Da Widow's Oil
41Had one wahine dat befo time stay marry one talka fo God, but he mahke awready. She go by Elisha an tell um, “My husband, yoa worka guy, he wen mahke, you know. An you know he was da kine guy dat get plenny respeck fo Yahweh. But he owe money to one guy. An now dat guy come fo take my two boys fo come his slave, fo pay wat my mahke husban owe him.”
2Elisha tell her, “Wat I can do fo help you? Tell me, wat you get inside yoa house?”
She tell, “I, yoa worka wahine. But I no mo notting. Ony get litto bit olive oil inside one small jar.”
3Elisha tell, “Go aroun aks all da peopo dat live nea you fo give you empty jars. No aks fo ony litto bit jars, aks fo plenny. 4Den go inside yoa house wit yoa boys an shut da door behin you so you guys stay alone. Pour oil from yoa small jar inside all da jars, an wen you fill ery one, put um one side.”
5She go way from Elisha. Wen she get da jars, she shut da door so ony her an her boys stay inside. Da boys bring da jars by her, an she stay pour da oil in um. 6Wen all da jars stay full, she tell her boy, “Bring me one mo jar.”
But her boy tell her, “No mo jar awready.” Den da olive oil stop coming.
7She go by Elisha, da guy dat stay tight wit God, an tell um wat wen happen. An he tell, “Go sell da oil, fo pay da guy wat you owe him. Den you an yoa boys can live off wat you get fo da res a da oil.”
God Bring Back One Shunem Wahine's Boy
8Had one nodda time, Elisha go pass thru Shunem town. An had one rich wahine dat live dea. She tell him fo stay eat wit her an her husban. So from dat time, weneva he go by Shunem town, he go stop by her house fo eat.
9One time she tell her husban, “I know dis guy dat eat wit us plenny time, he one guy dat stay spesho fo God an stay tight wit God. 10You know wat? We go make one small room on top da flat roof, an put one bed, one table, one chair, an one lamp inside da room fo him. Den he can stay dea weneva he come by us guys.” So dey do um.
11Den one time wen Elisha come dea, he go up inside da room an res dea. 12Den he tell his worka guy Gehazi, “Tell da Shunem wahine I like talk to her.” So Gehazi call her, an she come stand in front Gehazi. 13Elisha tell Gehazi, “Tell her, ‘You wen work hard fo make all dis stuff fo us guys. Get someting I can do fo you, o wat? Get someting I can tell da king o da main army guy, fo help you, o wat?’-”
She tell Gehazi fo tell Elisha, “Tanks, no need. Eryting stay okay ova hea, cuz I stay wit my own ohana.”
14Den Elisha aks Gehazi, “Wat I can do fo her?”
Gehazi tell, “She no like talk bout dis, but you know, she no mo boy, an her husband ol.”
15Den Elisha tell, “Tell her fo come up hea.” So he call her, an she come stand by da open door. 16Elisha tell, “Dis same time nex year, you goin carry yoa own bebe boy inside yoa arms.”
She tell, “No way, boss! You one guy dat stay tight wit God. No tell me someting dat no goin happen.”
17But lata da wahine come hapai, an da nex year bout dat same time she born one boy, jalike Elisha wen tell her.
18Da kid grow, an one day he go out by his fadda, who stay wit da guys cutting da food. 19He tell his fadda, “My head sore!”
His fadda tell one worka guy, “Carry him by his mudda.”
20Afta da worka guy pick up da boy an carry him by his mudda, she put him on top her lap till noon time. But den he mahke. 21She go up in da room on top da roof an lay him down on top da bed wea Elisha, da guy dat stay tight wit God, sleep wen he dea. Den she shut da door an go outside.
22Den she send somebody fo tell her husban, “Try tell one worka guy wit one donkey fo come by me, so I can go quick by da guy dat stay tight wit God an come back.”
23Her husban aks, “How come you like go by him today? Dis not da sacrifice time fo da New Moon o da Res Day.”
