Wat Da King Do Fo Help Da Jews
81Cuz Haman hate da Jews, dat same day King Xerxes wen give Queen Esther Haman's house an land. Same time, Esther tell da king dat Mordecai her ohana, so Mordecai come in front da king. 2Da king take off da ring he use fo stamp his papers, dat he wen take back from Haman, an give um to Mordecai. Esther put Mordecai in charge Haman's house an land.
3One mo time Esther talk to da king. She go down by da king's feet an cry, an beg da king fo stop da real bad plan dat Haman da Agag guy stay make agains da Jews. 4Den da king put out his hand wit da gold rod to Esther, an den she stand up in front him.
5She tell, “If da king say az good, an he like me, an tink az right an good fo do um, I like da king write one nodda rule fo wipe out da odda rule dat Haman, Hammedata's boy from Agag, wen write awready. He wen write da rule fo wipe out all da Jews inside all da king's districks. 6Cuz I no like see dis bad kine stuff come on top my peopo, an see all my own ohana wipe out.”
7King Xerxes tell Queen Esther an Mordecai da Jew, “Cuz Haman wen go agains da Jews, my guys hang Haman awready, an I give his house an land to you, Esther. 8Now, I like you guys write anodda rule from me fo da Jews, wateva you tink stay good fo dem, an use my name an stamp um wit my ring, cuz no mo nobody can change wat I da king write an stamp wit my ring.”
9Right den an dea, June 25, da king call his secretaries fo come. Dey write eryting Mordecai wen tell um fo say to da Jews, an da leadas, govna guys, an ali`i fo all da 127 districks from India to Sudan. Dey write dis wit da alphabets dat all da diffren peopos use, an in dea languages. Fo da Jews dey use dea alphabets an dea language too. 10Mordecai wen write um jus like King Xerxes wen write um himself, an stamp um wit da king's ring, an send da tings dey write by messenja guys on top horses dat go fas (cuz dey wen raise da horses spesho kine jus fo da king's work).
11Da king's new rule now tell, dat da Jews inside ery big town get da right fo come togedda, fo fight fo take care demself, an can wipe out an kill any army from any peopo o districk dat go agains dem an dea wahines an kids, an dey can take da stuffs from da guys dey wen kill. 12Da day wen da Jews can do dis inside all da districks wea Xerxes stay king, was goin be March 7, da nex year. 13Dey send one copy a dis rule to ery districk, an tell um to ery peopo, so da Jews can stay get ready dat day, fo fight agains da guys dat hate dem.
14Da messenja guys on top da king's horses go real fas, cuz da king tell um fo go fas. Dey tell dis rule too inside da strong walls inside Susa town.
15Mordecai wen go out from wea da king stay. He wear king kine blue an white clotheses, one big gold crown, an one purple kine robe wit da bestes kine linen from Egypt. Inside da Susa big town erybody make one big party an stay feel real good inside. 16Fo da Jews, now dey stay feel real good inside, cuz erybody get respeck fo dem. 17Inside ery districk an big town, wea eva da rule dat da king tell wen come, all da Jews stay real good inside. Dey make big party an holiday. An plenny odda peopo wen come Jews, cuz now dey real scared a da Jews.