Ezra Hear Bout Guys Dat Marry Wahines Dat Not Jews
91Wen all dat pau, da leada guys come by me. Dey tell, “Da Israel peopo, prieses and Levi ohana guys an regula kine peopo, dey no ack like dey spesho fo God. Dey stay come jalike da odda peopos dat donno God, dat live inside dis land an odda lands. Oua peopo stay do da same pilau kine stuff jalike da Canaan peopo, da Het peopo, da Periz peopo, da Jebus peopo, da Ammon peopo, da Moab peopo, da Egypt peopo, an da Amor peopo. 2Our guys take all da peopos daughtas fo come dea wifes, an wifes fo dea boys. So now, da ohana dat stay spesho fo God, come all mix up wit da peopos from da odda places dat donno God. An da leada guys fo da Israel ohanas, dey da main ones dat stay go agains wat God trus um fo do!”
3Wen I hear dat, I come real sore inside. Den I broke my clotheses an my robe, fo show I feel bad. I pull some hair outa my head and my beard. I jus sit dea an no can tink an no can do notting. 4Den get odda peopo dat stay scared an shaking too, cuz dey know wat da God Fo Da Israel Peopo tell. Dey all come sit down by me. Cuz dey know dat some a da peopo dat wen come back from Babylon, no stay lissen an do wat God trus um fo do. Me, I stay sit dea, no can tink an no can do notting, till time fo make da late aftanoon sacrifice.
Ezra Pray Fo Know Wat Fo Do
5Wen time fo make da sacrifice, I stand up. All dat day I no eat notting so I can pray. My clotheses an my robe, stay broke, so erybody know I stay sore inside. I go down on my knees on top da groun, an I put up my hands to my God Yahweh. 6I tell: “You, my God! But I stay get plenny shame! Real plenny shame, so I no can even look up to you, my God. Da bad tings us guys stay do, jalike one big pile a rubbish dat mo high den oua head! Da shame fo do all dat bad kine stuff, jalike go all da way up to da sky! 7From da time oua ancesta guys wen live to now, us guys get uku paila shame. An cuz a da bad kine stuff us guys stay do, you wen let da kings from odda lands take ova us guys -- oua kings an prieses an erybody. Dey kill us wit swords, an drag us away fo work fo dem. Dey take eryting we get, an dey make us come plenny shame. An dat stay happening again right now!
8“An jus now, you oua God Yahweh, you wen help us plenny fo short time an do good tings fo us. You wen leave some a us guys fo stay alive, an let us come back to dis place dat stay good an spesho fo you. You even make us happy litto bit. No matta we ony slaves, you help us fo stay alive. 9Even us guys stay slaves fo shua, you oua God, an you stick wit yoa peopo no matta us slaves. Az why you neva go way from us guys. You even make da kings Persia side do good tings fo us. You make us jalike we come alive again, so we can build yoa Temple one mo time, an fix da tings dat stay all bus up. You let us build one strong wall fo da Judah peopo Jerusalem side.
10“But now, wit all da bad kine stuff oua peopo stay doing, us no can say notting to you oua God. Cuz one mo time, we awready foget da tings you tell us we gotta do, an we go do wat we not suppose to do! 11Da guys dat befo time work fo you an talk fo you, dey wen tell us, ‘You guys betta watch out! You going inside one land dat goin come yoa land. Stay plenny pilau! Da diffren peopos dat stay live dea, from one side a da land to da odda side, dey ony do pilau kine stuff!’ 12You wen tell us, ‘No let yoa daughtas marry dea boys! No let yoa boys marry dea daughtas! No do notting fo help dose peopo, an no make eryting come good fo dem!’ You wen make promise to us guys, dat if we no do da kine stuff you tell us fo no do, den we goin come strong, an eat da good stuff dat grow inside dis land, an wen we mahke, we goin leave da whole ting to our kids, foeva.
13“You wen punish us plenny awready, fo da bad tings we wen do an fo da shame we get cuz a dat. Still yet, you ony punish us litto bit fo da bad tings us wen do. An you let some a oua people come back hea. 14But now, we stay broke yoa rules one mo time. We stay marry da same peopos dat stay do all da pilau kine stuff. Fo shua, now you goin come real plenny huhu wit us, an go wipe us out, so nobody stay alive fo come back hea fo live! 15You, Yahweh. You da God fo da Israel peopo. You do wass right erytime. Some a us guys come back hea now, afta we get outa trouble Babylon side. Us guys wen mess up real plenny ova hea. We no can even stand in front you, cuz a da shame we get fo wat we wen do!”