She tell, “Az okay.”
24She put da saddle on top da donkey, an tell her worka guy, “Us go! Make shua da donkey go fas! No go slow fo me! Ony if I tell you, go slow!” 25So she start fo go, an come by da guy dat stay tight wit God, Mount Carmel side.
Wen he see her from far, he tell his worka guy Gehazi, “Look! Dea da Shunem wahine! Az her! 26Run go meet her, an aks her if she stay okay, if her husban stay okay, an if her boy okay.” Den Gehazi go.
She tell um, “Yeah, eryting stay okay.”
27But wen she come by da guy dat stay tight wit God on top Mount Carmel, she go down fo show um respeck, an grab his feets. Gehazi come ova fo push her away, but Elisha tell,“Leave um alone! She stay real bum out. An Yahweh no tell me notting yet.”
28She tell Elisha, “Boss, no was me wen aks you fo one boy! I wen tell you, ‘No make me wait fo someting no goin happen!’-”
29Elisha tell Gehazi, “Put yoa long shirt inside yoa belt, take my walking stick inside yoa hand, an run. If you meet somebody, no tell um howzit, an if somebody tell you howzit, no answa dem. Den put my stick on top da boy's face.”
30But da boy's mudda tell, “I stay shua dat Yahweh stay alive, an you stay alive. Same ting, I stay shua I no goin go away from you.” So Elisha stan up an go wit her.
31Gehazi go in front a dem, an put da stick on top da boy's face, but da boy no talk o move. So Gehazi go back meet Elisha. He tell him, “Da boy no wake up.”
32Wen Elisha come by da house, da mahke boy stay lay wea his mudda wen put um on top his pune`e. 33Elisha go inside, shut da door so jus him an da mahke boy dea, an pray to Yahweh. 34Den he go on top da bed an lay down on top da boy, wit his mout on top da boy's mout, an his eyes on top da boy's eyes, an his hands on top da boy's hands. Wen he lay on top da boy lidat, da boy's body start fo come warm! 35Elisha stand up, an walk up an down da room, den lay down on top da bed an da boy again one mo time. Den da boy sneeze seven time, an open his eye.
36Den Elisha call Gehazi, an tell, “Tell da Shunem wahine come hea!” So he tell her.
Wen she come, Elisha tell, “Pick up yoa boy.” 37So she come inside da room an go down on top da floor by Elisha feet fo show him respeck. Den she take her boy, an go out.
Da Stew Get Poison
38Elisha go back Gilgal town. Dat time, no mo food ova dea. Had one time, da guys dat stay learn how fo talk fo God come togedda an sit in front him. Elisha tell his helpa guy, “Put da big pot on top da fire an cook some stew fo dese guys.”
39One a dem go inside field fo get vegetable kine stuff, an he find one wild vine. He take some a da wild calabash from da vine, an cut plenny an carry um inside his robe. Wen he come back, he cut um up an put um inside da stew pot. Nobody know wat kine vine dat was. 40Dey pour out da stew fo da guys eat. But wen dey start fo eat um, dey yell, “Eh you! Da guy dat stay tight wit God! Da stew get poison!” An dey no can eat da stew.
41Den Elisha tell, “Bring some flour.” He put um inside da pot, an tell, “Now pour um out fo da guys eat.” An den no mo notting bad inside da pot.
Elisha Feed One Hundred Guys
42Had one guy dat wen come by Elisha from Ba`al Shalishah. Fo da guy dat stay tight wit God, he bring twenny barley breads dey make from da first barley dat dey cut, an some new barley dat dey jus cut. Elisha tell, “Give um to da guys fo eat.”
43Elisha helpa guy aks, “Wot?! How I goin feed one hundred guys wit ony dis?!”
Elisha tell, “Give um to da guys fo eat. Cuz dis da message from Yahweh: ‘Wen dey eat, goin get lefovas.’-” 44Den da helpa guy put da breads in front dem, an dey eat, an get lefovas, jalike Yahweh wen tell.