oua God Yahweh give me two flat stones wea he write wit his own finga. On top dem, get all da stuff he tell you guys fo do, da time he talk wit you guys from inside da fire on top da mountain. Az was da day all you guys come togedda dea.
11“Afta I pau stay up dea forty days an forty nites, Yahweh give me da two flat stone wea he write da deal he make wit you guys. 12Den Yahweh tell me, ‘Go down dea quick time, cuz yoa peopo dat you wen bring outa Egypt no wait fo mess up an do pilau kine stuff awready! Dey turn away fas from da way I wen tell um fo live. Dey an make one idol kine god from metal fo demself!’ 13Yahweh tell me, ‘I see awready, an you know wat?! Dese peopo, hard head fo shua! 14No try fo stop me! I goin wipe dem out, so den nobody in da world goin rememba who dem. Den I goin make you, Moses, come one peopo mo strong an mo plenny den dem!’
15“So I turn aroun an go down da mountain wen still yet stay burning. Da two flat stones dat get da deal Yahweh wen write on top um, I get um inside my two hand. 16Wen I look, I see you guys doing real bad kine stuff agains oua God Yahweh. You guys wen melt metal fo make one idol kine god dat look like one bebe cow. You guys wen turn away quick [time] from da way Yahweh wen tell you guys fo live. 17So I wen take da two flat stones an throw um down from my hands, an broke um in front you guys.
18“Den jalike da firs time, I go down in front Yahweh fo forty days an forty nites. I no eat food an no drink watta all dat time, cuz a all da stuff you guys stay do dass real bad kine da way Yahweh see um, an dat make him come real mad wit you guys. 19I come real scared, cuz Yahweh stay so plenny huhu wit you guys dat he like wipe you out den an dea.I like it: “den an dea”! But dat time too, I pray an he lissen to me. 20Same time, Yahweh stay so plenny huhu wit Aaron, dat he like wipe him out. But dat time I pray fo Aaron too. 21An dat bebe cow, you guys wen do bad ting fo make um. I take um an burn um up inside da fire. I smash um an grind um up an make um come jalike dust. Den I throw um inside da stream dat come down da mountain.
22“Odda times, you guys wen make Yahweh come huhu too -- Taberah side, Massah side, an Kibrot-Hatta`avah side.
23“An lata, wen Yahweh wen send you guys fo go out from Kadesh-Barnea, he tell, ‘Go! Take ova da land I wen give you guys awready!’ But you guys, you no like do wat oua God Yahweh wen tell you fo do. You no trust him o lissen wat he tell. 24You guys no like do wat Yahweh tell you fo do, from da firs time I know you guys.
25“I wen go down in front Yahweh dat time fo forty days an forty nites, cuz he wen tell me he goin wipe out you guys. 26But I stay praying to Yahweh, an I say, ‘My Boss Yahweh, you stay in charge a eryting. Please no wipe out yoa peopo! You own dem, an you wen do wat you gotta do fo get dem outa trouble, cuz you big an awesome! You wen use yoa strong power fo bring um outa Egypt. 27Rememba da guys dat wen work fo you, Abraham, Isaac, an Jacob. No leave us guys, jus cuz dis peopo hard head, an stay do real bad kine stuff. 28Cuz no good da Egypt peopo inside da country wea you wen bring us guys out from, tell, ‘Yahweh neva can bring dem inside da land he wen promise fo give dem, an he hate dem! Az why he wen bring dem inside da boonies, so he can kill um dea!’ 29But da Israel peopo, dey yoa peopo. You own dem. You wen use yoa awesome powa fo bring dem outa dea, cuz you strong!