Wat God Say Bout Tyre
231Me, Isaiah, I get heavy kine stuff fo tell bout wat I see goin happen to da Tyre peopo:
All you guys inside da boats dat go Spain side,
Cry an yell cuz you stay sore inside.
You guys no mo house now,
No mo place fo da boats fo go in.
Wen da boats come back from Spain
An stop Cyprus Island,
Den somebody tell dem
Dat Tyre town stay all bus up awready.
2You peopo dat live nea da beach,
No say notting, cuz you feel so bad!
You Sidon guys dat buy stuff an sell um,
Was da Tyre peopo
Dat go an come on top da boats
Dat befo time wen bring you wateva you like.
3Befo time, dey go on top da big ocean
An bring back plenny stuffs,
Cuz dey buy an sell seeds from Shihor
An da food da Nile River peopo cut.
Az how Tyre town wen stay
Jalike da open market fo all da nations.

4But now, you peopo inside Sidon town,
You ony get shame!
Tyre was da town wit da strong wall by da sea
Dat wen take care all you odda peopo!
But now, jalike da Tyre peopo stay tell,
“Us guys no mo nobody
Fo do how us wen do befo.
Jalike us neva hurt plenny
An born kids fo stick wit us,
Us neva raise young guys o wahines
Fo take ova oua business bumbye.”
5Wen da Egypt peopo hear
Bout wat happen inside Tyre,
Goin hurt dem plenny,
Jalike one wahine start fo hurt
Wen she start fo born bebe.
6Run away da odda side da sea, to Spain!
Cry an yell cuz you stay sore inside,
You peopo from da island dat still stay dea!
7Fo shua, dis not da same big town
Dat erytime stay make party befo time!
Dis not da same ol town dat stay from long time ago.
Cuz now, all da Tyre peopo go far way awready.
Dey no stay dea no moa.
Dey go live wea dey no mo land.
8Who you tink wen make da plan
Fo wipe out Tyre, da big town?!
Befo time, was dea king
Dat give plenny odda kings dea crown!
Da guys from Tyre dat buy an sell stuff was princes,
An erybody in da world get respeck
Fo da guys dat go far place fo sell stuff.
9Was Yahweh, Da God Ova All Da Armies!
He da One plan um
Fo shame all da awesome peopo dat get big head,
An make erybody in da world lose face
Dat wen get respeck befo time.

10You Tyre peopo dat live Spain side now,
Okay fo you go from one end a yoa land to da odda end,
Jalike da Nile River go all ova Egypt,
From one end to the odda end,
Cuz no mo notting make you stay one place no moa.

11Wen Yahweh put up his hand fo use his powa ova da sea,
He make da kings an dea peopos come scared an shaking.
He da One dat tell, az time fo wipe out
Da towns inside Fonicia dat get strong wall.
12He tell da peopo inside Sidon town
“No moa, you goin feel good bout anyting!
You guys goin be jalike one young wahine
Dat get rape.
Even if you guys go ova dea Cyprus Island,
You guys no goin rest dea.”

13Look! da Babylon land!
Da peopo dat live dea,
Befo time, nobody know who dem.
Da Assyria guys wen use da Babylon land
Fo da wild animals dat stay inside da boonies.
But lata, az da Babylon peopo from da boonies
Build towers fo fight agains Tyre town.
Dey rip off eryting inside da palaces inside da town,
An leave all da rubbish wea had house.
14All you Tyre guys inside da boats dat go Spain side,
Cry an yell cuz you stay sore inside.
Cuz yoa town wit strong wall stay all bus up.
15Dat time, erybody goin foget bout Tyre fo 70 year. Dass jalike da time wen one king stay alive. Afta da 70 year, goin come fo Tyre jalike da song tell bout one wahine dat take money fo fool aroun:

“You, da wahine dat erybody wen foget,
So take one guitar
Play nice music an sing plenny song
So guys goin tink bout you long time.”
Cuz afta 70 year, Yahweh goin tink bout da Tyre peopo, an do someting fo help dem. Den da peopo inside Tyre goin go back an make jalike befo time. Dey goin buy an sell stuff again wit all da kings all ova da world an dea peopos, jalike da wahine dat take money fo fool aroun. But dat time, wateva da Tyre peopo make from wat dey buy an sell, an from work, goin come spesho fo Yahweh, not fo demself. Wateva dey make, goin be fo plenny food an good clotheses fo da peopo dat stay tight wit Yahweh.