Dey Hang Haman
71So da king an Haman wen go eat wit Queen Esther. 2Wen dey stay drinking da wine on da numba two day, da king aks one mo time, “Queen Esther, wat you like? I goin give um to you. Wat you aksing fo? I give um to you, even half a eryting I get.”
3Den Queen Esther tell, “O King, if you really like me, an you tink az good, please let me stay alive! Az all I aks you fo do. An I aks you fo let my peopo stay alive too. 4Cuz somebody wen sell out me an my peopo fo kill us. If dey ony wen sell us fo come slaves, da guys an da wahines, den I no say notting, an I no like bodda you wit dis. Cuz da kine trouble us guys goin get from come one slave, ony litto bit.”
5King Xerxes aks Queen Esther, “Who da guy wen do dis? Wea da guy dat get big head an like do dis?”
6Queen Esther tell, “Da guy dat hate us, he dis real bad guy Haman!”
Den Haman come real scared in front da king an queen.
7Da king stand up. He come real huhu. He leave his wine, an go outside, inside da palace garden. But Haman know awready, da king make up his mind wat he goin do. So Haman stay dea an beg Queen Esther fo let him stay alive. 8Den da king come back from da palace garden to da place wea Esther make da dinna. But he see Haman go down on top da couch wea Esther stay, begging her fo give him chance.
Da king say, “Dis guy Haman, he even like fool aroun wit da queen wen she stay hea inside da house wit me!”
Wen da king say dat, da king's helpa guys put one cloth on top Haman's face fo show he gotta mahke.
9Den Harbona, one a da king's guys dat no can make kids, tell, “Eh, you know, get one pos 75 feet high by Haman's house fo hang somebody. He wen make um fo hang Mordecai on top, da guy dat wen tell bout da two guys dat wen like kill da king.”
Da king say, “Hang Haman on top um!” 10So dey hang Haman on top da pos dat he wen make fo hang Mordecai on top um. Den da king no stay huhu no moa.