Da Judah Peopo Goin Sing Fo God
(Hebrews 10:27)
261Dat time, goin get dis song fo us sing Judah side:
Our big town stay strong fo shua.
Yahweh da One, keep us guys outa trouble.
Jalike he da strong wall fo us guys
An da extra wall outside our big town.
2Open da town gates
An let our peopo go inside,
Da ones dat do da right kine stuff
An do wateva dey make promise fo do.
3Yahweh, you stay keep whoeva stay solid
How dey tinking,
You stay make eryting come out good fo dem.
Come out good, cuz dey stay trus you.
4Trus Yahweh foeva an eva,
Cuz if you stay tight wit oua God Yahweh,
Jalike you get one strong an solid rock dat stay foeva.
5He make da guys wit big head come last.
He bus up da big town.
He goin make da towns come notting
Dat sit on top da hills
So da army guys no can come dea.
He make dea wall fall down to da groun,
On top da dirt.
6Da peopo dat get hard time
An da peopo dat no mo notting
Dey goin jump all ova da place
Wea da big town wen stay befo,
Cuz dey feel good inside.

7Whoeva do da right kine stuff,
You make da way dey go not hard.
You da God dat do da right kine tings.
You make da road easy
Fo peopo follow, dat do da right kine stuff.
8Yahweh, fo shua us guys like live
Da way you show us, so we stay wait
Fo find out how you goin judge peopo.
Da ting we really like fo erybody know,
Is wat kine God you, an no foget you.
9All nite, I really tink bout you.
An morning time, I really like know you
Wit eryting inside me.
Cuz wen you judge people an punish dem,
Den peopo all ova da world
Goin learn fo do wass right.
10But even if God hold back from punish da bad guys,
Dey no goin learn fo do da right ting.
Even inside one land
Wea all da odda peopo stay do da right ting,
Da bad kine peopo still goin do bad kine stuff.
Dey no goin see
Dat Yahweh stay awesome fo real kine.
11Yahweh, dat kine peopo no can see notting!
Dey donno dat you stay put up yoa hand awready
Fo use yoa powa fo punish dem!
I like dey come shame wen dey look
An see dat you stay go all out fo yoa peopo,
An jalike you make da fire burn up an kill
Da peopo dat stay agains you.
12Yahweh, you da One
Make eryting come out good fo us guys,
Cuz eryting dat us guys stay do,
You da one do um fo us guys.

13Yahweh, you da God fo us guys!
Befo time, get odda bosses stay in charge a us, not you.
So us guys goin make shua
Dat you, da ony one we goin tink bout
An use yoa name.
14Now, all dose odda boss guys, mahke awready.
Dey no goin come back alive no moa,
Dea spirits no goin come back.
Dass cuz you punish dem awready.
You wen bus um up
An wipe out eryting bout dem,
So peopo no tink bout dem!
15Yahweh, you wen give oua nation mo plenny peopo,
An dat show dat you stay awesome.
You even give us mo big land.
16Yahweh, befo time oua peopo look fo you
Wen dey get hard time.
Wen you scold dem fo teach dem,
Dey ony can whispa wen dey pray to you.
17Us guys stay jalike one wahine
Az time awready fo born one bebe,
Den her move aroun an yell
Cuz her stay real sore.
Dass how we wen stay cuz a you, Yahweh.
18Us guys, same ting.
Jalike us stay born one bebe,
Us move aroun plenny, but da ting we born,
Notting, jalike we born ony wind.
We neva do notting
Fo get nobody on top da earth outa trouble,
We neva born plenny peopo fo fill up da land.

19Yoa mahke guys going come alive again!
Da mahke bodies a my peopo goin come up!
All you guys dat was inside da dirt,
Wake up an yell cuz you feel good inside!
Da mahke spirits goin come alive again,
All new, jalike da watta dat come on top da grass
Wen da light come, morning time,
An jalike da earth wen make dem come up.

20My peopo, go inside yoa room
An shut da door.
Hide inside dea fo litto bit
Till Yahweh pau huhu.
21Cuz you know wat?!
Yahweh stay coming out from his place
Fo punish da peopo on top da earth
Fo all bad kine stuff dey do.
Den da earth goin show
All da peopo dat wen bleed an mahke dea,
Da one peopo wen kill dea,
An he no goin hide um no moa.