41Dat time, afta plenny guys mahke in da war time,
Seven wahines goin grab one a da guys dat still stay dea.
Dey goin tell um,
“Ony marry us
So us can get yoa name,
So peopo no talk bad bout us
An make us shame cuz we no mo husban.
We goin eat our own food,
An wea our own clotheses.”
God Promise Fo Bring Dem Back
2Dat time, goin get one guy,
Yahweh goin give him da right fo be king,
Cuz he jalike one shoot
Dat Yahweh make come up from da king ohana.
Dat guy, goin be real good looking an stay awesome.
Erybody goin know bout da stuff dat grow on top da land,
Dat goin come real awesome,
An da Israel peopo dat still yet stay alive dat time
Goin feel real good inside bout all dat,
An all da odda peopo goin get respeck fo dem.
3All da peopo dat still yet stay alive inside Jerusalem town,
Peopo goin call dem “Spesho fo God”
Cuz dea name goin stay write down.
4My boss goin clean up
All da pilau kine stuff da Jerusalem wahines wen do.
Jalike he goin wash clean da Jerusalem peopo
Cuz dey wen make plenny oddas bleed an mahke.
His Spirit goin be dea Judge
An wit jalike one fire, he goin clean out all da bad kine stuff.
5Yahweh goin make one cloud
Ova da Temple on top Mount Zion
An ova erybody dat stay come togedda dea
Fo show him respeck wen he tell um fo come by him.
Day time, goin get one cloud wit smoke ova dem,
Nite time, goin get real bright fire ova dem.
Ova all dis awesome stuff, goin get one cova,
Jalike one tent ova erybody.
6Dass goin be jalike one place fo shade
Wen da sun stay hot, day time
Goin be one place dey can go
Fo hide an no get hurt
From da storms an da rain.
One Song Bout Yahweh An His Peopo