Da Queen From Sheba
101Da Queen fo da Sheba peopo wen hear wat peopo tell bout King Solomon an how he tell wat kine God Yahweh. So she come Jerusalem side, fo see Solomon an aks him all kine real hard kine stuff. 2She come Jerusalem town wit real plenny peopo, an camels fo carry spice an plenny gold, an jewelry stones dat cost plenny. She come by Solomon an talk to him bout all da tings she stay tinking bout. 3Solomon tell her all da tings she aks him bout. Neva have notting hard fo da king tell her, fo make her undastan. 4Da Queen fo da Sheba peopo see dat Solomon erytime know wat fo do. She see da palace he wen build, 5an da kine food on top his table, an da way his govmen guys sit aroun him, an da worka guys dat stand nea him wearing fancy kine robes, an da guys dat bring him wine. She see da burn up kine sacrifice he make inside da Temple Fo Yahweh. Wen blow her mind wen she see all dis.
6She tell da King, “Wat I wen hear inside my own land bout you an wat you do, fo shua, az fo real! You know wat fo do erytime! 7But till I come hea an see um wit my own eyes, I neva believe all da tings I wen hear. An I neva hear even half da stuff I see now. Da way you know wat fo do erytime, an all da stuffs you get, mo plenny den I wen hear! 8Fo shua, yoa guys stay good inside! Yoa helpa guys dat stand in front you all da time an hear wat you know how fo do erytime -- dey all can stay good inside! 9I like tell yoa God Yahweh, “Mahalo!” cuz he da One stay do good fo you. Fo shua, he feel good inside wen he tink bout you! Az why he wen make you da king fo da Israel peopo. An cuz Yahweh stay get love an aloha fo da Israel peopo foeva, he make you dea king, so you judge dem da right way an do da right tings fo dem.”
10Da Queen fo da Sheba peopo wen give King Solomon 9,000 pound gold, an plenny spice, an jewelry stones dat cost real plenny. She give King Solomon mo plenny spice den eva come dea befo dat time, an afta dat time.
11(Solomon get stuffs from odda place too. Da big boats from King Hiram wen bring gold from Ofir, an big stack red sandalwood, an jewelry stones dat cost plenny. 12King Solomon use da sandalwood fo make railing fo da stairs inside da Temple Fo Yahweh an da palace. He use um fo make small harps an twelve string harps fo da music guys too. Dey neva bring so plenny sandalwood, an nobody see dat plenny befo dat time an afta dat time.)
13King Solomon give da Queen fo da Sheba peopo eryting she like an eryting she stay aks him fo give her. He give her mo plenny stuffs of his too, jus cuz he like give. Den she go back to her own land. Her helpa guys go back too.
King Solomon Get Plenny Stuffs
14Ery year, Solomon get 25 ton gold from da big boats. 15He get tax money too, from da guys dat buy stuff an sell um. All da kings from Arabia side, an all da govna guys in charge a Solomon's land, dey pay him too.
16King Solomon tell his guys fo make 200 big shield from gold you poun wit da hammer. Dey use seven an a half pound gold fo da shield. 17He tell um fo make 300 small kine shield outa da gold you poun wit da hammer, wit three poun twelve ounce fo ery shield. He put all da gold shields inside Da Lebanon Fores House.
18Den da King make his guys build one big throne, an put ivory inside da wood fo make picha, an gold all ova da outside. 19Da throne get six steps. Da top a da head res part, round. Da two sides wea da King sit get arm res, an one lion statue stand one side an anodda one da odda side. 20On top ery step, get one lion statue standing one side, an anodda lion statue da odda side, total twelve lions on top da six step. Da odda countries neva make notting like dat fo dea king guys. 21All da tings King Solomon use fo drink, all gold. All da tings dey use fo eat an drink inside da Lebanon Fores House, all pure gold. Dey no use silva, cuz King Solomon time, dey figga da silva kine stuff, not spesho.
22King Solomon get plenny big boats, da real big kine fo go all da way to Spain. He send um wit da boats from Hiram. Ery three year, da big boats come back, wit gold, silver, an ivory, an all kine monkey.
23King Solomon was da numba one king in da world. He was rich, an had mo plenny stuffs den all da odda king guys, an he know wat fo do mo betta den all da odda kings. 24Peopo from all ova da world come aks Solomon if dey can jus come by him an lissen, fo hear wat God tell him cuz he know wat fo do erytime. 25Ery year fo long time, da peopo dat come by Solomon, all bring present fo him. Dey bring silva an gold kine tings, an robes, an stuff fo da army guys use, an all kine spice, an horses an mules. 26Solomon wen get mo an mo war wagons an horses. In da end, he get 1,400 war wagon an 12,000 horse. He send some a dem to da towns he wen build fo da army guys dat use da war wagon fo fight, an he keep some a dem by him Jerusalem town. 27Da King make um so dat da silva come so plenny Jerusalem side, jalike was stone. Had so plenny cedar wood too, jalike was da regula sycamore wood dey get from da makai plain. 28Solomon wen get his horses from Egypt an from Cilicia. He get govmen guys fo go Cilicia an bring back horses fo da regula price. 29Fo buy one war wagon from Egypt side, cost like 15 pound silva metal, an 3 pound 12 ounce silva fo one horse. Dass da same price dat all da king guys fo da Het peopo an da Aram king guys pay too.