Auwe Fo Da Jerusalem Peopo!
(Matthew 15:8-9; Mark 7:6-7; Rome 9:20, 11:8; 1 Corint 1:19; Colosse 2:22)
291Auwe! fo da peopo inside Jerusalem town,
Da town dat get da spesho name Ariel!
Da town wea King David an his army guys
Wen make camp befo he take ova da town.
Year afta year, you Jerusalem peopo,
Go still make da spesho religious kine time!
2Still yet, I goin make hard time
Fo da peopo inside Ariel town.
Dey goin stay sad an sore inside.
Bumbye Ariel town goin be fo me,
Jalike da kine town I like um fo be.
3Jalike King David time,
I goin make army guys come make camp
An go circle aroun da town.
I goin put army guys wea dey stay ready
Fo fight you guys.
I goin tell um fo pile up dirt
So dey can go walk on top a da wall.
4Yoa peopo goin come notting.
Wen you guys go try fo talk, goin sound
Jalike you stay bury unda da groun.
Wateva you like tell,
Goin stay down inside da dirt.
You guys goin sound jalike one mahke guy
Talking from da groun an no can hear,
O jalike one small bird on top da dirt.
5Goin get real plenny guys from odda place
Dat stay agains you guys,
But dey goin come jalike da dirt on top da groun.
All da peopo dat like hurt you guys,
Dey goin come jalike da junk kine stuffs from da wheat
Dat stay blow way.
Goin come real quick time,
6From me, Yahweh,
Da God Ova All Da Armies,
Goin come time fo make eryting come good.
Goin get thunder,
An da ground goin shake, an get big noise.
Goin get strong wind, an storm,
An fire dat goin wipe out eryting.
7Dat time, da Jerusalem peopo
Goin tink bout all da diffren armies
Dat wen fight dem,
An how dey wen try fo bus up
Da strong walls aroun da town,
An how dey wen make hard time fo da peopo.
Wen da Jerusalem peopo tink bout all dat,
Goin be, jalike ony was one dream
Dat dey wen see nite time.
8Az jalike wen one guy dream dat he hungry an stay eating,
But he wake up an he still yet hungry.
Jalike wen one guy dream dat he thirsty an stay drinking,
But he wake up an he not strong,
An still yet he thirsty.
Same ting fo all da diffren peopos
Dat stay fight agains Jerusalem town.
Jalike dey dream dey take ova Mount Zion inside Jerusalem,
But dey wake up, an dey no can.

9Hang aroun an no do notting,
An yoa jaws goin drop!
Cova yoa eyes,
So you no can see notting!
Come jalike drunk,
But not cuz you drink wine.
Walk around an stagga,
But not cuz you drink beer.
10Cuz jalike Yahweh wen make you pass out an sleep!
You guys dat talk fo him,
He shut yoa eyes real good.
You guys dat can see wat goin come bumbye,
Jalike he wen cova yoa head wit one cloth.

11Fo you guys, da tings dat God show
Wen come jalike one paper dat get words on top
An somebody roll um up
An close um wit one wax kine seal.
If you give um to somebody dat know how fo read,
An tell um “Read um fo me,”
He goin tell, “I no can.
Get seal on top um.”
12An if you guys give um to somebody dat donno how fo read,
An tell him fo read um,
He goin tell, “[Eh,] I no can.
I donno how fo read.”

13My Boss tell:
“Dis peopo tell, dat dey come near me,
But ony wit dea mout!
Dey tell dat dey get respeck fo me
But ony wit dea lips!
Inside dea heart,
Dey stay far from me.
Da ony way dey show love an respeck fo me,
By how dey wen learn
From da rules odda peopo wen make fo do.
14Az why I goin do dis awesome ting
One mo time fo dis peopo,
All plenny kine stuff, ova an ova.
All da stuff dat da guys tell
Dat know wat fo do erytime,
Goin all wipe out.
An all da stuff dat da guys tell
Dat undastan stuff,
Nobody goin know wat dey know, bumbye.”
15Auwe! fo da guys dat tink dey can hide dea plans
Inside one deep hole, so Yahweh donno bout um.
Auwe! fo da guys dat do dea work in da dark an tink,
“ Nobody goin see us! Nobody goin know!”
16You guys make eryting all kapakahi!
You tink da guy dat make clay pots
He jalike da clay?
You tink da ting somebody make
Goin tell bout da guy dat make um,
“Eh! He neva make me!”?
You tink da pot goin tell bout da guy dat make um,
“Eh! He donno notting!”?

17Pretty soon, Lebanon goin come
One place wea plenny tree grow.
Peopo goin tink dat place look jalike one forest.
18Dat time, da peopo dat no can hear,
Dey goin hear wat da roll up paper tell.
Da guys dat no can see, an see ony dark kine stuff now,
Dat time dey goin see wit dea eyes.
19Da peopo dat no need be numba one all da time
Dey stay feel good inside again
Cuz dey stay tight wit Yahweh.
Da peopo dat no mo notting goin dance an sing
Cuz dey stay tight
Wit da God fo da Israel peopo,
Da One dat stay good an spesho.
20Da mean kine guys goin disappear.
Da stupid head kine peopo wit attitude goin go too.
Erybody dat stay check out
How dey can do bad kine stuff,
God goin wipe dem out.
21Da guys dat use words
Fo make some odda guy do someting bad,
Da guys dat trap one guy
Dat stay talk to da judge,
Da guys dat bulai bout one guy dat neva do notting bad,
No matta wat dey tell no mean notting,
Dey no goin stay.
22Yahweh, da One dat wen make Abraham so da gods from da town wea he born no own him no moa. Az why Yahweh tell dis bout da Jacob peopo,
“Now, da Jacob peopo
No goin come shame no moa.
Dey no need get scared.
23Wen da Jacob ohana peopo see dea kids around dem,
Da kids I wen make,
Dey goin know who me,
An ack right, cuz dey know
I stay good an spesho.
Dey goin show me respeck
Cuz I da Good an Spesho One
Dat Jacob wen pray to befo time.
Dey goin feel scared in front me,
Da God fo da Israel peopo.
24Da peopo dat stay all mix up inside,
Dey goin undastan.
Da peopo dat grumble,
Dey goin learn how fo figga out stuff.”