Wat God Say Bout Da Jerusalem Peopo
(1 Corint 15:32; Jesus Show 3:7)
221Me, Isaiah, I get heavy kine stuff fo tell bout wat I see goin happen to da Jerusalem peopo:
Dis wat God say bout da place
Wit mountains all aroun
Wea can see wat goin come bumbye.
“Wassup wit all you guys?!
So den, how come erybody go up on top yoa flat roof?!
2All ova Jerusalem town
Some a you guys stay yelling and moaning,
An odda guys make party!
Same time get mahke guys bodies all ova da place.
Nobody wen kill dem wit da sword.
Dey neva fight in da war,
But still yet, dey mahke.
3Da leada guys fo yoa army
Dey all wen run away togedda.
Da odda guys no even shoot arrow at dem.
Dey jus grab um an tie um up.
Da guys from da town come prisonas too,
Even da guys dat run away
Wen da army guys still yet stay far away from da town.”
4Dass why I tell dis,
“Go way! No look at me!
Let me cry hard!
No try make me feel good inside
Cuz dey wipe out my peopo!
My peopo, dey jalike one wahine,
Gone awready, eryting dey get.”
5My boss Yahweh, Da God Ova All Da Armies,
One day, he goin come.
Den, God goin mess up da Jerusalem peopo head
So dey no can tink an donno wat dey doing.
He goin make dem run all ova each odda,
Right dea, inside da place wit mountain all aroun
Wea can see wat goin come bumbye.
Dat time, da army goin broke down da Jerusalem wall.
All da way to da mountain, goin hear da peopo yelling.
6Da Elam guys goin shoot dea bow an arrow at da Jerusalem guys
From inside da war wagon,
Wit odda guys fo drive da horses fo da war wagon.
Da guys from Kir goin put up da shield.
7Yoa bestes kine valleys
Get plenny war wagon.
Da army guys dat ride horse
Stay watch by da gate fo da town.
8Da Judah peopo no can hide wat dey doing.
Dat time, dey ony goin trus da ol stuff fo fight wit
Dat dey keep inside da palace dat dey call
Da Forest House.
9But you guys goin see dat get plenny place
Wea da wall stay bus up awready
All aroun Jerusalem, King David's big town.
You guys goin keep watta
Inside da makai watta place.
10You count da houses inside Jerusalem,
Den you broke um down fo get wood an stone
Fo make da wall mo strong.
11You guys goin build one new watta place
Inside da town walls
So nobody can take da watta
From da old watta place.

But you guys neva even tink bout Yahweh,
Da One dat wen make all dis happen,
Cuz he wen plan um from long time ago.
12My boss, Yahweh Da God Ova All Da Armies,
He goin call you dat time
Fo cry an stay sore inside,
Fo pull out yoa hair,
An put on burmbag kine clotheses,
Fo show you stay sore inside.
13But you know wat?!
You guys no goin stay sore inside.
You guys goin dance an sing,
An make party,
You kill cows an sheeps,
Eat da meat an drink da wine.
You tell, “Eat an drink now,
Cuz tomorrow, we mahke!”
14I hear Yahweh, Da God Ova All Da Armies,
Tell dis bad kine ting you guys stay do,
I no goin hemo da shame from you guys fo dat
Fo all da days you stay alive.”
Dass wat my boss tell,
Yahweh, Da God Ova All Da Armies.
Wat God Tell Bout Da Guy Shebna
15Dis da ting my boss Yahweh, Da God Ova All Da Armies, tell:
“Go see dis guy Shebna, dat take care all da palace kine business. Tell um strait:
16‘Wassa matta you?!
Dis not yoa kuleana, you know!
How come you get yoa peopo hea?!
Who give you da right
Fo build one fancy kine puka inside dis big stone
So yoa ohana can bury you ova hea wen you mahke?!
Cutting out one puka dass mo high inside
Den da puka fo da oddas inside da big rock!
Dass da place you goin stay afta you mahke!

17‘You betta watch out!
Yahweh stay ready fo grab you
An throw you away, you big moke!
18He goin roll you up tight jalike one ball,
An throw you inside one big land.
Dass wea you goin mahke,
An dass wea da war wagons goin stay,
Dat wen make you look so awesome!
But now, you da one
Make shame fo yoa boss guys!
19I goin take yoa kuleana away from you.
I goin throw you outa yoa palace job!

20‘Dat time, I goin call my worka guy,
Eliakim, Hilkiah boy, fo come work fo me.
21I goin put yoa robe an yoa ali`i sash on top him,
An give him da powa
Fo do da job you get right now.
He goin come jalike da fadda guy
Fo da peopo inside Jerusalem,
An da Judah ohana peopo.
22I goin give Eliakim da right
Fo run da govmen fo da king,
Jalike him da one carry da key fo King David palace
An work fo da King David ohana.
Wen Eliakim open someting,
No mo nobody can shut um.
Wen he shut someting,
No mo nobody can open um.
23I goin make Eliakim come one strong guy,
No mo notting can make him change,
Jalike one strong stick
Dat stick out from da wall fo hold stuff.
Erybody goin get choke respeck fo his fadda ohana,
Cuz Eliakim goin be jalike da throne dat hold da king.
24Him da one gotta carry da load
Fo all his fadda guy's ohana peopo,
Fo make shua dey all get respeck.
Dey goin make Eliakim take care eryting fo dem,
Even da mos small kine stuff.”
Yahweh, Da God Ova All Da Armies,
Dis wat he tell:
“Bumbye, [even] Eliakim goin mess up,
Jalike wen da stick dat dey wen put one solid place come loose.
Somebody goin chop um off,
Den da whole load goin fall down
An eryting dat hang on top um goin wipe out.”
Yahweh, he da One tell all dat.