Jehu Guys Kill Da Ahab Ohana
101King Ahab get seventy boys all live Samaria town. So Jehu write lettas an tell somebody take um Samaria town, to da main leadas inside Jezreel valley an da older leadas, an to da guys dat get da job fo take care Ahab's kids. Jehu tell, 2“You guys get yoa boss's boys by you. You get war wagons too, an horses, one big town wit strong walls, an all da stuff fo fight. So now, wen you get dis letta, 3go figga out who da bestes boy from all yoa boss's boys, dat can do good job. Den go make him come da king dat goin sit on top his fadda's throne. Afta dat, you gotta fight me fo keep yoa king line!”
4Wen da guys get da letta, dey come real scared. Dey tell, “If two kings no can fight agains dis Jehu guy, how us can fight um? No way!”
5So da guy dat stay in charge a da palace, da mayor fo da big town, da older leada guys, an da guys dat take care a da Ahab boys, send messenjas fo go tell Jehu, “We stay yoa helpa guys now. We goin do wateva you tell us we gotta do. We no goin make nobody king. You do wateva you tink az good.”
6Den Jehu write anodda letter to dem. He tell, “If you guys stay my side, an goin do wat I tell, cut off da heads from yoa boss Ahab's boys, an bring um by me inside Jezreel town dis same time tomorrow.”
Now da seventy boys stay wit da main leadas fo Samaria town, cuz da main leadas stay take care dem. 7Wen da numba two letta come, da leada guys go get da boys an kill all seventy a dem. Dey put dea heads inside clay pots, an send dem by Jehu inside Jezreel. 8Wen da messenja guy come from da leada guys, he tell Jehu, “Dey wen bring da King Ahab boys heads.”
Den Jehu tell, “Put dem in two piles outside da town gate, till morning time.”
9Da nex morning Jehu go outside da gate. He stand in front all da peopo an tell dem, “You guys go figga if dis ting right o not. Try tink bout dis: I da guy dat wen make plan wit my guys, fo go agains my boss, an kill him. But who wen kill all dese boys? 10So den, you guys gotta know: eryting Yahweh wen tell agains da Ahab ohana goin come true. Yahweh do wat he wen make promise fo do, jalike his worka guy Elijah wen tell.” 11An dass da story, how Jehu kill erybody dat still yet stay alive inside Jezreel from da Ahab ohana, an Ahab's main worka guys, his good friends, an his pries guys. He neva pau kill dem, till no mo nobody from da Ahab peopo stay alive.
12Den Jehu start fo go Samaria town. Befo he get dea, he come by Bet-Eked, wea da sheep farma guys stay. 13He meet some ohana guys from Ahaziah, da Judah king, dea. He aks um, “Who you guys?”
Dey tell, “Us guys, from da Ahaziah ohana, an we stay come down hea fo say ‘howzit’ to King Jehoram boys an Queen Jezebel boys.”
14Jehu tell his army guys, “Grab um, no kill um!” So dey grab dem an no kill um. But lata, dey kill da ohana guys an dump um inside one big hole wea dey keep watta, Bet-Eked side. Had 42 guys, an Jehu no leave nobody alive.
15Afta Jehu leave dea, he come by Jehonadab, Rekab's boy, dat stay come fo meet him. Jehu tell him, “I like God go do good tings fo you!” Den Jehu aks him, “You stay real tight wit me, jalike I stay real tight wit you, o wat?”
Jehonadab tell, “Dass fo shua!”
Jehu tell, “If dass how you stay, den give me yoa hand.” So he give um his hand, an Jehu help him fo come up inside da war wagon. 16Jehu tell, “Come wit me, an see how I go all out fo Yahweh.” Den he let Jehonadab ride wit him inside his war wagon.
17Wen Jehu come by Samaria town, he kill erybody dat still yet stay dea from Ahab's ohana. He kill all dem, jalike Yahweh da Boss wen tell Elijah.
