Da Local Peopo Try Fo Make Us Stop
61Dat time, Sanballat an Tobiah an Geshem da Arab guy an da odda guys dat stay agains us wen hear dat me an my peopo stay build da town wall awready. Dey hear dat da wall no stay bus up no moa. (But dat time, I still neva yet put up da big doors fo da town gates.) 2Sanballat an Geshem wen send somebody fo tell me, “Go come fo meet us, in one small town Ono Valley side.” But I know dey stay make plan fo do someting bad to me.
3I wen send some guys by dem fo tell um, “I get big job fo do ova hea. So, I no can go ova dea. No good I leave da job fo go by you guys, an da work stop.” 4Four times, dey wen send peopo fo tell me come, an I tell um same ting.
5Da nex time afta dat, Sanballat wen send one a his worka guys by me. He stay carry one letta in his hand fo show um to erybody so dey can see, befo he come by me. 6Da letta tell:
“Da peopo from diffren country telling dis -- an Geshem tell az fo real -- dat you an da Jewish peopo, you stay make plan fo fight da King. Dass how come you stay build da town wall. An from da stuff dey tell, you da guy goin come dea King. 7An you stay tell da guys dat talk fo God Jerusalem side, fo tell erybody dis bout you: ‘Now, get new king, Judah side!’ An dass wat us guys goin tell King Artaxerxes. So you betta come fo talk to us now.”
8Den I send somebody fo tell Sanballat, “Dis stuff you stay talk bout, neva wen happen. You ony bulai all dat.”
9All dem Sanballat guys ony like make us come scared. Dey tink dis bout us, “Da Jewish peopo goin come too weak, an dey goin lose fight an no finish build da wall.”
But now I pray to God, fo make my hand strong!
10One time, I wen go Shemaiah house. Delaiah his fadda, Mehetabel his granfadda. Shemaiah, he no can go outside. Den he tell, “Good fo me an you go inside God's house, inside da Temple. We go shut da doors. Cuz some guys coming fo kill you. Dis nite, dey goin come kill you!”
11But I tell um, “You tink I dat kine guy, dat goin run away?! No way! You tink I dat kine guy, dat go inside da Temple jus fo stay alive?! Not even! I not going ova dea wit you!” 12Den I wen figga: no was God dat send dis guy. He make like one talka fo God, cuz Tobiah an Sanballat wen pay him off. 13Dey wen pay him fo talk lidat, so dey can make me come scared an I do someting bad cuz a dat, an den dey can use dat fo make me lose face an fo make me shame.
14I stay pray lidis:
“My God, no foget pay back Tobiah an Sanballat,
Fo da bad tings dey wen do!
No foget da wahine Noadiah dat say she talk fo God,
An all da odda guys dat say dey talk fo God,
Dat stay try make me come scared!”
Da Builda Guys Finish Da Town Wall
15Octoba 2, we wen pau build da town wall, an ony take 52 days! 16Wen all da guys dat stay agains us find out we pau, all da peopo inside all da countries aroun us guys come scared, an start fo tink maybe us mo strong den dem. Dey figga, us guys wen do all dat work cuz oua God stay help us.
17Had odda stuff dat happen dat time too. Some a da ali`i guys from the Judah ohana wen send lettas to Tobiah, an Tobiah send lettas back to dem. 18Cuz had plenny Judah peopo dat wen make strong promise befo time, fo make Tobiah dea boss, cuz he wen marry Shekaniah girl, an Shekaniah fadda was Arah. Tobiah boy Jehohanan wen marry Meshullam girl, an Meshullam faddah was Berekiah. 19Dey talk to me bout all da good tings Tobiah wen do, an den dey go tell Tobiah eryting I say. An Tobiah stay send plenny letta fo try make me scared.