Auwe Fo Da Efraim Peopo!
(Rome 9:33; 1 Corint 14:21; 1 Peter 2:6)
281Auwe! Samaria town, Efraim side,
Look jalike get one nice head lei
On top a da Samaria hill,
Ova one valley wea eryting grow good!
But dat lei, jalike da good looking flowas
Dat stay come all dry up now.
Az cuz da Efraim peopo get big head
An dey stay drunk all da time!
Plenny rich stuff come from dat valley,
But da peopo from dea ony drink up da wine,
Till dey no can even stand up!

2But you know what?!
My boss get da Assyria army,
Dat stay real strong wit plenny power.
Dey stay jalike one rain storm dat fall down wit ice,
One real strong wind dat wipe out all da plants,
One storm dat make da watta come up all ova da place,
Wit plenny powa fo throw down da big town.
3Dat town, dat look jalike one nice lei aroun um,
So da drunk guys from Efraim get big head bout um.
Da Assyria army guys goin bus up
Da town, dat stay jalike one nice lei.
4Dat town, da army guys goin take um ova
An rip off eryting,
No matta da place stay look
Jalike one nice looking flowa,
On top a da Samaria hill,
An stay jalike one real nice head lei
Dat stay come all dry up,
Ova one valley wea eryting grow good!
Dat town, goin be jalike one fruit dat come ripe early
An somebody see um,
An right den an dea,
Dey take um an eat um.

5But dat time, Yahweh da God Ova All Da Armies,
He goin come jalike da nice looking head lei
An jalike one awesome crown
Fo da Israel peopo dat still stay alive dea. 6Da guys dat get da job fo judge,
He goin make dem come
So dey really like judge da right way.
Da army guys dat get da job
Fo make whoeva like fight dem
Go back to da town dey come from,
He goin make dem come so dey can fight good.

7But nowdays, even dose guys
Fall down cuz dey drink too much wine
An no can walk good cuz a da beer!
Even da pries guys an da guys dat talk fo God,
Dey fall down cuz a da beer
An no can tink right cuz a da wine.
Wen God like show um someting jalike one dream,
Dey no undastan um an dey tell um az wrong,
Wen dey gotta judge wass right an wass wrong,
Dey no can do um, cuz dey stay mess up.
8Dey throw up all ova on top all da tables,
Get doodoo all ova on top,
No mo one clean table.
9Dey stay talk lidis:
“Eh! Dis Isaiah guy, who he tink him?!
He try fo teach us stuff,
An make us guys undastan!
How come he stay make to us
Jalike us bebes dat jus pau drink milk
From dea mudda's breast?!
10Da bugga ony tell da same ting, ova an ova,
‘Do dis, do dat,
One rule, anodda rule,
Litto bit hea, litto bit dea!’-”

11Kay den. Dey no like lissen,
God goin send odda peopo fo talk to dem,
Army guys from odda place
Wit da kine language dey no undastan!
Still yet, God goin talk to his peopo,
12Jalike he wen tell um befo,
“Dis, da place fo rest.
Da guys tired, can rest ova hea.
Dis wea you guys can sleep.”
But dey no like lissen.
13So, fo dem guys, wat Yahweh tell um
Goin be dis:
“Do dis, do dat,
One rule, anodda rule,
Litto bit hea, litto bit dea.”
An dey goin go way,
But den dey goin fall on dea okole.
Dey goin come all bus up.
Da army guys goin grab dem
An dey goin come prisonas.

14Cuz a dat, lissen wat Yahweh tell,
You guys like laugh at God,
You guys dat stay in charge a dis peopo inside Jerusalem!
15You Jerusalem guys talk big!
You guys tell,
“Us guys wen make one deal fo us no mahke.
We get promise fo no go da Mahke Peopo's Place!
Wen da army guys come hea,
No matta dey go all ova jalike da big watta,
Dey no goin come wea we stay.
Cuz us guys know how fo bulai dem
So dey no goin hurt us.
We no goin tell um da trut,
An dass how we goin stay outa trouble.”

16Cuz dass how you guys tink,
My boss Yahweh tell dis:
“Dis, wat I do!
I da One awready put one stone on top Zion hill
Wea my Temple stay.
I use dat stone fo check out peopo, wat kine dem.
Dat stone, jalike da corna block
Dat cost plenny,
Fo make da foundation stay solid.
An da stone, mean dis:
‘Anybody dat trus him, no need worry.’
17Fo check out da Jerusalem peopo,
I goin look fo see if dey stay judge da right way
An if dey do right erytime,
Jalike da builda guys use one strong string fo measure tings,
An dey pull one odda string
Fo check out if da building stay strait.
You guys tink you can bulai da Assyria army guys
So dey no goin hurt you.
You tink you get place fo hide
Wen da army guys come,
Jalike da big watta.
But no way you can bulai dem!
No mo any place you can hide!
18Da deal you guys wen make fo no mahke,
No goin be awready!
Da promise somebody wen make to you guys
Fo no go da Mahke Peopo's Place,
No goin work!
Wen da army guys come thru dis place,
You guys no even goin can stand up,
Jalike wen da big watta come!
19Goin get plenny army guys
Dat stay come thru hea
Ery morning, ery day, an ery nite,
Jalike erytime da big watta come,
An catch you guys and take you away.”

Wen da peopo undastan wat dis mean,
Dey goin be really scared an shaking.
20Da peopo, dey no goin get place fo hide,
Jalike dey sleeping in one bed dass too short,
Jalike dey using one blanket dass too small.
21Yahweh goin start fo do tings fo you guys,
Jalike da time da Israel peopo fight da Filisha guys, Mount Perazim side.
He goin come real huhu an bus up peopo,
Jalike da time dey fight da Amor peopo, Gibeon Valley.
He goin do anyting he like,
No matta wat he doing
Goin make da peopo drop dea jaws,
No matta nobody wen see him make lidat befo time.
22So now, dass why you guys betta not make fun
O God goin punish you guys even moa.
Cuz dis wat my boss Yahweh,
Da God Ova All Da Armies, tell me:
He make up his mind awready
Fo wipe out all da Israel peopo
Inside da land!

23Lissen good wat I stay tell you.
Hear wat I telling.
24Wen da farma guys plow da dirt fo plant,
You tink dey jus plow um ova an ova,
But dey no plant notting?!
No way.
You tink da ony ting dey do,
Is broke up da dirt an make row fo plant?!
Not even.
25Afta dey make da top come level,
Dey throw da seeds fo da black cummin
An fo da regula kine cummin, on top dea.
Dey plant da wheat in rows,
An barley in da right place,
An one nodda kine wheat aroun da outside.
26Cuz da God da farma guys pray to
Make shua dey know how fo do um,
He show um da right way.

27Dass why, wen dey take out da junks,
Dey no drag one heavy wood ova da black cummin,
An dey no roll da wagon wheel ova da regula cummin.
Dey hit da black cummin wit one stick ony,
An same ting fo da regula kine cummin.
28Fo make bread, firs gotta smash da wheat litto bit
Fo take out da junks,
But no need stay take out da junks foeva.
Dey use da horses
Fo move da wagon wheel ova um,
But not fo smash da wheat real small kine.
29So all dis stuff dat da farma guys know,
Dass one mo ting dat come from Yahweh,
Da God Ova All Da Armies.
Wen he teach peopo how fo make someting,
Dea jaw drop!
Fo shua he know how fo do
Importan kine stuff erytime!