Dey Kill Da Guys Dat Do Stuff Fo Dea God Ba`al
18Den Jehu bring all da peopo togedda an tell um, “Ahab wen work fo Ba`al litto bit. But me, Jehu, I goin work fo Ba`al mo plenny! 19Now go tell all da guys dat talk fo Ba`al, all da guys dat do stuff fo him, an all his pries guys, fo come hea by me. Make shua erybody come. Cuz I goin make one big sacrifice fo Ba`al. Anybody no come, dey no goin live no moa.” But Jehu ony was making one sly kine plan so dat he can wipe out da guys dat work fo Ba`al.
20Jehu tell, “Make one spesho religious day fo show respeck fo Ba`al. Tell all da peopo fo come.” So da guys dat do stuff fo Ba`al, dey tell da peopo dis. 21Den Jehu send messenja guys all ova Israel, an all da guys dat do stuff fo Ba`al come. No mo nobody stay home, dey all come. Dey all go inside da temple fo Ba`al, so stay full from one side to da odda side.
22Den Jehu tell da guy dat stay in charge a da clotheses fo bring robes fo all da guys dat do stuff fo Ba`al. So dey bring out robes fo all a dem.
23Den Jehu an Jehonadab, Rekab's boy, go inside da temple fo Ba`al. Jehu tell da guys dat do stuff fo Ba`al, “Look aroun, an make shua no mo guys dat do stuff fo Yahweh inside hea wit you guys, ony guys dat do stuff fo Ba`al. 24So erybody go inside fo make plenny sacrifice, regula kine an burn up kine.
But befo dey do all dis, Jehu wen put eighty guys outside da Temple Fo Ba`al. He tell dem, “If even one a da guys dat I wen give you guys da kuleana fo kill, come out hea, da guy dat let um get out goin mahke fo dat.”
25So wen Jehu pau make da burn up kine sacrifice, he tell da guards an da officer guys fo his army: “Go inside, kill all dem. No let nobody get outa dea.” So dey kill all dem wit dea sword. The guard guys an da officer guys throw da bodies outside. Den dey go inside da mos spesho part a da temple fo Ba`al. 26Dey bring da kapu poses outa da temple fo Ba`al, an burn um. 27Dey broke down da kapu poses fo Ba`al, an bus up da temple fo Ba`al. Den peopo start fo use da place fo one lua, an dass how stay still yet.
28Dass how Jehu stop da peopo from go down in front da god Ba`al. From dat time, nobody go down in front Ba`al fo pray no mo inside Israel.
29But Jehu, he neva turn away from da bad kine stuff dat Jeroboam, Nebat's boy, wen make da Israel peopo do. Da Israel peopo still stay go down in front da gold kine bebe cows dat Jeroboam put Bethel side an Dan side.
30Yahweh tell Jehu, “Good, wat you wen do! You wen do wat stay right da way I see um. You wen do to da Ahab ohana eryting I wen like do to dem! Cuz a dat, yoa kids goin sit on top da Israel throne fo four generation.” 31But Jehu neva go do all wat da rules tell, dat Yahweh, da God fo da Israel peopo, wen give um. He neva turn away from da bad kine stuff dat Jeroboam wen do, an dat Jeroboam wen make da Israel peopo do.
Da Israel An Judah Kings
32Dat was da time Yahweh start fo make da Israel nation come mo small. Hazael da Syria king army guys wen come make sneak attack all ova da Israel land, 33east a da Jordan River, an inside all da Gilead land wea da Gad, Reuben, an Manasseh peopo stay, from Aroer by da Arnon Canyon, thru Gilead, an all da way to Bashan.
34All da odda stuff dat Jehu wen do wen he stay king, an how strong he stay, stay inside da Record Book Fo Da Kings Fo Israel.
35Den Jehu mahke. Dey bury him inside Samaria wit his ancesta guys. An Jehoahaz, his boy, come da nex king. 36Da time Jehu stay king fo da Israel peopo was twenny-eight year inside Samaria town.