Hezekiah Come Sick
381Dat time Hezekiah come sick an litto mo mahke. Da guy dat talk fo God, Isaiah, Amoz boy, go by Hezekiah an tell, “Lissen! Dis one spesho message from Yahweh. He tell, go make eryting ready, cuz you goin mahke. You no goin come good.’-”
2Hezekiah turn his whole body fo face da wall, an he pray to Yahweh, 3“Auwe, Yahweh! Rememba all da stuff I do! I no hide um from you. I da kine guy you can trus, an do eryting I promise fo do. I try fo make shua I do ony good kine stuff dat you say, az good.” Den Hezekiah cry plenny.
4Den Yahweh give Isaiah dis message: 5“Go tell Hezekiah, ‘Dis one spesho message from Yahweh, da God fo yoa ancesta David: I wen hear wat you pray, an I see you cry. Cuz a dat, I goin give you fifteen mo year[s] fo live. 6I no goin let da Assyria king do notting bad to you o da peopo inside Jerusalem town. I no goin let da Assyria guys come inside dis town.’-”
7Isaiah tell da guys dat work fo Hezekiah, “Go get some figs, mash um all togedda, put um on top da sore, so yoa boss can come good.”
Hezekiah, he aks, “Wat da sign goin be, fo me know dat I goin go up inside da Temple Fo Yahweh again?”
Isaiah tell, “Dis da sign from Yahweh, fo show you dat he goin do wat he promise. 8Yahweh tell, ‘Da shadow from da sun go down ten step awready, on top da palace stair dat King Ahaz wen build. Now, I goin make da sun shadow go back up da same ten step.’-” So az wat happen. Da sun shadow go back up da same ten step, wea come down awready.
9Afta Hezekiah, da Judah king, come good afta he sick, he write dis:
10Me, dis wat I was tinking:
“I stay in da [bes / bestes] time a my life,
An now I gotta go inside da gate
Fo da Mahke Peopo Place?!
Fo real, God set me up
Fo lose da res a my life?!”
11I tell, “In dis land, wit da peopo dat stay alive,
I no goin see Yahweh no moa.
I no goin see peopo no moa,
O stay wit da ones dat live
Inside dis world dat goin pau.
12God take my body away from me
Jalike one sheep farma guy broke down his tent.
I stay roll up my whole life,
Jalike one guy dat stay weave someting,
Wen he pau, he roll um up,
An jalike God cut me off da frame fo weave.
God, morning time I stay okay,
But befo nite time you make me come pau.
13I wait an make myself stay quiet inside
Till morning time.
But den, God go broke all my bones
Jalike one lion!
God, morning time I stay okay,
But befo nite time you make me come pau.
14I make noise jalike da swift o da heron bird.
An make sad kine noise jalike one dove.
I try fo look up da sky to you,
But my eyes too tired, I can ony look down.
I get plenny presha!
Help fo take care me, my Boss!”

15“But wat I goin say?
Cuz God wen make promise to me,
An he da One wen do,
Wat he tell he goin do.
I goin take care plenny how I make
All da years I still get fo live,
Cuz befo time, I wen stay plenny bum out inside.

16Boss, peopo stay live
Cuz you do da same kine tings fo dem
Dat you wen do fo me!
An all da tings you stay do
Make me come alive inside too!
I stay alive now.
Make my body come good,
An let me live some moa!
17Fo shua, if I neva suffa plenny,
Notting come good fo me afta.
You get plenny love an aloha fo me.
Az why you neva let me go
Inside da Deep Dark Hole an mahke.
You wen take all da bad kine stuff I wen do,
An put um behind yoa back.
18From inside da Mahke Peopo Place,
No mo nobody can tell dey know how awesome you
Da mahke peopo no can tell dat you da greates.
Da peopo dat go down inside da Deep Dark Hole,
Dey no wait fo you do wat you say.
19Da peopo dat stay alive,
Dey da ones tell dey know how awesome you,
Jalike I stay doing today.
Da faddas make shua dea kids know
How you do wat you say.

20Yahweh goin get me outa trouble.
An we goin play guitar kine music
An sing my songs,
Inside da Temple Fo Yahweh,
All da time we still yet stay alive.
21Az how wat wen happen, da time Isaiah tell Hezekiah guys fo put fig on top da sore, 22an Hezekiah aks wat kine sign Yahweh goin give him dat he goin come good.