Da Shunem Wahine Get Back Her Land
81One nodda time, Elisha talk wit da wahine dat he wen go make her boy come back alive again. He tell, “Take yoa husban an yoa boy, an go some odda place live, any place you can stay long time. Cuz Yahweh tell, no goin get food inside dis land fo seven year. An stay start awready.” 2So da wahine do wat Elisha, da guy dat stay tight wit God, tell. Her an her ohana go way an stay inside da land wea da Filisha peopo live, fo seven year.
3Wen da seven year pau, her an her ohana come back from da Filisha land. Den she go by da king, fo beg him fo help her get back her house an land. 4Wen she go by da king, da king stay talk story wit Gehazi, da guy dat work fo Elisha, da guy dat stay tight wit God. Da king tell, “Tell me some mo bout all da good kine stuff dat Elisha wen do.” 5Jus wen Gehazi stay tell da king bout how Elisha wen make da mahke boy come alive again, right den an dea da boy's mudda stay dea begging da king fo help her bout her house an land.
Gehazi tell, “My boss da king, dis da wahine, an dass her boy, da one dat Elisha wen make come back alive!” 6Da king aks da wahine bout um, an she tell him da story wat wen happen.
Den he tell one a his palace guys fo help her. He tell him, “Give back eryting dat was hers befo time, an pay her fo all da stuff dat wen grow on top her land, from da time she go away till now.”
Hazael Murda Ben-Hadad
7Anodda time, wen Elisha go Damascus, Ben-Hadad, da Aram king, stay sick. Somebody tell da king, “Elisha, da guy dat stay tight wit God, stay come all da way ova hea.” 8Da king tell Hazael, “Take one present wit you, an go meet da guy dat stay tight wit God. Go find out from him wat Yahweh tell. Aks him if I goin come good from dis sick, o wat?”
9Hazael go meet Elisha, an take all da bestes kine stuff inside Damascus fo present, wit forty camel fo carry da load. Hazael go by Elisha an stand in front him, an tell, “Ben-Hadad, da Aram king, he tink bout you jalike you his fadda. He wen send me fo aks you , ‘I goin stay alive afta dis sick, o wat?’-”
10Elisha tell Hazael, “Go tell Ben-Hadad, ‘Fo shua you goin live.’ But Yahweh wen show me dis too, dat Ben-Hadad goin mahke fo shua.” 11Den Elisha jus stand dea in front Hazael an look at him long time, till bodda Hazael. Den Elisha, da guy dat stay tight wit God, start fo cry.
12Hazael aks, “Boss, how come you stay crying?”
Elisha tell, “Cuz I know fo shua, bumbye you goin do bad tings fo hurt da Israel peopo. You goin burn down dea big towns wit strong walls, kill dea young guys wit swords, smash dea small kids on top da groun, an rip open da stomach a dea hapai wahines.”
13Hazael tell, “Eh boss! Me, I nobody spesho, you know! How come I can do big kine stuff lidat?!”
Den Elisha tell him, “Yahweh wen show me dat you goin come da Aram king.”
14Den Hazael go way from Elisha, an go back by his boss. Ben-Hadad aks, “Wat Elisha tell you?”
Hazael tell, “He tell me dat fo shua you goin come good.”
15But da nex day, Hazael take one thick cloth, put um inside da watta, an cova da king's face. An da king mahke. Az how Hazael come da nex king.
Jehoram, Da Judah King
(2 Records 21:5-10, 20)
16Wen Joram, Ahab's boy, stay king fo da Israel peopo five year nort side, an Jehoshafat was da king fo da Judah peopo sout side, den Jehoshafat's boy Jehoram start fo be king fo da Judah peopo, wit his fadda. 17Jehoram was thirty-two year ol wen he come king, an he stay king inside Jerusalem town eight year. 18He make jalike da Israel kings make, jalike da Ahab ohana wen do. Az cuz he wen marry Ahab's girl, an he stay do da kine stuff dat stay bad, da way Yahweh see um. 19But cuz Jehoram ancesta guy King David wen work fo Yahweh, Yahweh no like wipe out all da Judah peopo. Yahweh make promise befo time, fo let guys dat come from David's blood be kings foeva, jalike dey one light fo show peopo da way fo go.
20One time wen Jehoram stay king, da Edom peopo go make war an throw out da Judah territorial govmen inside Edom, den take one a dea guys fo be da king. 21So Jehoram go across da Jordan Riva to Zair town wit all his war wagons. Da Edom guys come all aroun Jehoram an his war wagon officer guys, but nite time, Jehoram an his war wagon guys broke thru da Edom army guys. But Jehoram's infantry guys, dey run away an go back dea own place. 22Da Edom guys wen throw out da Judah govmen from da Edom land, an dass how stay till now. Den da Libnah town peopo, dey go throw out da Judah govmen dea town too, da same time.
23Get odda stuff wen happen wen Jehoram stay king too. All da tings he wen do, stay inside da Records Fo Da Judah Kings. 24Jehoram wen mahke, an dey bury him by his ancesta guys, inside David's big town Jerusalem. An Ahaziah, Jehoram's boy, come king afta him.
Ahaziah, Da Judah King
(2 Records 22:1-6)
25So, wen Joram, Ahab's boy, stay king fo da Israel peopo fo twelve year, Jehoram's boy Ahaziah come king fo da Judah peopo same time. 26Ahaziah was twenny-two year ol wen he come king. He stay da king Jerusalem side fo one year. His mudda was Ataliah, an her granfadda was Omri, one a da king guys fo Israel. 27Ahaziah make jalike da Ahab ohana wen do. He do bad kine stuff, da way Yahweh see um, jalike da Ahab ohana king guys wen do. His wife from da Ahab ohana.
28One time Ahaziah go Ramot-Gilead town wit Joram, Ahab's boy, fo fight Hazael, da Aram king. An da Aram guys wen hurt Joram. 29So King Joram go back Jezreel town fo come good afta da Aram guys wen hurt him by Ramot town, wen he fight wit Hazael, da Aram king.
Den Ahaziah, Jehoram's boy, da Judah king, go Jezreel side fo see Joram, Ahab's boy, cuz Joram stay hurt.