Mordecai Aks Esther Fo Help Da Jewish Peopo
41Wen Mordecai wen find out bout eryting Haman guys goin do to da Jewish peopo, he broke his clotheses, an put on burmbag clotheses an throw ashes up in da air an let um come down on top his head fo show he stay sore inside. Den he go outside his house wea he stay fo go inside da big town, an he cry real loud fo get help from somebody. 2But he ony stay by da king's gate, cuz dey no let nobody wit burmbag clotheses go inside dea. 3Inside ery districk wea da Jewish peopo hear wat da king tell da odda peopos fo do, da Jews ack jalike somebody wen mahke. Dey no like eat, an dey cry an yell real loud. Plenny Jewish peopo all ova da place wear burmbag clotheses, an throw ashes up inside da air an let um come down on top dea head cuz dey stay plenny sore inside.
4Wen da wahines dat work fo Queen Esther, an her guys dat stay in charge a da wahines, go tell Esther bout Mordecai, wen bodda her plenny. She send clotheses fo him put on, so he no need wear burmbag clotheses, but he no like use um. 5Den Esther tell Hatak fo come by her. He one a da guys dat no can get kids an da king stay put fo work fo her. She tell Hatak fo find out wat stay bodda Mordecai, an why he stay ack lidat.
6So Hatak go out by Mordecai wea he stay in da open place inside da town in front da king's gate, an aks him.
7Den Mordecai tell Hatak eryting dat wen happen to him, an how plenny money Haman promise fo pay da peopo dat take care da king's money, fo wipe out da Jewish peopo. 8Mordecai give Hatak one copy wea dey write down wat King Xerxes inside Susa town tell bout da Persia peopo goin wipe out da Jews. Mordecai tell Hatak, “Show dis to Esther. Tell her eryting. Tell her she gotta go by da king fo her peopo, fo beg him fo give um chance!”
9Hatak go back tell Esther eryting Mordecai wen tell. 10Den Esther tell Hatak fo tell Mordecai, 11“All da king's leadas an palace peopo an all da peopo inside his districks know, dat any guy o wahine dat go near da king inside da palace yard, an he neva call dem, da king get ony one rule: dat dey gotta mahke. Da ony time dey no gotta mahke, if he put out his gold rod to dem. Den dey can stay alive. But now get thirty days awready an da king no call me fo go by him yet.” 12Hatak tell Mordecai wat Esther wen say.
13Mordecai tell Hatak fo tell her, “No tink dat jus cuz you stay inside da king's palace, you da ony Jew dat no goin mahke. 14But if you no talk notting dis time, some odda ting goin happen fo get da Jewish peopo outa dis one nodda way. But you an yoa fadda's ohana goin all mahke. Nobody know dis fo shua, but maybe az why you wen come inside da king's ohana, jus fo dis one ting.”
15Den Esther tell Hatak fo tell Mordecai dis: 16“Go bring togedda all da Jewish peopo you can find inside Susa town an no eat food so you can pray fo me. No eat an no drink fo three days, day time o nite time. Me an da wahines dat work fo me, we goin do same ting, no eat an no drink notting fo three days too, so us guys can pray. Afta we do dat, I goin go in front da king, no matta I stay broke da rules. An if I mahke, I mahke.” 17So Mordecai go way an do eryting Esther tell him fo do.