King Solomon Make Ready Fo Build Da Temple
51Hiram was da king dat time Tyre side. Him an King David stay tight from long time. King Hiram wen hear dat da Israel peopo wen put olive oil on top Solomon head fo make him da king, fo take ova from his fadda King David. So Hiram send some a his helpa guys by Solomon.
2Solomon send back one message to Hiram. Dis wat he tell:
3“You know awready, dat my fadda David stay pray to da God Yahweh. But get diffren peopos come afta him from all aroun him, fo make war. Az why my fadda no can build one Temple fo his God Yahweh, so erybody goin know wat kine God him. In da end, Yahweh let my fadda win ova dem.
4“But now, my God Yahweh, da One dat I pray to, he let me res, cuz no need fight wit da peopos all aroun me. No mo nobody stay agains me, no mo nobody do bad kine stuff agains me. 5So now, I stay tinking lidis: I goin build one Temple so erybody goin know wat kine God, my God Yahweh, da One I stay pray to. Yahweh wen tell my fadda King David, ‘I goin put yoa boy on top yoa throne, afta you pau be da King. Yoa boy, da one goin build da Temple so erybody goin know wat kine God me.’
6“Az why I like you tell yoa peopo fo cut cedar trees from da Lebanon mountains fo me. Da guys dat work fo me, I like dem work togedda wit da guys dat work fo you. I goin give you silva, so you can pay da guys dat work fo you, wateva you pay dem. Cuz you know dat no mo nobody oua side know how fo cut tree like you Sidon peopo.”
King Hiram Write Letta To King Solomon
7Wen King Hiram hear wat King Solomon tell, make him feel real good inside. He tell, “Today, I like tell good tings bout Yahweh, cuz he wen give King David one boy dat know wat fo do erytime, fo be in charge a da awesome Israel peopo.”
8Hiram send message to Solomon. He tell um:
“I get da message you send me. I goin make shua you get eryting you like, cedar wood an pine wood. 9My worka guys goin bring da wood down da Lebanon mountains to da sea. I goin tell um tie um up fo make plenny raft. Den we take um down on top da watta to da place you tell me. I goin tell my worka guys fo hemo da rope dea so, you guys can take da wood away. Den, I like you go send me food fo my palace peopo eat. Dass how you can pay me.”
10An dass wat wen happen. Hiram wen give Solomon all da cedar wood an pine wood he like. 11Solomon give Hiram ery year, 3,600 ton wheat fo feed his palace peopo, an 120,000 gallon da bestes kine olive oil. 12Yahweh help King Solomon know wat fo do erytime, jalike Yahweh wen tell um he goin do, firs time. Hiram an Solomon, dey no fight each odda, an da two kings make one deal fo help each odda.
King Solomon Make Ready Fo Build Da Temple
13King Solomon wen make 30,000 man work fo him an no mo pay. Dey come Jerusalem side, from all ova da Israel land. 14From dea, Solomon send um out to da Lebanon mountains, 10,000 mens ery month. Dey go Lebanon one month, den go home two month. Adoniram, da guy dat stay in charge a da 30,000 worka guys.
15Up country Israel side, Solomon get 80,000 worka guys who cut stone, an 70,000 guys fo carry da stone block to Jerusalem. 16An had 3,300 luna guys in charge a da work an da worka guys. 17Da king tell dem fo cut real big kine stone blocks outa one mountain ova dea. Da stone cost plenny, cuz dey measure um da right size, an den cut um fo make da foundation fo da Temple.
18Dass how da builda guys work, da ones work fo King Solomon an King Hiram, an da Gebal peopo. Dey cut da stone da right size an make ready da wood an da stones fo build da Temple.