Nehemiah Help Da Peopo Dat No Mo Notting
51Dat time, plenny peopo an dea wifes stay squawk bout how da odda Jewish ohana guys make to dem. 2Some a dem tell, “Us guys, oua kids, an plenny odda peopo, we all gotta get wheat an stuff fo eat so we no mahke.”
3Odda peopo tell, “Da plants no stay growing dis year. Az why, fo get wheat an stuff fo eat, us guys sign paypas wit da rich Jewish guys. We give um oua land fo plant, oua grape farm, an oua house, an dey give us money fo buy food. An if we no can pay um back, den we lose eryting.”
4Odda peopo tell, “Us guys wen sign paypas fo oua land fo plant an fo oua grape farm, fo borrow money from oua own peopo so we can pay da tax fo da Babylon King, an we lose eryting if we no can pay um back. 5But us get da same blood an bone jalike da peopo from oua own ohana dat we stay borrow da money from. Oua kids an dea kids, same ting. But us guys, we gotta sell oua own boys an girls fo make um come slaves, an some a da girls, dey slaves awready. Us no mo powa fo do notting, an get odda Jewish guys dat take ova oua land fo plant an oua grape farm!”
6Wen I hear how dey stay yell fo help, an all da stuff dey tell, I come plenny huhu. 7Afta I tink plenny bout all dat, I take da ali`i guys an da govmen guys in front da judge. I tell all dem guys, “How come you guys taking tings from yoa own peopo?! You charge mo fo loan um money, an den wen dey no can pay, you charge um some moa!”
So I tell all da peopo fo come togedda fo do someting bout dem guys.
8Wen erybody come togedda, I tell um, “Us guys, we stay buy back oua Jewish brudda guys dat befo time peopo wen sell to da odda peopos fo make um slaves. Nuff awready, fo us guys do dat. But now, some a you guys, you stay selling yoa own bruddas! An den, we gotta buy dem back too! Nuff awready!”
Da rich guys, dey no say notting, cuz dey no can find notting fo say.
9Den I tell, “Da tings you guys stay doing, not right! Mo betta you guys live da way dat show you guys scared a God! Dat way, da odda peopos dat stay agains us, no can say notting bad bout us! 10Me an my bruddas, and da guys dat work fo me, we all stay lend money an wheat to da odda guys too. But we gotta stop charging um plenny too. 11So. Right now, give um back dea lands fo plant, dea grape farms, dea olive trees, dea houses. Give um back how much mo you wen charge fo lend um money an wheat an wine an olive oil. 12Dey tell, “We goin give um back eryting. We no goin aks fo anyting no moa. We goin do um how you say.” Den I tell da pries guys fo come, an I make da leada guys make strong promise in front da pries guys, fo do wat I tell. 13Den I shake out da part a my robe wea I keep stuff, an I tell, “Erybody dat no do how dey wen promise, I like fo God shake dem outa dea house an all da stuffs dey wen work hard fo get, so den dey no mo notting.”
All da peopo dat wen come togedda tell, “Az right! We gotta do um!” Dey wen tell good tings bout Yahweh. An dey wen go do jalike dey wen make promise fo do.
Nehemiah Help Da Peopo
14From da time dat King Artaxerxes make me govna fo da Judah land, in da numba 20 year dat he was King, till da numba 32 year, dass 12 year, me an my bruddas had da right fo use da govmen money fo buy food. But we neva do dat. We buy oua food wit oua own money. 15But da guys dat was govna befo me, dey wen make um hard fo da peopo. Dey wen make um bring food an wine, an ery guy gotta pay 40 silva kine coin. Even da guys dat work fo da odda govnas, dey ack like dey can tell da peopo wat fo do too. But I neva make lidat, cuz I scared wat God goin say if I do dat. 16I wen hang in dea fo do da work fo fix dis wall. I neva buy land, an all my worka guys wen stay togedda fo do da work. 17Ery day I feed 150 peopo, da Jews an da govmen guys. Had odda guys dat wen come hea from odda countries aroun us guys dat I wen feed um too. 18Ery day my peopo cook fo erybody one cow, six sheeps dat dey pick spesho fo us guys, an some chickens, an dey cook um fo me. Ery ten days gotta go get plenny diffren kine wine. Still yet, wit all dat food, I neva aks fo da money I get da right fo use cuz I da govna, cuz dat make da peopo work mo hard fo do all dat.
19Dis how I stay pray:
“My God, no foget do good tings fo me
Cuz a all da good tings I stay do fo dis peopo!”