Esther Aks Da King Fo Do Someting
51On da numba three day, Esther put on her queen kine clotheses an go stand outside da door, inside da yard in da palace, right in front da place wea da king stay work. Da king stay sitting on top his throne inside da palace, wea he can see outside da door. 2Wen he see Queen Esther standing inside da yard, he like see her, an he hold his gold rod out to her dat was inside his hand. So Esther go by him an touch da end a da rod.
3Den da king aks her, “Wat you like, Queen Esther? Wat you aksing fo? Even if you aks fo half a eryting I get, I goin give um to you.”
4She tell, “If you like, I like you -- an bring Haman too -- fo come today fo one big dinna I wen make fo you.”
5Da king tell his guys, “Bring Haman now, so we can do wat Esther aks.”
So da king an Haman wen eat da dinna Esther wen make. 6Wen dey stay drinking da wine, da king aks Esther one mo time, “Now wat you like? I goin give um to you, even half da stuff I get. I goin do um fo you!”
7Esther tell him, “Dis da ting I aksing you fo do: 8If da king like me, an he like do wat I aks, den I like you da king -- an Haman too -- come again tomorrow fo anodda dinna I goin make. Den I goin tell you wat I stay aksing fo.”
Haman Stay Real Huhu Agains Mordecai
9Haman go out dat day an he stay feel real good inside. He stay feel real happy. But wen he see Mordecai by da king's gate, an see dat Mordecai neva stand up fo him, an show he no scared a him, Haman come even mo huhu agains Mordecai den befo. 10But still yet Haman no say notting, an go home.
He call togedda his friends an Zeresh his wife. 11Haman talk big to dem bout all his rich stuffs, bout all his boys, an how da king show him plenny respeck, an make him mo importan den all da odda ali`i an palace guys dat stay work fo da king. 12He tell dem, “An az not all! I da ony one Queen Esther wen aks fo come wit da king fo eat one dinna she wen make. An she aks me again fo come eat anodda dinna wit him tomorrow. 13But dat no mean notting to me! Cuz I see Mordecai da Jew erytime sitting ova dea by da king's gate, an he no stand up wen I come!”
14Zeresh, Haman's wife, an all his friends tell him, “Go tell somebody put up one big pos 75 feet high, fo hang Mordecai, an in da morning, aks da king fo tell his guys hang Mordecai on um. Den go wit da king to da dinna, an you can feel good inside.” Haman like dat plenny, an tell his guys fo put up da pos fo hang Mordecai.