Rut Meet Boaz
(Prieses 25:25, Da Rules Second Time 25:5-6)
21Betlehem town, had one importan rich guy name Boaz. He come from da same blood jalike Elimelek, da guy dat was Na`omi husban befo time. So fo dea peopo, he jalike Na`omi brudda-in-law.
2One time, da Moab wahine Rut tell Na`omi, “Eh please, I like go da fields fo go behind da worka guys an pick up da extra barley dat dey no pick up. Maybe get somebody dat make nice to me an let me do dat, cuz God's Rules say az good.”
Na`omi tell her, “Kay den. Go.” 3So Rut [wen] go ova dea inside one field an pick up da extra barley dat da worka guys no pick up afta dey cut um. An you know wat? Da same field wea she stay pick up da extra barley, da owna guy was Boaz. Him an Rut mahke fadda-in-law Elimelek, dey da same blood!
4Same time Rut stay picking up da extra barley, Boaz come ova dea from Betlehem town. He tell da guys dat stay cutting da barley, “Aloha! I like Yahweh stay wit you guys!”
Dey tell Boaz, “Aloha to you! Us guys like Yahweh do plenny good tings fo you too!”
5Boaz aks da luna guy dat stay in charge a da worka guys, “Eh! Dat young wahine ova dea, wat ohana her?”
6Da luna guy tell, “Her, da Moab wahine dat wen come hea wit Na`omi, da time Na`omi come back from ova dea. 7Morning time, she wen aks me, ‘Please, okay fo me go ova dea wea dey tie up da barley, an pick up da extra barley dat da worka guys no pick up, fo take um home?’ I tell her, ‘Okay’ She stay work all da time from den till now. Ony short time she go fo res ova dea by da shack.”
8Den Boaz, he go ova dea wea Rut stay an tell her, “Eh, sista! Nobody tell you wat fo do, o wat? You can stay hea wit us guys wen you pick up da extra barley. No need go find one nodda field. Stick wit my worka wahines ova hea. 9Go see wea dey stay cutting da barley, den go dea afta dem fo pick up da extra stuff. I wen tell da guys awready, no bodda you. Wen you thirsty, you go ova dea an drink da watta dat da guys bring from da puka wea da watta come out.
10Rut, she go down quick by Boaz feet wit her face on top da groun fo show um respeck. She tell um, “Eh mista, mahalo plenny! How come you stay good to me an even talk to me? I ony one wahine from one nodda country, you know.”
11Boaz tell, “Yeah, I know. But erybody stay tell me bout all da good tings you wen do fo yoa mudda-in-law, afta yoa husban mahke. I know dat you wen go way from yoa fadda-mudda guys an from da land wea yoa ohana stay, an come hea wea get peopo you donno befo time.
12I like Yahweh do plenny good tings
Fo pay you back good kine,
Cuz a all da tings you wen do fo Na`omi.
He Yahweh, da God fo da Israel peopo.
You wen come by him,
An now he goin take care you!”
13Rut tell Boaz, “Eh boss! You stay real good to me! You wen give me good kine words an you talk to me wit good heart. Jalike I one a yoa worka wahines, no matta I not, an no can come one a dem.”
14Lunch time, Boaz tell Rut, “Eh! Come ova hea! Eat wit us! Take some a da bread fo eat, an if you like, put litto bit inside dat sour wine ova dea.” So Rut wen go sit down nea da peopo dat work fo cut da barley an eat lunch wit dem. Boaz, he pass some roast barley to her. So she eat all she like, an still yet, get mo plenny den she can eat.
15Afta Rut stand up fo go pick up some mo barley, Boaz tell his worka guys, “Let her pick up da extra barley, even ova dea wea you guys tie up da barley plants afta you cut um. No make her shame notting. 16An den wen you guys tie up da barley, make shua you pull out litto bit fo her an leave um ova dea fo her pick up. No go scold her notting!”
17All day, Rut pick up da extra barley. Wen da sun stay going down, she wack da barley dat she wen pick up fo make da part you eat fall off, an she get togedda bout 20 pound barley. 18She take da food back Betlehem town. Her mudda-in-law see how plenny she wen pick up. Rut give her da stuff from lunch time too dat she no can eat. 19Na`omi aks Rut, “Eh! Wea you wen pick up da extra barley today? Wat side you wen go work? I like Yahweh do plenny good tings fo da guy dat wen see you an help you!”
So Rut tell her mudda-in-law bout da owna guy wea she wen pick up da barley. She tell um, “His name, Boaz.”
20Na`omi tell her daughta-in-law, “I like Yahweh do plenny good tings fo Boaz! Yahweh stay stick wit us guys dat stay alive, an he goin take care oua mahke husban guys, same time. Cuz you know, Boaz from oua ohana. An fo oua peopo, he one a da guys from oua ohana dat get da right fo marry you, so you can get kids dat goin carry yoa mahke husban's name!”
21Rut tell, “An you know wat? Boaz even wen tell me, ‘Come back tomorrow. You can stay wit my worka guys till dey pau cut all da barley I get.’-”
22Na`omi tell Rut, “Az good, Rut! Go work wit his worka wahines, till dey pau. You go some odda field, bumbye da guys make you any kine, but wit Boaz, nobody goin bodda you.” 23So Rut stay work fo pick up da extra barley wit da wahines dat work fo Boaz, till dat work pau. Den she do same ting wen dey cut da wheat. She still yet live dea wit her mudda-in-law Na`omi.